Russell Wilson, wearing two sports coats, says Seahawks’ rout at Arizona ‘was a complete team win’

[LAUGH] How are you doing?>>Great.>>We’ll say that pre game you guys took
that same route as you can last year with injury And
Kind of got into it Did you feel that?>>Yeah, I did. I was actually thinking about it early
this morning before we came here. Just thinking about
the season he was having, Will Dissly was having his rookie year and
then him playing here and getting injured. It was a thing where to be, I wanted to make sure I was
intentional in [INAUDIBLE] in warmups. Kind of talking to him in the locker room. Just told him I was praying
>>Transform things with him. And he was gonna be great today. So yeah, I think it was pretty cool
just seeing him make some pays today. He’s a special guy, a special player. You just want to [INAUDIBLE]. That was pretty cool to see. He’s earned everything,
he’s worked for everything. He’s a tremendous guy. For this player for
this team, that was big. I was happy for him for sure.>>How much was today, Russ, the first time maybe all month you guys
felt like normal, felt according to plan?>>Well, I thought we did a great job
offense, deffense, special teams. It felt like we were really rock
solid throughout the whole game and the great thing is to be honest,
we could have been better.>>We really could have been better. There’s some things out there that
we felt like we left out there and could have been a little bit sharper on
some things but it’s always a battle. Again an NFC west defense,
always a challenge and to be able to come out with a huge win and
play the way we played. To have the eight minute drive at the end
of the game I mean, to run out the clock and have some huge third downs,
have some big runs, have some big plays. But Wilson back, that was cool. And Tyler Lockett, man, and that big
third down catch that he had coming across the middle there, and then C. J.
Prosise getting in the end zone. And I thought also too what was great
was seeing Chris Carson just battle. He’s a star. He’s a guy that’s worked so hard. I told him earlier this
week coming in on Monday, I say you know Walter Payton’s
fumbled it before too. So at the end of the day, the great ones,
if you wanna be great you’re gonna have a lot of amazing plays and there’s
gonna be some tough ones in between. The key is the great players they overcome
it and they move on and they let it go. And then he’s been able to do that. So it’s been cool just to watch his
progression throughout his career so far. And throughout the game today,
just made some huge, huge runs. Did you and Will talk about going
through that same play in warmup? Is that a thing that you meant to do?>>We didn’t really. It just kind of, you know. I’m pretty connected with Will. He’s a big guy and
we do film study together. We’re pretty connected. I really admire him, like I said. And so When went over there
I kinda just looked at him, just kinda was looking to get around
the teammate for a while friend. You know, in the locker room I
just kinda told him frankly, it is gonna be a good day, and so,
I think we’re on the same page. And what did you see that in just over
the last year as he worked his way up.

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