ROBBERY at Bellagio!

ROBBERY at Bellagio!

I think it’s time for a little change of
scenery instead of the Venetian or the
wind today let’s go to the Bellagio my
second favorite Casino very classy
excellent upscale clientele pretty good
poker room tables are a little bit too
close but you know no one’s perfect
they’re having a little 565 Five Diamond
Classic kickoff event today got a real
good feeling about this one let’s bag
and tag and win this tournament tomorrow
10,000 starting stag we dip down to 7k
but he couldn’t hold this down for long
got it back up to 11 first break chillin
with some m TT legends outside the
I love the Bellagio almost as much as
the winner see next brick
with wines at 300-600
under the gun player off opens off a
12,000 chip stack to 1500 to the East
King of Diamonds folds to the big blind
who shoves all in after a long tank
under the gun player asks him a few
questions and then false ace king of
diamonds face up a horrible fold onto
the very next hand action falls to us in
middle position we have pocket fives and
10.5 big ones
we’re all in action folds to the big
blind same guy who folded Ace King
suited the previous hand he calls
he shows King Jack offsuit
clock comes green check juice turn is a
nine and the river is a six and we’re
outs of the Bellagio $560 event number
one we now have to do the walk of shame
and pay $15 for parking at this fine
for the past three months I’ve been
working on a secret project I’ve put
over 120 hours into this and I can’t
tell you what it is yet but in the
middle of December it will reach its
completion I’ll be a special vlog
dedicated to it and I hope all the hard
work will pay off until then it’s
Saturday and you know what that means
the best Las Vegas weekly tournament the
win / encore $225 rebuy 1 $11,000 in
this event a few weeks ago and we’re
looking to do it again we’re ready for a
marathon that one lasts until about 5:30
in the morning it’s now 1 p.m. or late
Reggie so we’ll be fresh dete in the
deep stages in our fresher than my
opponents I’m gonna go over the merits
of late reading verses Reggie on time in
a future video feel free to comment
below and tell me what you think is the
optimal play with blinds at 100 200
under the gun plus one limps off a 16 K
stack I’m in the hijack with pocket
fives and 11 K I could raise the isolate
but pocket fives plays a little bit
better multi way so we can hit a set and
get paid so we limp
older woman on the button raises to 700
she started the hand with about 10,000
lines fold
limpert calls recall 3 2 a flop flop
comes king 5 3 2 hearts we hit our set
limper checks i check to the razor she
quickly bets 2000 limper snap calls the
2,000 and now I have a decision do I
flat call or do I put in a little raise
or an all-in move to get max value and
deny equity from flush draws and get you
know top pair to stack off now we decide
for the small irritant raise of 4500
woman on the button snap shams 7200 I
planned the 4500 so it reopens the
action if original guy flat calls but it
doesn’t matter too much with the stack
depth original limper flat calls the
all-in I’m all-in for ten thousand three
hundred he calls we have a 3-way all-in
limper has East Nine of hearts woman has
two black aces
we’re hoping the board pairs the turn is
the three giving us a full house we’re
dodging a two outer on the river and the
river is the jack of spades we win a
huge pot thirty thousand chips before
first break sitting pretty at the win
with blinds at 300 600 action folds to
the cutoff who raises to 2400 off of a
ten thousand five hundred chip stack
we’re on the button with pocket kings we
want a three bed small isolate but still
leave our options open to fold to a
legend jam from the wines the blinds
fold original cut off razor shoves all
in we call he shows pocket East’s
the flop comes ace six seven turned as a
five and we’re drawing dead and we’re
now have 11,000 chips
Ron’s second break going to 800 big
blind chipped up to 16,000 but that’s
only 20 blinds two hours before dinner
Trump Towers in the background let’s
refocus chip down to 9,000 at 400 800
shove all in with East three suited for
9,000 big blind calls he shows pocket
eats board does not help age three
suited and we are out of the wind
225 not close to the money time for the
drive of shame do you like playing poker
well you can play an online poker at
America’s card room click the link below
use the bonus code Boesky BOS ki sign up
today and enjoy hot poker action on
america’s card room thanks for watching
until next time

63 thoughts on “ROBBERY at Bellagio!”

  1. you folded a3 off…must have been 3bet before it got to you😂. i’m glad you’re making videos again. boss moves. much success to you!

  2. I find the slightly late reg is pretty ideal. Late regging allows you to skip the lines to register, for one. Sometimes I'm tilted before the tourney starts if I have to wait in line for a half hour or more. Also, you can't get eliminated if you're not at a table, so there's at least a little value in that. You do miss an opportunity to build your stack by late regging, so if you're a winning cash game player, it can't be a BAD idea in the long run to always reg as early as possible (I think?). My rule of thumb is not to reg past the point when the starting stack is fewer than than 50BB for smaller tournaments, or 100BB for more expensive ones.

  3. Attention all units…… we’ve got an active CLICK BAIT ROBBERY in progress.
    Be on the look out for a tilted poker pro leaving the Wynn.

  4. I like to get there early to playfor a while. I enjoy the game and only get to play a few times per year. May not ve the best hourly for a pro, tho.

  5. Efff, it's like these munsons know which hand is going to draw out on you Jeff. This shit is starting to piss me off. Chin up! Thanks for the videos.

  6. Jeff, love your blogs!  Question:  Why don't you park at the valet off of Flamingo at the Bellagio.  Closest to the Poker Room and easiest way to enter/exit Bellagio with zero Las Vegas Blvd. headaches?  
    Anyway, you and Andrew are my favorite bloggers…keep up the great work.

  7. We'll get em next time Boski! I fired 9 bullets last time I went to play poker in Vegas and only cashed my very last tourney. The competition is getting tougher in a lot of the card rooms out there.

  8. Nicer chips at Bellagio, that's for sure. Kinda tilting to play a in a tourney where all the chips are in terrible condition.

  9. First song isn't C.R.E.A.M. Wu Tang. First song is I'm the #1 Stunna! Classic! And an Mtz reference! Id like to know how the Mtz stars were

  10. When the title stated robbery at the Bellagio, I thought you were going to talk about the actual robbery in the poker room. I'm a big fan, but virtual thumbs down for a clickbait title.

  11. Def need all hands to hold up,and win flips so we can All Getzzz Paidzzz n Getzzz Laidzzz!!! #ManzMafia 😎❤♠♦♣

  12. Good for you finally advertising why the ** not. Good for you. You'll get them next time. Kk vs AA in a tourney is a tournament ender

  13. Jeff, just wanted to say i recently won my first tourny on Pokerstars, taking it down from 1806 entrants….took a leaf out of the Boski handbook on the final table, playing aggressive and putting the pressure on, tips i learnt from you and your Vlog, Cheers!!

  14. Hey Boski is that America Cardroom legal to play on line in US? I was the impression the was ban in US apart from few stats.

  15. Late reg all the way.. Those first few hours a majority of people are trying to play their best game.. Plus pots are way smaller with tiny blinds..

  16. Hey Jeff, Tried to order a tee shirt and a tall hoodie on your website and it wouldn't let me. Said I needed to select shipping method but would not let me do so. Better fix your shipping site. I didn't want to order them separately b/c shipping was $10 each so preferred to place only one order. Too bad as it's nice stuff for a good cause.

  17. 10 minute long break at work…10 minute long entertaining poker vlog to watch. Thanks in advance. Glad ur back. Getting to see you live the poker a lot of fun and inspiring in a way . I was thinking of The Rounders scene..where he talks about, "you.never hear about the guys who take their shot.and miss in poker..
    .and end up.humping crappy jobs on graveyard shifts trying to figure out how they came up short". ..well i dont want that to be me anymore…Your vids never fail to give me the poker tournament itch….my few thousand bucks and a dream is coming again soon.. i got roughed up the last time and want another tilt has to keep it that girlfriends wives or sisters allowed on my next poker journey… going to play small Cash games to get warmed up..and then enter some tournaments. Well both big and small tournaments… try and score in a big field smaller buy in. And btw u really make me want to go grocery shopping and eat more delicious food…u are a menu pro inspiring the fish all the way in Illinois to come and swim with the sharks. Back to my crappy job. Ill.come donk you with KJ soon. Ok ? Your dog is kickass . Later

  18. Yeah, never saw any footage of you folding some hands preflop :-)!
    Hope your secret project is about Crypto, but then again you talked about hard work 🙂

  19. Thanks for the time-lapse video… I've never been to Vegas and heard stories about the crime & homelessness, but there seems to be safety in the crowds.

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