Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese Reminisce With Don Rickles | Dinner with Don | AARP

Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese Reminisce With Don Rickles | Dinner with Don | AARP

Can I fix your napkin? Is it…
You touch me
and you’re in a lot of trouble.
It’s so nice, believe me,
having two major stars [pfft] here.
>>How long ago did we do that thing?
>>Twenty-two years, “Casino.”
>>Is it that long?
You have to admit that
after we put you in “Casino”
your career just shot up.
>>It did? I wound up here.
What is this thing, anyway, Don?
What is this show?
>>What is this show?
This show is to keep your name alive.
OK. Thank you.
You know, my biggest treat
was the first time they told me
that I had to go and see him first.
I walked in and I said,
“Hi, Mr. De Niro.”
Like a schmuck.
>>”Hi, Mr. De Niro, how are you?”
>>And he went, “Hoo, hoo.”
>>He said that?
>>That’s what I think he said.
I had a typist in the other room.
De Niro is sitting there.
God bless you, Bob.
He’s got the beard on.
To know him is a treat. He’s one
of the great actors of our time.
You ask him.
You ask him. He’ll tell you.
>>By the way, how’s your lovely wife?
>>She’s good. Thanks. She sends her love.
>>This is your second marriage, right?
>>Well, technically, my third.
>>He married twice…
>>…the same person.
Ah, you did?
I didn’t know that.
>>You’re married again, right?
>>You’re happy?
>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
>>I’ve been married 20 years.
>>You know, I’m married to Barbara,
which is a mistake.
No, that’s a joke. She’ll hear it,
she’ll say, “That’s not funny.”
Fifty-one years.
>>This is great.
How did we meet? We met
in the Beverly Hills Hotel or something?
>>In a bar?
>>Well, the big guy here.
>>I set it up.
>>And I didn’t realize that Billy Sherbert …
That you put me in the thing
to give it a little atmosphere. I don’t know.
>>That’s what they said.
>>Yeah, but you were there.
>>See, you were there.
That’s why I thought it’d be great
if you were there…
He was the man. He was
the right-hand man of Lefty.
>>Even though I argued against it,
you know, I…
>>He fought and fought.
OK. Now you need me.
That’s right.
Really, what we grew up on was
the first days of television,
so it was really…
Sid Caesar.
>>Oh, yeah.
>>And those skits with Imogene Coca
and of course Carl Reiner.
Of course.
I liked Abbott and Costello, I liked you,
you were great,
Jack E. Leonard.
Sometimes I get a little bit
emotional about it to myself.
‘Cause I say, “All those good guys!”
You know?
Obviously, you must have started
doing, like, stand-up…
When you did stand-up at first,
you must have done…
I did jokes, I did, you know,
>>And then I looked down
and see a guy with a suit,
and I’d say: “Sir, what’s your name?”
>>“Louie, get another suit.”
“The suit, Louie. It don’t make it”.
Well, I was aware like…
Johnny Carson…
Yeah, you know. Somebody
like Sinatra would come on
and suddenly you’d be… taking
him and wiping the floor with him.
>>Oh, yeah.
It was …
Did we hear that right?
>>They all recognize you, old-timer.
Frank either loved you
or forget about it.
>>But with you.
>>And, God, for some reason
I could say… You know,
like he’d be eating, I’d say:
“Frank, pass the olives.” And he’d say, “You know, I’m eating.”
I said: “What do you want
me to do?
Drop my pants and
fire a rocket? What do I care?”
He’d get away with it!
He enjoyed it!
>>Are you still going to Vegas?
You are? Yeah?
When was the first time
you were in Vegas, though?
In the early ’50, mid-‘50s.
>>Yeah. Those were good days.
Yeah, I know. All the wiseguys
were great.
>>I know, I know.
>>They treated us like,
all of us as actors, with class,
you know?
It was really great
to know those guys.
>>Thank you.
>>You’re welcome.
>>What is this? Dead horse?
Don, can I have…?
Just taste a piece of your thing there?
>>This is what he does at dinner.
>>Just a bite. I just wanna take a bite.
>>But you know, one of the reasons…
One of the things we wanted
in “Casino” was ’cause you were…
You kind of had the whole…
the look, the atmosphere,
all the sense of Vegas
and you also knew Lefty Rosenthal,
whom Bob was playing
under a different name.
What the hell is the name
>>Ace, Ace Rothstein.
>>He was a big shot, you know.
>>I would spend time
with him here, in L.A…
>>…and he couldn’t come to Vegas
because he was in the black book.
Yeah. Hours and hours
of talking with him, but…
You were there when he actually
ran the place, Stardust, right?
A lot of people ask me,
they say: “Who was tougher
to deal with, Bob or Don?”
>>And obviously…
>>It was him.
Obviously it was him.
‘Cause one of the main things
is that he didn’t have to speak.
>>So you could imagine.
You had to keep quiet
through a lot of the scenes
and it was just the looks we had,
>>Yeah. Just making a lot of faces.
>>That was funny that night you had the cigarette.
How can I let it go on so long?
>>I was staring at you.
>>Did I say something wrong?
You were supposed to say:
“I should have known better.”
>>Remember that?
For the kind of money you’re making,
you need the cards?
Because what happened is that
we were waiting for your line.
‘Cause you were waiting for him.
Learn the thing.
You’ve got a pop-up trailer.
Sit in there and study!
And finally you had to admit
and say “Don, we were waiting for you.”
And then that was it.
>>Oh, Jesus.
>>Oh! That was three hours
of abuse that we caught… [LAUGHTER]
With your method acting,
with the breathing and the bullshit,
Do the lines and let’s get out of here, for Christ’s sake!
That stuff you did for me
at the Apollo…
…but it was funny.
When Bob De Niro and I are
on the same stage together
these days it’s usually to give
each other lifetime achievement awards.
So we see each other mainly
at award ceremonies and memorial
…like tonight.
Though, if I’d be directing this,
I don’t think I would have gone
for the open casket.
Rest in peace, old friend.
>>I said, “Jesus Christ!”
>>We had fun doing it.
It was good. It was hard.
I mean, the top guys were there.
Jerry Seinfield, Dave Letterman.
Everybody was there.
It was really pretty wild that night.
No, you’re a great guy, Don.
You are.
Not that we give a shit.
We’ve always been talking
about comedians.
We did, years ago, “King of Comedy,”
we did the comic…
>>The whole idea of the stand-up,
and what the stand-up
has to go through.
>>In one, stand there. In one…
>>It’s tough.
>>It’s grueling and tough.
I remember when you did
the monologue of “King of Comedy.”
He did the first take.
He did it all in one take.
Three pages. And the jokes
are good but they’re not great.
>>And that was the idea.
>>We had to stop
because I didn’t know it
as well as I should have.
And we did it later.
Then again he told me, he said, “This is the hardest thing I ever did.”
You’ve got to have a certain personality.
There are no jokes that you do,
it’s all,
it’s like a jazz riff or something.
It just goes and goes…
Marty, you are the most annoying
director I ever had in my entire career.
When we see all the films
you did,
none of them were great.
None of them.
You want to take care of this?
Or you want me to put it on the tab?
>>Put it on his tab.
>>Yeah, I’m…
>>It’s always on the tab.
>>You don’t have to pay. It’s a joke.
>>Oh, I see. I know, I know.
It says “thank you,”
so I guess that’s OK. This is good.

Hey! Hold on!
Quiet, quiet. Don’s gonna speak!
I just want to say something, really.
There are many people
I have talked about,
people that I praise and so forth.
And sitting with Mr. Scorsese
and Mr. De Niro, really…
I am blessed and…
So nice of you to sit here
and do this for me. I appreciate it.
>>That’s all you have to say?
>>That’s it?
>>That’s all, that’s all.
>>Oh, God!
Well, I remember when I would see him,
you know, on television.
I’d turn and change the channel.
>>Yes. He was always…
>>But, you know, when I had to work with him
all these years later, I’d say, “OK, Don, you’re
great, I love you, blah, blah, blah.” So…
Carson had Don on a lot.
I would see Don on that show
and he would get away
with outrageous things
that had a ring of truth,
yet a lot of affection to it.
I want him to be around
for a long time.
They always joke going “Mr. Warmth,”
but he is.
It’s good what you’re doing here,
because it’s like an oral history
of time, of entertainment
and show business in our culture
that, of course, is waning now.
It’s really, really important
that you get this recording.
Being part of “Casino”
was a great treat.
Wherever your wonderful
mother is,
who I loved and adored
as certainly you did in your family,
she’s watching and smiling at you.
God give you the great strength
and courage to continue your great work.
You are special.
Never forget that. You are special.
God bless you, and I love you.
What it do?
It’s your boy, big Snoop Dogg.
And I need y’all to go subscribe
right now to the AARP Channel.
You know what I’m talking about?
So you can see Don Rickles
and see his right-hand man,
no, his left-hand man, Snoop Dogg,
live and direct.
Go subscribe right now.
What you waitin’ on?
What did he say?

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