Roulette Terminology: High & Low Bets – The Orphalins

Roulette Terminology: High & Low Bets – The Orphalins

One of your safe ways of playing in Roulette
is the High/Lows, Odds and Evens. This time,
the numbers 1-18, low numbers. Each one you
bet, you’ve got eighteen numbers in your favour.
Low risk, low return, we double you up when
you play the lower numbers, eighteen in your
favour. Evens, levels you devils. You double
up when you win on the low numbers.
A Neighbour Bet is a way of you having a little
area of the wheel in your favour. You pick
your favourite number by playing a number
and its Neighbours. You then have the two
numbers either side of it on the Roulette
Wheel in your favour as well. In the wheel
here, we’ve got an example with the zero and
on the table I’ve placed the chips. Zero is
surrounded by the following numbers; 26, 32,
3 and 15. So by doing zero and the neighbours,
it’s a five piece bet. If one of the zero
or the neighbour numbers comes in, you get
a 36 piece return. It’s a classic way of playing,
it’s a little area of the wheel in your favour,
a Neighbours Bet. In this case, zero and the
neighbours, for each 5 chips you bet, you
get 36 chips back. Your own little area of
the wheel to win with.
The French sections are three different specific
ways of placing your chips on areas of your
Roulette Wheel. The least known and the smallest
of the French sections is called the Orphans
or the Orphelins and I’ve set it up for you
on the table here. It’s a five piece bet that
can return you up to 36 chips. You have a
Straight Up on the number 1, you bet the 6-9, you’ve
Split or Chavalled the 14-17 and 17-20. Also,
a Split or Chaval on 31-34. It’s a very classical,
good old-fashioned way of playing the game
of Roulette. It’s called the Orphans or the
Orphelins, you need multiples of five chips
to play it. Called the Orphans and you can
win at up to sort of 36 chips for every five
that you lay out. They’re called the Orphans,
they’re part of the French sections.

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