Ryan Depaulo ATE WHAT???

Ryan Depaulo ATE WHAT???

what’s up guys Jeff Boski here! going
forward I’m gonna start including a
special segment into my vlogs which I
like to call Boski’s favorite things
I’ve done a lot of research on a lot of
different things when it comes to
household products foods and I really
found the best thing in the category
what I mean by that is the best bang for
your buck the best for you health-wise
or economically today we’re going to be
reviewing health aid kombucha you might
have heard of Abuja but a lot of you
aren’t familiar with what it does it’s a
probiotic tea with many many billions of
particles in it which happened to be
yeast and bacterial cultures may sound
scary but your gut really needs these
things it may not taste great but of all
the moochers out there I believe that
the Health Aide pink lady ample is the
most palatable let’s give it a try
before you drink this kombucha make sure
you give it a good shake most of the
contents really go to the bottom so
shake it up and then wait a few minutes
before opening it because it is
carbonated do not slam this kombucha
take maybe one ounce drinks of it for
about an hour until it’s gone oh yeah
kombucha your stomach will thank you the
Boski’s favorite things segment was
brought on by a lot of viewers that I’ve
met in person or have contacted me
through email that said they really
appreciated my filet mignon cooking
tutorial I’m not a cook I’m not a
professional chef I don’t know what I’m
doing in most capacity when it comes to
cooking food but I did a lot of research
on how to make a great filet mignon at
home of course there’s a lot of snobs
out there that are set in their ways
that say oh no you need some basil you
need some time need to sous-vide it with
the bag and some water no Cyril sides
throw in the oven a little bit of butter
it’s all about timing it’s all about
temperature it’s just chemistry people
if I can pass on these things and help a
lot of people out I think it’s worth it
so thank you for your one minute of time
hopefully you learn something on this
segment of boskie’s favorite things
no tournaments today instead we’re
hosting a meet-up game that’s right at
the Encore slash win property my
favorite poker room in Las Vegas special
guest star Ryan Depaulo degenerate
the collaboration he’s in Vegas he can’t
stop cashing tournaments I can’t stop
breaking tournaments let’s play some one
three No Limit Texas Hold’em at the
Encore win poker room potentially I mean
you could beat me
at this meetup game every 30 minutes we
do a $10 per man bomb pot and I throw a
little something special in the mix
that’s right a different hat every time
really juice in the pot let’s see some
action you ready for this action bomb
pause number two will Joe hit a set
and Jack’s ever close
all right already the hacker carry over
with blinds at $1 $3 under the gun plus
one opens – $10 I’m next to act under
the gun plus two with pocket jacks great
spot to 3bet isolate the original RAZR
we don’t want to play a four way pot
with jacks there’s gonna be a dam over
card every time so we make it 35 to go
next to act is Ryan Depaulo who puts in
the cold for bet $85 what’s here Evan
action folds to the small blind my buddy
Smith and he says two words all in two
hundred and sixty four dollars a very
rare cold five bet the game is pretty
crazy a lot of action people are here to
gamble original RAZR folds its back to
me and what do you do with pocket jacks
here I’ve about 450 dollars in my stack
and sometimes you just got to know when
you’re beat jacking come I fold the
Ryan de pollo isn’t happy about it he
puts in the call he has ace three of
Smith has pocket queens the flop comes
King Jack deuce we would have flopped a
set the turn in river our bricks we
would have busted both of them I blocked
pocket threes and all types of stuff we
made a good fold you can’t be results
oriented and our DP is now stuck
basically seen it as the Colossus there
it is all right the meetup game has gone
from no limit to dealer’s choice
this hand is a pot limit Omaha hand I
see a flop with the ugly 10 10 8 3 King
at 10x all Spade flop so we call a bet
or three ways to a turn it’s a brick I
check RDP bets get shoved on can’t
really call with middle set here we
could be up against pocket kings or
definitely some sort of made flush we
lay it down our DP calls they both have
a flush and here’s the river
everyone’s get your shirt today I got
custom-made little break from the meetup
game going to get some food at tacos el
gordo many hats for one many stacks were
lost now it’s time to nourish ourselves
and bring back some fur Ryan de pollo
beef brains for Ryan Depaulo he said
give him anything I said beef brains
twice he said sounds good zoned in when
he wants the gamblers like yeah so we’re
gonna get we’re gonna give him a special
taco and no one laughs when he bites
into the beef brains
thank you
right what taco are you eating the cat
taco as close it’s called Sesos it’s
Spanish for brains after eating some
tacos I come back to what is transpired
into a $2 $5 half triple draw half pot
limit Omaha game so the action is gonna
be fast and furious it’s about midnight
we see a flop with the king queen 10 7
the flop is 10 10 3 with 2 clubs I put
in the sea bet and get raised pot what
is he repping ace 10 pocket threes a
flush draw all possibilities we do have
the king kicker we definitely a boat out
we don’t block any flush draws so I
decide to go for it and stick my $500 in
the middle he snap calls he has Queen 10
with two clubs the turn is a seven
boding us and the river is a brick and
we scoop a $1,000 pot
this guy popping the champagne just one
50k or so in the wind $1,000 pot limit
Omaha event baby
short stack and didn’t ever do work
because other people do the work for me
he loved it
thanks to that big pot limit Omaha hand
we booked a win of three hundred and
fifty seven dollars really appreciate
everybody coming out it was a great time
can’t wait for the next one when RDP
or Ben Deach or whoever’s in town let
me know in the comments below when
you’ll be in town and maybe we can make
it happen
stay tuned for the next vlog it’s gonna
be epic

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  7. I have had that brand kombucha I like the spicy one cayenne cleanse . Don't think I ever had the Apple one

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  9. Like the new segment! I can see it now Boski, your gonna be like the Oparah of the Poker world! Just hope I'm there when you give everyone at the table a new car. You're quickly becoming my favorite vlogger… but… you can do without getting into these perceived 'feuds' with other players, it's kind of a played-out thing already these days anyway. It may still work for others, like Ryan (not a dig to you Degen!), but your vlog feels a little too, I don't know… sophisticated (kind of, lol). Not going to pretend to know what goes on 'behind the scenes'; but Troop seems like a good guy, a solid grinder who is doing his own thing, and yea, sure it's pretty much the same exact vids for years now, lol… But I for one would still enjoy your vlogs without that kind of stuff. (And this coming from another NY'er who actually likes watching the Degen's vlogs as well.)

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  13. Sear for 2 min then 6-7 min at 400 in oven. Butter on top of 2nd sear. Med rare. What’s your play Jeff? For the record I did get a sous vide and it does turn out amazing (adding rosemary and thyme into bag) but takes wayyy longer than needed given quality from sear/oven. Cheers man!

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  15. Mr Wynn has class, and common sense….after all, he's an UUUUUUUGE supporter of Trump! (The "racist" that wasn't a racist for 50 yrs of his whereabouts, but SOMEHOW became a "racist" in last 2yrs 🤔)

  16. lm aways there at some point in June possibly before then as well…what a sick meet up game…would love to be a part of that

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  24. You should do more research on kombucha. I brew it at home, and drink it on occasion, but there's no scientific evidence that it is beneficial.

  25. Big fan jeff, normally nothing but praise for your content but the start was dross. Not paying <ev money for a drink that may or may not have positives for health. Enjoy a bit degen time with ryan then get back to being a pro

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  27. Whoever said Ryan is short on brains needs to get their head examined!
    Top shelf blog brah! You need to get an old man coffee hat for a future MUG


  28. Great VLOG. You are back to your old self, Jeff. Looked great! Now you should take those meet up games on a Jeff Boski U.S. Tour '19. See ya when you get to Detroit.

  29. Boski!!! You always call and see the river! You should have been up about $5k. Youre getting timid in your old age. Cant believe Ryan ate the brains. Damn Zombies are everywhere!

  30. When you showed those JJ I knew you were going to hit a set, I figured one of the two had a big pair like QQ or KK or AK,..I would have laid down the JJ too that shit happens to me all the time,..one time playing 1/2 NL I had pocket 88 snowmen I felt I was going to flop quads the original raiser had AA he made it 12 dollars I called this other Idiot player had AQ raised it to 25 dollars I was going to call that the AA went all in for 100 I had him covered along with the other guy I fold…flop comes out 2, 8, 8 I WOULD HAVE flopped quads, I was pissed I didn't show it at the table but if that guy just flats with his AQ I crack AA with quad 88…after that I left the game after playing a couple of more hands I was sooo pissed.

  31. You missed one Boski.

    RDP: What kind is it, a cock taco?

    Boski: Yep. A bull-cock taco.

    Anyway, I hear a lot of Omaha players who used to play NLH can't go back to playing NLH because they find it boring. That's not the case with you?

  32. Dear Mr. BigLeBoski,
    Please don't take my comments about your crime ridden cooking of filet personal. I'm only trying to help. The only thing you may want to incorporate is the let the steak sit for 5mins or so. It's soooooooooo much better. Sear 2 mins each side on an extremely hot pan (butter or EVOO), including the sides. Set aside for 5 mins. Pop in oven for 10mins at 300F for mid-rare to mid. Use the pan drippings to turn into a rue and gravy. yum yum. Your filets are well done from what I see in the vids and that's just a crime. You might as well use ketchup on top to flavor them after that.

    Love the vlogs,
    All the best,

  33. The nerd side of Boski.. Probably attracting women with his good looks and then starts talking about jeast, 'yeah I'm going now, just wanted sex..'

  34. I watched almost half this video thinking it was a Ryan DePaulo vlog and wondering where he was gonna go with all the footage taken from a boski vlog

  35. I’ve been drinking kombucha since 2005. GT synergy is my fav brand.check out GABA for nervous system stress and sleep

  36. That's a fantastic Dora the Explorer haircut ya got there Jeff, keep that shit slicked back brother…. Parkourrrrrrr

  37. Sometimes you the bug, and sometimes your the windscreen:-) unlucky mate in first game.. good folds in that pos, for my two cents worth.. damn tho :-/ would be cashed up for the night ++

    Idea, for your new segment??
    Maybe? try a few things from other countries (people suggest via posts, twitter etc, and could get votes for next trial) telling for your what’s good, in their land….
    🇦🇺🦘Tim tams would be my suggestion: but it has a method to be done so they are AMAZEBALLS…
    1. Bite a corner off the Tim tam, then put into a hot liquid (caramel/ hot choc my choice) coffee…
    2. Use Tim tam as a straw, but you only get about 30 seconds before it will fall apart…and drop in, still good tho.
    3. Repeat… the challenge is not eating them all… 🇦🇺🐶👍🦘🍻✌️😎

  38. How about you get Wynn to sponsor a meet up game at the new Encore in Boston? I know I for one would go and would get several friends to as well

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