Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Geoff’s Burger Discount

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Geoff’s Burger Discount

Geoff: Gus and I, we used to always go
Bar/restaurant called, “Casino El Camino”,
Downtown, we’d get burgers there and we’d get fucked up.
There was a period in time when I would go to get a burger
With Gus or whoever, and uh…
I’d go up and uh, a burger’s like 12 bucks right?
And uh you’d go up and you’d order it
And then you’ve gotta pay for it and you’ve got like 4 burgers
And the guy’s like, “Uhhhh… just give me, like 10 bucks.”
And I’m like, “[shrugs] Alright. Here you go.”
And we would go regularly, like every week
At least once a week, sometimes twice a week. So I was eating there maybe like twice a week
And this went on for like 3 months.
And he’s like, “ehhhhh… give me 20 bucks tonight.”
And I’m like, “Here’s 20 dollars!”, okay-
Gavin: So he thought you were someone else?
Geoff: And I assumed it was a Red vs. Blue thing
’cause this is around like Season 4 of Red vs. Blue
When we were like… getting in the New York Times
And like being on CNN and shit.
I thought, “Alright, maybe the guy just likes video games, I don’t know.
And uh, one night, I… it was like 6 burgers,
And the guy was like, “15 bucks?”
And I was like, “I can’t do this any more.”
And this is, this is a place where, like,
These are some scary people, y’know?
Burly, scary, like knife scars on the face kind of guys.
I go, “Hey man, I just gotta ask…
Why do you keep continually giving me these insane discounts on the burgers?
Is it just ’cause I come here a lot?” And he goes… uh…
“It was not, you work at the… You work at Emo’s.”
Emo’s was a, like a music venue, like a punk club.
He goes, “Nah, it’s ’cause you work at Emo’s it’s like the…
You know, the professional hookup.”
And I go, “I don’t…I don’t work at Emo’s.” and he goes, “But you used to.”
And I go, “No I’ve, I’ve never…
Uh, you might-”
Ryan: Why do you keep opening your mouth at that point!?
Geoff: It wa-… And he goes, he goes, “You don’t, you don’t work at Emo’s?”
And I go, “No,” and he goes
[Brain processing information… 0%]
[Brain processing information… 50%]
[Brain processing information… 100%]
“You better give me the biggest fuckin’ tip you’ve ever given anybody in their entire lives.”
And I said, “Here’s 60 dollars!”
[Team Nice Crazy Mad Dynamite, Love and Stuff Laughing]
And I stopped going for a while.
[Team Nice Crazy Mad Dynamite, Love and Stuff’s Laughing Ends]

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  1. wow he felt bad for getting discounts. probably because the place can't afford to give big discounts to one costumer. he totaly did the right thing for being so stupidly nice lol

  2. I feel like Rooster Teeth noticed that I only watch their animated adventures so they started making them more often.

  3. He stopped going there for a while, but did he ever go back is the question everybody should be asking.

  4. ROTFL You idiot! XD … if this was me

    "Why you keep giving me these insane discounts"
    "Because you work at emos"
    "Oh, cool, thanks bro"

  5. I had a similar experience once. There was this guy that on the same train I rode everyday to work. For a solid year, I would give him oral sex everyday, because I thought he was Obama. Turns out, he wasn't even black.

  6. Extra extra read all about it!
    The best burgers in town from all around!
    People from around the world come and get it,
    the line goes around like a merry-go-round!

  7. When I worked at Home Depot I found out that the shopping mall it was in gave discounts to workers in the business there. But eventually some places started noticing too many people were claiming to work in the shopping mall. They kept giving discounts but now asked to see your employee ID from the store you worked at.

  8. Pro tip: a lot of fast food places give "law enforcement" discounts to related jobs but not exactly cops. Like security guards, emt, etc..
    Most low level employees wont make a fuss about it and just give it to you if you show some job ID for it. Managers might be more douchey about it and tell you its for cops only.

  9. I thought they made an animated telling of this story months ago, i was confused until i looked at the source of it being an Off Topic episode and one that ive listened to countless times

  10. Casino el camino is so good, but it's also exactly as he described. Soooooo delicious! And it's right by the venue for RTX, too!

  11. I like how usually, Ryan's the "evil conscience" very well-deserving of his title – the Mad King; but in this scenario, he's the voice of reason.

  12. Yeah, I would have been like Geoff, too honest or dumb to shut his mouth. So I relate far too much to this story

  13. I probably would've just said "Oh yeah, I used to work there for awhile…" and taken the discount, but then been all courteous next time like, "Hey I don't work there anymore so I shouldn't be getting these sweet discounts haha here's 30-40$ for the burgers." That way I'd get discounts for awhile, no guys on my case, and I may even develop a respectable friendship with the scary guy for being nice about turning down discounts

  14. Okay
    6 burgers at a price of $12 that's $68

    Geoff's tip was $60 so he still under paying and given NO TIP

  15. If I had gotten to the "Well you used to work at Emos"
    I would have just said, "Yup… yes, of course. Mhm, definitely."
    I'm not brave enough.

  16. For those that said that he underpaid for the burgers and didn't give a tip, the $60 WAS THE TIP. He probably paid for the burgers as well.

  17. what is with the way they animate geoff's eyes? when he blinks his eyelids don't go down they draw his eyes actually turning into their own slits. so he has two lines on his eyes when he blinks, one from the eyelids and one from the eyes themselves. they only do this with geoff and its weird and disturbing.

  18. I'm eating at Casino el Camino now. XD Step foot in here. This RTAA doesn't encapsulate the entire experience.

  19. Geoff gets all upset that he tested as a Hufflepuff, but this story is a clear example of why he is in fact a Hufflepuff

  20. SO, during RTX one year my friends and I were looking for a place to eat, we decided burgers sounded good and there was a place near the hotel that sounded really familiar (we figured we must have gone there a previous year and forgotten about it) so we start making our way there, and we see the dude standing out in front of the place and he looks EXACTLY like the character in this video and that's when it clicked, we knew the name of the place because of this story, and we promptly got turned away at the door because happy hour had already begun and a member of our group was underage.

  21. MATH:
    1 burger = $12 x 4 (burgers/visit) = $48
    2 visits a week = $96/week
    4 weeks in a month = $384/mo
    Duration of scam is 3 months, total burger cost = $1,152

  22. You should have just given him the lowest amount you had on you then walked out. What is he going to do about it? He clearly only knows what you look like.

  23. I like how Geoff’s tip wasn’t even enough to pay for the 6 burgers. Simple maths. 6 🍔. 1=$12. 6=$72. Geoff’s tip=$60.

  24. if i move to Austin, i'll probs end up at Emo's. name a punk club in Boston still around after 2012, odds are i've spent at least month working there.

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