1. If a 220 pound jesser jumps off the roof and lands in the pool it can be catastrophic for the town he is living in because he will create a mega tsunami about the size of the empire state building lol

  2. jesses for real i want you to stay safe with these stunts when i saw 7:00 it reminded me from nick cleavlands injury and it was bad so please stay safe

  3. The Big Macs where u live are like trash. Where I live in ny the Big Macs are bigger than a steering wheel and rlly gud

  4. Man that's not the dunk. Yo all are not shooting a clutch shot and also not touching the hoop for the dunk WHAT A NEW TYPE ON DUNK IS INVENTED 🙄🙄🙄

  5. Y'all Don't Care
    Y'all Are Awsome
    Nit Being Mean But
    Y'all Comment Murder With
    These Dunks

    Which Is Why I Love Y'all


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