Roman Reigns WWE SummerSlam Plans SCRAPPED?! Bayley SHOOTS On WWE Creative! | WrestleTalk News 2019

Roman Reigns WWE SummerSlam Plans SCRAPPED?! Bayley SHOOTS On WWE Creative! | WrestleTalk News 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk STACKED
News, I am Chopper Pete Quinnell. Oli is off
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weekend as he and Luke will be reacting live
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We’ve got a packed show for you today on
the news, including Bayley criticizing WWE’s
treatment of the women’s tag team championships,
AEW announcing a brand new match and brand
new signings for All Out on August 31, and
Roman Reigns’ SummerSlam plans potentially
being scrapped!
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But now, let’s get into the news.
This Sunday at SummerSlam, Becky Lynch is
set to defend her Raw Women’s Championship
against Natalya in a Submission match, and
while Lynch has been carrying the women’s
division, especially since Ronda Rousey left
after WrestleMania, for a little while she
was simply Seth Rollins’ girlfriend in a
feud with Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin.
Luckily for Lynch she’s now back to just
being her usual badass self, and she said
as much in an interview with Sporting News:
“I think it was cool to see us side-by-side
but we both have our own divisions to carry
right now. So, I think let me go and do my
own thing, let him go and do his own thing.
We’ll be fighting and defending for my championship
and hopefully his championship after SummerSlam.
I think when you see two bad asses fighting
together, that’s cool. When you hear about
them being in a relationship every few minutes,
maybe not so cool. (laughs)”
Did you know that Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins
are dating? I never heard it myself.
While Lynch is defending her title, another
of the Four Horsewomen, Charlotte Flair, will
be taking on Trish Stratus at the show. Stratus
has been doing the media rounds promoting
the event, and she’s been confirming that
she believes this match with Charlotte will
be her final one.
“I always sort of said, you know, retired
– that’s a loose term in wrestling – but
I always said if there was something that
was (a) challenging, (b) gonna do something
for someone else, I would consider it.”
“I sort of feel like this is a good final
match for me, because I don’t really think
that you could do anything more than this…
it feels like a good ending to me – a real
Granted, facing one of the most highly protected
women’s performers of all time, in your
hometown at one of the biggest shows of the
year…yeah that sounds like a pretty decent
way to bow out. And hopefully you lose Trish,
because I need that point in WrestleLeague.
While Trish might be “retiring” this Sunday,
there’s no doubt she could be coaxed back
to take part in future matches, perhaps teaming
up with Lita for the women’s tag team championships
or something. Lord knows we need some more
Besties Best for Business in our lives.
Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross won the women’s
tag titles on this week’s episode of Raw,
ending the IIconics’ 120-day reign as champs,
which was only the third time the belts had
been defended in that time.
One half of the first champions, and current
SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley had some
things to say about the division and the championships,
which she revealed in an interview with TalkSport.
“I just wish they were [defended] more.
And that was our goal, to try and bring them
to life and everything and we didn’t really
get a chance to do what we wanted with it.
But, we thought the IIconics would have a
chance and then they kind of didn’t. I just
see so much potential in the tag titles and
I still haven’t given up on them. If it’s
Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss who actually get
time to grow the titles, then I’m happy with
that. As long as they get out there and they’re
represented how they should be, I’ll be happy.”
Alexa Bliss appears to be a backstage favourite
among the higher ups, so hopefully the women’s
tag team championships are more highly featured
now, especially since Bliss just defeated
the number one contender to the SmackDown
Women’s Championship for seemingly no reason.
But another wrestling promotion that’s hoping
to have a women’s division that’s even
more popular and fleshed out is AEW, and with
All Out just 23 days away, some big announcements
were on the cards.
During the latest episode of The Road to All
Out, Brandi Rhodes revealed that at All Out,
there will be a Casino Battle Royale, with
the winner getting a shot at the AEW Women’s
Championship. The Women’s Championship has
previously been revealed to crown its first
champion on the debut episode of AEW TV on
October 2.
But on top of this, AEW also announced that
they have signed even more women to their
roster, including Ivelisse, who’s done some
stellar work in Lucha Underground, Jazz, the
former WWE star who now has a shaved head
and looks awesome, and Teal Piper, the real-life
daughter of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Maybe she should
enter wearing his jacket or something…oh
wait sorry, that’s taken.
But the announcements didn’t stop there,
as it was also revealed that The Young Bucks
vs The Lucha Bros will now be contested in
a Ladder Match. I can’t tell whether that’s
exciting or terrifying.
On top of all this AEW news, there’s something
that quietly tried to slip through the cracks
but has been picked up by several media outlets.
AEW recently filed a trademark for “AEW
Revolution”, which uses the same verbiage
as the other trademarks that the company have
filed, such as Wednesday Night Dynamite.
While it had been reported that Wednesday
Night Dynamite was going to be the name of
the weekly AEW show starting on October 2,
it’s now been reported in the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter that other names are being
marketed as well, and it’s being speculated
that AEW Revolution, is one of them.
Personally I think this sounds much more like
a PPV name than a weekly TV show, plus Wednesday
Night Dynamite is really really good, and
they should use that because it’s cool.
I’m the authority on what’s cool, if you
didn’t know.
You know what else is cool? WrestleLeague!
The conclusion of Season Two is coming this
Sunday at SummerSlam, and as always, whoever
loses this season has to do a music punishment
video. Previous versions have included Mike
and Maria Kanellis’s theme, and Sexy Boy,
Shawn Michaels’ theme.
Now the power is in your hands, as we open
it up to you to decide what song the loser
has to perform after this Sunday! Vote in
the poll above my head now, where you can
choose from:
God I really hope I don’t lose.
While SummerSlam currently has 10 matches
announced, that could most certainly change
between now and then. This week’s episode
of SmackDown, which was the go-home show for
SummerSlam, saw Roman Reigns’ attacker potentially
being revealed, which could lead to a match,
Ali was there, who’s supposedly the number
one contender for the Intercontinental Champion,
so that could be a match too, plus Shelton
Benjamin renewed his shifty eye gimmick, which
is obviously the start of a main event programme.
All of this led to an increase in viewership
for the blue brand, bumping it back over 2
million viewers to 2.088 million, as opposed
to last week’s 1.911 million. Additionally,
the YouTube clip between Roman Reigns and
Buddy Murphy where Reigns beat up Murphy until
he confessed who attacked him, saw 3.1 million
views on WWE’s YouTube channel as of the
time of recording, over triple the views of
the next best clip, which was Shane McMahon
and Elias assaulting Kevin Owens.
Great exposure for Buddy Murphy. Going from
never being featured, to having the spotlight
thrown on him, for him to get beaten up and
forced to give a confession. Nice.
During the angle, Murphy revealed that it
was Rowan who had attacked Roman Reigns, and
while Roman looked more confused than angry,
Daniel Bryan and Rowan have since denied any
wrongdoing and their involvement in the attacks.
As Daniel Bryan has been teasing a “career-altering”
announcement lately, only to deny giving it,
some fans had speculated that the announcement
would somehow link into this attack on Reigns.
However, this is WWE, and that’s apparently,
way too much to ask.
PWInsider are reporting that the entire “career-altering”
announcement angle has been dropped entirely,
as the “who attacked Roman Reigns” angle
has taken off over the last two weeks. I don’t
care who attacked Roman Reigns, I want to
know who attacked Sami Zayn at Money in the
Bank first!
Considering Vince McMahon has been rewriting
every SmackDown just hours before it goes
live, it comes as no surprise that things
may be inconsistent. However, as the rumours
were that Daniel Bryan could be moving to
205 Live, this doesn’t really seem like
something that can just be delayed and forgotten
about. Going from a potential move to 205
Live to a feud with Roman Reigns is a bit
of a dynamic shift, but seemingly one that
might be about to happen.
So this whole thing is obviously leading to
a Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan match at SummerSlam,
right? Well…not really.
According to another report by PWInsider,
the proposed Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan
match at SummerSlam has been scrapped, in
order to let the attacker storyline play out
naturally. That’s…actually a smart move.
Well done WWE for not rushing to a conclusion
in the story that doesn’t actually fit.
Whether that means some sort of angle at the
show will take place to further the storyline
remains to be seen.
But then that means…Roman Reigns doesn’t
have a match at SummerSlam, and that’s not
how WWE works.
While there was talk of a Roman Reigns vs
Daniel Bryan singles match, there was also
talk of a tag match between Roman Reigns and
Samoa Joe vs Daniel Bryan and Rowan, but apparently
that is also off the table.
According to WrestleVotes on Twitter, the
plan might now be for Roman Reigns to face
Buddy Murphy at SummerSlam instead.
“There were discussions last night about
adding Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy to the
SummerSlam card after the angle that went
down on SmackDown. Source said it wasn’t
decided either way yesterday, but it remains
a possibility as we get closer to the show
this weekend.”
Now we’re talking! With how easily Roman
beat up Murphy around the locker room on SmackDown
though, it wouldn’t surprise me if this
a very, very quick match, which would be a
massive shame as I would thoroughly enjoy
a full Buddy vs Roman match, with all the
bells and whistles attached.
But then again, this is being recorded on
a Thursday, and SummerSlam is on Sunday. There’s
a whole three days between the two, so the
entire card could be scrapped and redone by
then in classic Vince McMahon fashion. Hell,
between me recording this and the video being
uploaded, there’s probably been at least
one match added already. *checks phone* Huh,
would you look at that, there’s been a match
added. It’s Vince McMahon vs Time Constraints.
What a match.
Have the Borderlands 3 publishers attempted
to silence a YouTuber by sending investigators
to their house? Laurie and Housemate Simon
will be going through all the details in ScreenStalker
today, but also, Luke attempts to beat Castlevania,
a game he has never defeated! Check out this
clip and head over there now!

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