Roulette –  How to Win EVERY TIME!    Easy Strategy, Anyone can do it!    Part 2

Roulette – How to Win EVERY TIME! Easy Strategy, Anyone can do it! Part 2

welcome back to our win rule in every
time strategy game
thanks for putting up my long
introduction on the last video we are
going to get down to some of the
excuse me while I reposition camera
all right now let me explain one thing
to explain a lot of things
for starters that have the first part of
my strategy and pretty much the only one
that really will win as almost
guaranteed every time is called the
double up strategy
someone put a more technical name to it
but dodge i am just about everybody else
was called the double of strategy that’s
where you place a bet
same red as a red and black it’s
technically a almost 5050 shot of
getting red or black
and what happens is see you lose that ok
you just lost your hand the next better
so doing ten dollars you twenty dollars
now if you hit that red the bank pays
you twenty dollars
your ten dollars for what you just one
plus another ten dollars is remember you
bet twenty dollars which covers the bet
you lost
so you didn’t actually lose anything yet
you’re breaking and you broke even on
that first bit as you been an extra ten
dollars to cover your first bet in one
and you’re getting making another ten
dollars so technically now
you’re up ten dollars
simple right yes not now
this strategy to work for how long I’ve
been doing it
I rarely see a streak of a single color
streaks are your weak point that and 0
and double zeros not so much 0 double
it’s just as if you lost the hand I’m
getting the color you didn’t bet against
about streaks are what we do not like a
streak is where a single color comes up
more times with the table maximum or
what you’re capable of doubling your bed
up to goes in my in my observation so
far streaks rarely go past seven
I have only a small handful of times I
had to gone past seven seven bets always
almost always probably 99.999% of time
and hit it on the seven bet or sooner
so it’s something rare it can happen but
now because of that you need a ruler
table and a casino that has a high
maximum outside bet now for this strange
to work the smallest outside maximum bet
you can have is five hundred dollars
with a starting table minimum wager of
either five or ten dollars
now you can do it at 5 dollar minimum
table but if you’re betting only five
it’s going to take you a heck of a lot
longer to build up any reasonable amount
of money and you still have just as
almost just as much risk as if you bet
ten dollars so i’ll be back in just a
few minutes with another video we’re
going to start start the rolls

82 thoughts on “Roulette – How to Win EVERY TIME! Easy Strategy, Anyone can do it! Part 2”

  1. hate gambling usually but did the maths and tried it.. then went out in the real bad world to try it on the machines… all went ok ish to start so i decided better to win a bit then nothing and left but ended up in another place to try my maths further… then right at the vital point of step 7 where i had to put 128 UK£, thats almost 200 bux in the US btw ;/ it jump to '0' or 'green' colour ! so lost the lot right there as i basically didnt even know what to do!! How to deal with this factor?

  2. Well I first learned my lessons on green and then also the losing as its 100 max a bet so the doubling didn't work there no further. Still I tried to keep it up and this just now got hit with 9 black in a row (photo available!) and that's me lost 700 uk pounds, my rent money for this month, I'm in the shit as they say! Should have know better? Is this where I stop for life or risk even more n borrow etc? ://…

  3. Hello, one piece of advice.
    Change your video title : "How to Win EVERY TIME!"
    by "How to Win MOST of the TIME!"
    It's more accurate, see ya 🙂

  4. it is good to encourage a beginner with the maths and stats and odd,s now having it played this way for a while its not as it make think! lost many times, 7..8..9 times the same could following which the maximum you cant afford or won't allow to double ;///

  5. this system well know and has its professional name 'Martinagale way' ! MAKES YOU WIN LIKE A MOUSE BUT SHIT LIKE AN ELEPHANT !!

  6. You can't win long term. EVERY bet you are making ALWAYS carries a negative expectation. If this actually worked, I'd be out of a job, as my casino (and all the others in Vegas) would have closed by now. If I am wrong, go to a dice table and do this with a lower vig and retire! The key phrase,something to the effect of, "the longer you play the greater chance of your losing." Do you really think the ball and wheel care if it is Thursday night or Monday morning? The next spin is the next spin.

  7. So, if you are playing red, and not stopping as you have not yet hit that limit, then there is better than a 18 in 38 chance red will come in?

  8. A man is worried about flying on planes so he asks the flight attendant "what is the probability of there being a bomb on the plane?" She says, "1 in a million!" The next time he boards a plane he gets arrested for carrying a bomb on board. When asked why he had the bomb, he says "the flight attendant told me the probability was 1 in a million of there being a bomb on board, so I figured the probability of there being two bombs on board must be so incredibly small that I would be safe for sure."

  9. Roulette is so easy I don't even play it when I go gambling.
    Keno is the hardest game in the casino and I have a system that hits 8 of 8 99.9% of the time. Hitting 8 of 8 numbers in Keno pays 25K in Laughlin, NV and 50K in Las Vegas.

  10. The easiest way to win on roulette is follow the color that just hit and double your bet on succeeding bets until you win a few in a row than drop your money back to your first level bet.and repeat the process. If it changes colors follow that color.

  11. When you do win walk with at least 50% of the most money you win while playing per session. For example if you start with 100 dollars and get up to 300 than the least you will walk with is 150 dollars. Once you get yourself trained to color and walk with their money than increase the amount you walk with to 75% than you start coloring when win 90% of your winnings. Set time limits, win limits, loss limits.

  12. According to the information in your first part, the probability of a bad streak of 7 with an unbiased wheel would be exactly (20/38)^7 which is more than 1.1%. Now you say that your observations tell you it is only 0.001%, more than a thousand times smaller. Are you trying to spread false information, or are you suggesting that wheels are generally that heavily biased?

  13. Perhaps you are a very lucky person. Good for you. The fact is that taken over all players and all possible combinations of bets red/black, odd/even, 1-18/19-36 etc, on average a bad streak of 7 occurs once every 91 times that this strategy is used.

  14. I'm sure that's not the truth or this person wouldn't be sitting here watching videos on a game they don't even play cause it's "too easy".

  15. your not even using a real wheel its a RNG computer at least get a real wheel .
    ive seen black hit 21 times in a row and red hit 17 in the same day but at different tables . even the zeros hit 3 to 4 in a row .

  16. 50%,25%,12.5%,6.25%,3.125%,1.5625%,0.78125%,which happens to be your 7 limit
    5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, unless you got deep pockets and can go to a high roller table.
    and I know , my program saw 15 in a row and lost 100k plus.
    if you see 5 an a row QUIT will your ahead and don't ever play it again.

  17. Did it really take 20 minutes to explain the Martingale strategy without saying it? I could explain that in 30 seconds. By the Law of Large Numbers you will still lose money over time. Doesn't matter if it is 3 hours or 3 years it happens.

  18. Stupidest system EVER. I seen streaks of 7 or more hundreds of times and this system you need a lot of money and you better be able to have the balls to risk $500 on top of the losses already. So if you have $5k to blow go ahead

  19. Better system is to follow the color. Bet $5 on red if you win the next bet is $8 and you put $2. to the side if you win you bet $10 and put $6 to the side if you win you bet $12 and put $8 to the side pile if you lose then you bet black $5 and never touch the side money. This way you'll always be increasing a bet (while putting $ on the side) during hot streaks and cold streaks you'll never lose more than $5 a round. It won't make you rich but odds are you'll have one 7 or 8 color hot streak

  20. This evening i went to a small local casino that has one roullete table,and I had a streak of 11,in those were three eights and two 13s

  21. dude you are a moron if you think this is new and your videos are soo boring and long and pointless. i could explain this to some one in about 30 seconds

  22. This is the martingale strategy, it's been tested and debunked thousands and thousands of times. Casinos have something like a 20x max bet over the min bet ($1 so you can only do this 5 times with a $10 bet (10 – 20 – 40 – 80 – 160) and 7 times with a $2 bet (2^7 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 – 128). It simply doesn't work.

  23. IV followed roulette and I have seen 19 reds come out in a row,   what I do is look for the long streaks and ride them ,  bet on one colour and let it ride

  24. Too much talking. Just follow ur instincts in playing the game. You'll get the streaks pattern. Thats all

  25. This can work, and he said in the other video, the longer you stay the most likely you will lose!  So if you win 70 or 500 be happy and know when to quite, it beats minimum wage! 

  26. WOW so bad.  took way to long to tell an idea that everyone knows.
    You place 6 four way bets on the inside for 1$ giving you 63.15% chance to hit your number.  this bet pays 8 to 1 were your other bets will always lose you still get a profit of 3$ every time you hit your number.  multiply your bet every time you lose by 3 not 4.

  27. It's hysterical when people "discover" the Martingale system for the first time, like they're the only ones who ever thought of it.

    The system won't work long-term. It's been proven over and over again. There will be that run where you lose everything, and you don't know when it will happen, but it will.

  28. The "double up strategy" is the very reason there is a betting limit on the table… I play nothing but street bets (11:1 odds) and can run the table 30 spins and only dip into my pool by $495. … Time to re-think your "double up strategy" … 30 runs at $5 would run you into an 11 digit number for a gain of only $5.  With my "street bets" my odds are 92% with a maximum bet of $45 on the table.

  29. You are out of your mind if you believe that a 50/50-bet lose streak rarely goes past seven. I've seen it go way past seven more times than I care to remember.
    This particular video lesson is complete nonsense.

  30. Double up is BS! He has only seen a streak of 7. I played in Biloxi MS and saw Black hit 19 times in a row.  I started a $5 bet on the 3rd time black hit and stopped at $160 after losing $315.  On the 20th time green (00) hit. Then 5 more blacks before a Red hit. That's no Reds for 25 rolls.  

  31. Even the non-math geniuses know that it's impossible to win every time.  38 possible outcomes; largest possible payout 35 to 1.  That tilts it in favor of the house, or am I insane?  Plus he's anti-streak, and I can't count the number of times I've seen long streaks on red or black.  I have a non-scientific method that generally does well for me, but I wouldn't call it foolproof.  It's too tedious to explain here, however.

  32. Lol dont do martingale method…Omfg… Rarely go up than 7?! I had 11 more than 11 streak and usually 6-7… Whatta hack.. I hope the next vids are more usable oor the 1min what left from that vid…

  33. You guy she said he rarely saw a streak of more than 7 didn't say it's impossible. Of course you gonna hit a bad streak eventually but more time than not won't happen. The thing is to just win a few hands and bounce. The longer you stay at the table the more chance you have of losing. I play $25 bets on baccarat I bet on the losing streak once I make $100-$200 I'm out if you want to make big money you gotta bet big and leave after you win only couple hands that's how I consistently win. Rather walk out only $100 up then flat broke. Learned the hard way lol.

  34. A fool is soon parted from his money. The odds of a streak of more than 7 are not 99.9999% they are more like 2 in a thousand. Play long enough and you will lose big time

  35. i have tried this strategy in several simulators i was always prepared for a 10 streak of black but once it happened i lost everything and went back to 0 

  36. What a bullshit..streaks dont exceed 7 spins? In online live casinos i had 20 times black in a row…i started to bet on red when there were ten times black and before it was 20 times black I lost 300$, so good luck with ur strategy

  37. This "double-up" method is commonly known as the Martingale System and it is a sure way to go broke playing roulette.  Do not under any circumstances play roulette using this system unless you hate your money.

  38. Hey what's up kmanauto I would just like to thank you for sharing this video. I won $200 using this strategy. Although there's still risk (that's why it's called gambling) this strategy is way safer than going on instincts. Instead of being anxious I was calmed and relaxed at the roulette machine with this system. I will admit once or twice I had to bet $160 to get back in the positive and that was the only time I felt a lil anxious. But sure enough my color would hit. Everyone please remember to gamble safely.

  39. You mentioned that it very rarley goes beyond a run of 7 in the same colour… I just had 14 on black… proberbility of that…. UNFUCKING LUCKILY UNLUCKY (online though via a regulated site)

  40. this is stupid, I have personally seen a consecutive red streak 36 numbers long, it filled the screen 3 times over (exactly)before it stopped (which made me Very suspicious(HorseShoe in Shreveport LA)).  I was using this method but with just red and black and lost $1600 in about 3 mins (I started with $300).  But my buddy next to me didn't stop and lost $130,000 in about 10 mins betting 5k every hand, he started with 90k.  Roulette is not the game to try and beat the house at lol, let me tell you now this is Theory is for suckers, your odds are just as good or better playing the board randomly.

  41. You advertise how to win every time, and then you state almost every time in the video.  I hope your system is more sure than you are.

  42. Can I ask how often you get a zero when up to a high bet? I have been trying this myself at home practicing and got up to a $240 bet and got a 0 so lost a total of $440. So I'm curious is to roughly how often this happens to you. Thanks

  43. ive done this before and got from £10 to £2000 over 2 days of play but then there Is still a risk I got a 23 colour streak loosing it all you can do it but you got to be sensible and don't get greedy or cocky like I did

  44. I've been playing on a low money table online, I bet on the same colour that just came up on the last spin. I do 5p, 10p, 20p, 40p, 80p, £1.60, £3.20, £6.40. So far I've only gotten to the 6.40 bet once and it came in, I appreciate at the rate I'm building up it could be a lot of work then get wiped out in one spin, but at these rates I could afford to go for the £12.80 spin if need be too. It is the same idea, I know you could hit a run of alternating colours that go against me so I have thought about if I lose the £3.20 bet, stopping there and going back to 5p. Ok its a lot of work to build the money back up that you lost, but I am trending in the right direction. A couple of hours a day and you could be up a good £100 by the end of the week. No system is full proof of we'd all be doing it, but if you're careful you can win more than you lose, it just takes ages and in my case, starting on really small amounts so any loss suffered doesn't wipe me out of playing on. I will concede it can get quite boring clicking the spin button endlessly though and seeing the balance creep up ever so slowly. It takes me about 10 minutes to make £1 on average.

  45. the problem with this is when you get many blacks or red. which puts you under with a max bet set. which onces hit youve lost a lot and cant go any higher. it looks good for a limted time but not the long run

  46. Can you do this on a online roulette casino? I have seen in upstate NY black come out about 20 times in a row. So you bet 10 if lose you do 20 30 40 50 60 the nits $120 or $80? How would it look like say with 10 losers in a row?

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