Roulette –  How to Win EVERY TIME!    Easy Strategy, Anyone can do it!    Part 5

Roulette – How to Win EVERY TIME! Easy Strategy, Anyone can do it! Part 5

welcome to the next installment of our
win roulette
almost every time you’ve seen our
previous videos getting red or black or
red and black
the same time now since 1 through 18 19
through 36 even and odd are all the same
you could either bet those on their own
if you don’t want to bet red or black or
you can even get even or odd if you
don’t want to better black or if you
really want to get daring you can bet
all 66 at the exact same time now for
starters I don’t recommend doing that
unless you have a table all to yourself
or once you get really really skilled at
reason being is it can get rather not
confusing but hectic with other people
placing the bets other things going on
around you and you can easily lose track
of what you should be
what you’re supposed to be doubling what
doesn’t need to be doubling so now let’s
just show you how that works
so as usual i usually do a ten dollar
minimum bit
we’re starting our bank roll out a
thousand dollars
so let’s place our first bet
31 black
so let’s see what we get
so 30 ones odd or black cod and 1936 so
we lose those bets there but then we get
we get paid there so that it make
so we’re going to keep our ten dollar
bets on those and now because we lost on
1 through 18 even and red we have to
double those bets now just spread them
out like this you can see exactly what’s
on each one
spin again red 14
so now there was 1 through 18 even and
red so we lost these but now
ok so those were lost but now the house
it’s paying us twenty dollars
twenty dollars for each of those
40 its twenty forty sixty so now we just
made back everything we had previously
lost and these so now those are women’s
we’re going to move doubled up bets over
to these three as we had just lost those
24 black
oh shoot that’s right we had to read it
those are ten dollars so we had just won
those so now its twenty four black
so we lost that one
even so the bank has to pay us ten
dollars lost bread
one black so now the bank is going to be
paying us ten twenty dollars because we
had 20 bet on their lost odd but one
1936 10:20 now remember i said you gotta
keep track of what you lost
and what you want we only had ten
dollars each and these two so
now we have to ok so let’s take our
winnings off 1 through 18 in red we only
had ten dollars on so that means now we
have to bet 20 on each of those we
remember we want
even so we can keep that at ten and we
just one on black so we can take ten
dollars off of there probably lost
twenty odd
so now we’re going to put 10 20 remember
based on my system I don’t do double up
all the way to go 10 20 30 gets you one
extra hand and instead of making that
extra 10 bucks
you at least break even we just want to
1936 so we can take that extra 20 or 10
– 10 so now the one we really want to
hit is an odd number
spin again 18
red 11 through 18 so 10 20 even so you
want another 10
it’s red 1020 suite 120 lost on black
lost an odd
and we lost on 1936 so now we have to
bet 10
20 now the odd is what’s really really
getting us now
I once took that was getting a pilot now
we got 10 20 30 40 tippy
sixty open so we can take down all those
are often we have won this one that one
that one
now we have 10-20 back over there
it’s actually i might have just screwed
that one up
I can’t remember if I had a 10 or 20 on
there before like I said you got to make
sure you keep track i usually use bring
a little just a little notepad with me
and I just make a little check marks
under each make a column for each six
columns and make a column for each each
one of those I in immediately after that
that ball lands
I can mark which one and how much I had
on it makes things a lot simpler
all right red seven odd so 14 13 18 lost
for even one for red lost for black that
was 20 I
finally get that on so it’s 10 20 30 40
50 60 so we have 10 1 30 or 60
the only one that one that was the one
that was really getting this
we lost 1936 so we go there we go back
down to attend all of that they’re here
we’ve got 20
30 I think I just screwed that one up
again to even just doing this simple
video it’s easy to screw it up when you
do this many numbers at one time the
whole trick is keeping track of what
number or how much you just bet and on
which number which which which roll it
was that you just bet
so it’s that simple to screw it up and
do not recommend this for the beginner
or the starting out so much much easier
to do just a single single one red and
black or 13 18 19 36 even odd
like I said the notepad can make all the
difference or what I you can even do
while I’m playing is in front of me
because I usually sit right in front of
red and black makes it reaching those a
lot easier and what I do is as I’m
playing already have the next double the
all set to go and i have six separate
little rows of chips just for each each
category and I have those all set to go
and if it if I did happen the wind that
category I just automatically take take
that back off thats for the casinos that
do not let you bring a notepad which
most will let you do it on backup is
absolutely no reason they wouldn’t let
you do that on roulette
so I hope you guys got the gist
just you become more complicated nature
this one can turn into a long video for
continuing to play but for the most part
it’s the same as bedding either red or
black or both at the same time like
you’ve seen my previous videos except
you’re all so you’re doing it on for
other columns or for other choices
so true keep just keep track make sure
you keep track
it’s the same strategy that I showed you
guys before just make sure you keep
track of the most part that’s that’s all
i have for the the double up strategy
for let’s go
i’m working on a few other strategies as
well so far the payout has not been
nearly as good
so show you guys how to do that in a
future upcoming video so make sure you
subscribe hit the thumbs up like button
that always helps keep being able to
help me keep these videos coming

98 thoughts on “Roulette – How to Win EVERY TIME! Easy Strategy, Anyone can do it! Part 5”

  1. Encore et toujours les mêmes montantes progressives , un jeu très limité dans l'action… " La roulette est l'un des jeux de casinos les plus faciles a jouer et a comprendre ….Bravo a vous moi il m'a fallu le travaillé au corps pendant 18 ans pour comprendre la synchronicité de ce jeu et vous me dites que c'est facile … A oui il est facile de balancé des stats , mais il est beaucoup plus dure de retranscrire le cylindre sur le tapis de jeu et d’acquérir la connaissance de ses différents moteurs… Venez visiter mon cerveau et vous verrez que la roulette est d'une complexité que vous ne pouvez imaginer … Mais en effet vous avez raison la roulette est " simple " si sa connaissance s’arrête aux chances simples et aux douzaines .

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  3. Trust me, the bank ALWAYS wins. Just one 0 and this idiot will loose every thing. How can you bit on odds and even at the same time.

  4. This is stupid. The only way you can win every time (like it says in the title of this garbage video) is to cover ALL bets. There is no other way. Change the title or better don't share your wisdom on how to win.

  5. Omg the first bet though….. literally 0%chance of a payout and a 5% chance of total loss…. furthermore betting red black at the same time is stupid it only gives the house an edge…. hahahaha silly

  6. Better titles would be "How to break-even every time (except when green comes up and you lose everything)" or "Not Understanding Math 101"


  8. Everyone shitting on the martingale love to site "math" without actually showing an equation. Instead they just point out it fails with a long string of loses. Sure but a long string of loses? The odds of hitting those loses decrease everytime ya lose. The problem with the martingale isn't the math its the capital required to succed.

  9. Of course you can never win on roulette because its mathmatically impossible to beat the house edge…doesn't matter how you place the chips, doubling, trebling whatever…if there WAS a system to beat roulette, roulette would have died out years ago but of course there isn't.

  10. I dont recomend this for a beginner…..wait till you have won enough to buy a paper roulette table 👍

  11. Why didn't you use a note pad in the video and take your time showing the system like you'd actually do it in the casino. Also show us after say 12 spins where your at overall with your winnings. or loses. next vid maybe,

  12. Das Video ist der totale Schrott. Schaut einfach dieses Video an oder schaut besser mal nach R. Richters Roulette Tricks. Das sind noch echte Tricks, welche ausnahmsweise wirklich mal klappen!

  13. The only thing to learn from this video is how stupid most people are. The fact that this video has more likes than dislikes is mind boggling. This "strategy" is terrible. You are laying so much money to win very little.. then when 0 or 00 hits, you lose everything. I have been working for a casino for 10+ years(as a pit supervisor).. there are no "systems" to win. The casino has every game figured out, believe me. Every single bet you can make is in the casino's favor. Which also means, the casino doesn't "cheat". Why would they? In the long run, they will get your money.
    If I had a single die, and told you let's roll this die.. if a 1,2,3, or 4 rolls.. I win.. if a 5 or 6 rolls, you win.. who do you think is gonna win money over a decent sample size? Sure, you may start out rolling a 5 or 6 more often than you should, but eventually.. the casino wins.

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  15. You wana know something funny this video is stacked to his advantage because his roulette wheel does not have either 0 or 00

  16. such Confusing mess for a basic roullete math , this strategy is completely pointless and 0s will trash you harder with such volume

  17. I'm a fan of the Martingale but this just seems ridiculous. Betting or both red and black odd and even hi and low numbers cancels everything out….It doesnt make sense.

  18. You, sir, are an idiot. Along with all the other Martingalers out there. Walk into any casino and tell the PB you want to bet in an advanced martingale strategy. Once they get done laughing, they’ll probably roll out the red carpet and comp your room while giving you a private table.

  19. Does anyone know where to get that app? I've tried searching for 'Pocket Roulette' but can't find it in US app store

  20. Play the half of table with Margintal system better luck
    Let wheel.spin if # is 1-18 then bet $5 on 1-18 if you lose bet $10 on 19-36 if lose bet $20 on 1-18 if lose bet $40 on 19-36 if lose bet $80 on 1-18 if lose bet $160 on 19-36 if you still lose go home and call it a night.

  21. The only trick is knowing when to stop, and be truly patient. I play two docens with a lil amount of cash and i win almost every time

  22. U need to refine this system and try again I’ve been playing roulette for 14 years and I’ve been through all the systems none of them work I’ve hit a bump for you at one point you had over 100 on at once 0 would of broke you right down I have a perfect one that works from all the losing I’ve done over the years once I’ve made couple mill I’ll let others know sumhow

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  25. the Houliaras system
    before we have the system, practice the bets on one player
    I write 1 and I put 1 chip in 18 numbers if I lose then I write 2 and I bet
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    similarly practice with more players

    now let's see the system
    I write 1 and I bet 18 numbers if I lose I will add player and I will write
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    play 4 if i loose I'm gonna play 8
    if I lose all 9 if I lose Add 1 so they play 10 if I lose i play
    1 if i loose I'm gonna play 2 if i loose I'm gonna play 4 if i loose
    I'm gonna play 8 if i loose I'm gonna play all
    10 if I lose Add 1 so I play 11 if I lose I play 1 etc

    if I win then I delete the first player holding 1 winning chip and if
    they are left chips i keep until they reach the next player
    after a win icontinue with the same number of players unless I win at
    betting played by all players where I continue with 1 player less
    [of course this may be the case for profits you can modify]

    for any queries I have e-mail [email protected]

  26. It just seems to me you are moving ur winngs over the ones that just lost sooner or later landing in a 0 or double 0 which means you lose everything the only you learn in this video is why ur an idiot!!!

  27. Any form of martingale system on a bet that is negative ev is a trip to the poorhouse; Please nobody try this in real life you will lose your money.

    This is only profitable if you have unlimited amounts of money and the casino has an unlimited cap on bet sizes, eventually you will get a losing run that will either wipe out every penny of profit you have made or you will have reached the tables bet limit.

  28. The trick is to double, triple your bets and so on when you lose until you win to get your money back. Or if you're smart you just won't gamble…

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  30. You cannot assure yourself , if you keep in getting the wrong colour, your scuppered. This betting is as random as the iPad roulette wheel.

  31. this video is STUPID and the guy is even more STUPID if he really believes what he is saying. first of all, your "roulette wheel" doesn't even have a 00 on it, like your board and most roulette wheels do.

    everything about this system is pure stupidity.

  32. I’ll win money for you … message me … no catch … I’ll predict your numbers for you to help you win … try me out for free !!!

  33. i got a system that works almost all the time i watch numbers and when i feel the number going down i put a 100 on 19-36 win extra hundred then go play blackjack with casino 100

  34. Hey, a person could actually start their own little mini casino with this software on the iPad! Step up and place your bets folks!

  35. aside from going broke really quick, you are only ever winning your money back. you never actually win anything over and above what you spent at any time.

  36. I've never been to a casino yet. But I can't see a casino letting you doubling your bet every time you lose. I've played this way on games before but only with 1 color at a time. You could lose 20 times in a row and as long as you have the money to cover the bet you'll win back the money plus your initial bet.

  37. Take a close look at what he is doing. Basically what he is doing is playing martengale on 6 tables at one time. The problem is roulette has some of the worst odds in the casino. I created a simulator for this betting system and it does work for awhile, but if one of the six bets goes on a losing streak, you're screwed. Martingalde=bad. Roulette=bad. Bad+bad=Really bad.

  38. This would be best played on roulette machines rather than roulette tables. That way you can take your time to get your bets on and if you take too long and miss a spin, it does not matter. Also even if there are other people on the machine, their bets ae not showing up to confuse things on your screen. There is no downside to using the machine as the payoffs are the same as the tables. The machines may also have much lower minimum bets so small budget players can do this.

  39. This is a pathetic way to gamble. There are NO systems that be used to consistently beat this game, therefore, the objective should be to have fun with Roulette, just splash around on individual numbers and pray they come in thats how it should be played. Martingale systems are for degenerates. Invest your gambling time into blackjack, poker or the sportsbook these actually require you to have some skill or knowledge of a market.

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