Roulette Strategy from Online Casino Experts

Roulette Strategy from Online Casino Experts

Today we will explain how to give yourself
the best chance of leaving the roulette
table a winner
there are two kinds of roulette American
and European. European roulette wheels
have just one green 0
but on american wheels there’s also a
double 0 American roulette has a house
edge a 5.27 percent
while single 0 European roulette is just
2.7 percent
luckily you don’t have to go to Europe
to get the best odds
you can play online for do some research
and find a casino that has a single 0
if you can find a single 0 wheel that
also offers on prison rules
you found the best roulette odds
possible. On prism is a way of recovering
your bet after you’ve lost
provided you made an even money bet
like red and black or odd and even
if the ball lands on zero you can either
take back half your bet
or let it ride on the next spin. If you
win your next spin
you get your original bet back. A single
0 roulette wheel
with on prison rules has a house edge of
just 1.35 percent
even though the house has a small edge
it’s really important to understand your
goals when you’re playing roulette
Do you wanna have fun and play for a long time. Or do you want to get in and out and try
to win big fast
if you’re more interested in having fun
than winning big
spread out your money across lots of bets
betting one dollar on lots of numbers
on the inside
is a great way to stay afloat you’re
putting a lot of money out on the table
but the more numbers you take the more
likely you’ll win
you could also back up those bets with
money on the outside
or if you’re more conservative hedge your
bets by covering some of
the numbers you missed if you want to
give yourself the best chance to win big
and you’re not afraid of risking some money to do it you’re better off
focusing on a few numbers
and backing it up with matching bets on
the outside. visit
for more free casino strategy

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