Rushed Game Play ! Free Fire .M114 game play(SOLO VS SQUAD)

you’re never gonna make it you’re not
good enough there’s a million other people with the same self you really
think you’re different and you must be kidding think you’re gonna hit it but
you just don’t get it it’s impossible it’s not probable you’re responsible too
many obstacles you gotta stop it don’t you gotta take us though you can’t be a
pro no wish you time no more who the fuck do you to tell me what to do I
don’t give a damn if you say you disapprove I’m gonna make my move I’m
gonna make it soon and I’ll do it cause that’s what I wanna fuck him too cuz all
these opinions there’s all these positions they come in and millions they
Park in your vision when you can’t listen that shit is on fixing cuz you
want the power as long as you’re dreaming but you’re never gonna make
Oh are you just gonna take down a fucking
fight back she ain’t gonna make it you ain’t never
never gonna break here you can never beat him in the face anymore anymore maybe you can say
but she never gonna make it first you just gotta make them take it are you just gonna
you fucking fights that if I

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