S2E1 ‘Mind on Fire’ – Impulse (UNCENSORED)

S2E1 ‘Mind on Fire’ – Impulse (UNCENSORED)

[bright tone] You have five seconds
to show me. I can’t. Okay? Admit what you did
to my son. -[Henry]
Please just put the gun down.
-[Bill] Four. -[Henry]
Leave my mom out of it!
-[Cleo sobbing] -[Bill] Three.
-[Henry] Okay! [Henry] I did it.
I did it. I hurt Clay in his truck. I did it, and I didn’t mean to,
and I’m sorry. -Show me!
-I don’t know how! -No, no, please!
Put the gun down!
-Two. -[whooshing]
-[gunshot] [bodies clatter] [grunts softly] [door opens] [grunting softly] [groans] [panting] Help.
He… [grunting weakly] [gasps] [moans] [moans] [grunts] [grunting stops] [“Spirit in the Sky”
playing through ear buds]♪ ♪[man]♪ When I die
and they lay me to rest ♪
♪ Gonna go to the place
that’s the best ♪
♪ When I lay me down to die ♪♪ Going up to the spirit
in the sky ♪
♪ Going up
to the spirit in the sky ♪
♪ Spirit in the sky ♪
[man]♪ That’s where
I’m gonna go when I die ♪
-[chorus]♪ When I die ♪
-[man]♪ When I die
and they lay me to rest ♪
♪ I’m gonna go to the place
that’s the best ♪
♪ ♪[splashing]♪ Prepare yourself,
you know it’s a must ♪
♪ Gotta have a friend
in Jesus ♪
♪ So you know
that when you die ♪
♪ He’s gonna recommend you
to the spirit in the sky ♪
[chorus]♪ Spirit in the sky ♪[man]♪ Gonna recommend you
to the spirit in the sky ♪
♪ That’s where you’re gonna go
when you die ♪
-[chorus]♪ When you die ♪
-[man]♪ When you die
and they lay you to rest ♪
♪ You’re gonna go to the place
that’s the best ♪
[soft dramatic music] [grunts]♪ ♪[door opens] [splashing] [door opens] Quite a mess
you left me here. I bet you got
a lot of questions. Where’s my mom?♪ ♪What did you do? [sniffs]
Shouldn’t you be asking
yourself that? [exhales]
Where’s the rest of him? -I don’t–
-Well, you didn’t leave me
the whole guy. So where is it?
Reston? [water boiling] I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. Sure you did. No, it was an accident.
It just happened. Uh-huh.
Hey, hand me that. Hand me the shovel.
Come on.
We don’t have a lot of time.♪ ♪[grunting] [ominous music] [gags]♪ ♪I– [exhaling] [panting] [music escalates]♪ ♪[gasping]
I need my mom. I can’t. [barn rattling] Oh, shit, not now.
Hold on.
Calm down. Make a fist. -[panting] I need my mom.
-[Nikolai] Make a fist.
Calm down. -And I just–
-Do it. [panting] Make a fist! Breathe. Clench it, then release it,
and again. [light bulbs shattering] [rattling stops] Breathe. [panting] Not gonna do your mom any good
if you keep disappearing. [phone dialing] -Come on.
-[line ringing] It’s me.
Got another cleanup. [sniffs] Wait! Wait! Please. Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? -Please.
-[heartbeat thudding] [gasps] Fuck. Okay. Um… [spits] We’re gonna get you
help, okay? [engine turns over] [car door closes] [soft dramatic music] She’s cold.♪ ♪Use all your weight. The hospital’s the other way. Fuck this. What? What the fuck are you doing? Helping you.♪ ♪Bill showed up at your house
unhinged, right? Threatening you and your mom. He had a gun.
He’s spouting some crazy shit. None of it made sense. Why you?
Why your mom? That’s what they’ll wanna know. Um… [panting] He–he thought
that I hurt Clay. [stammers]
His son. No, don’t make it about you. Bill lost his job, his house. His older son
kidnapped your mother. Thought it was her fault,
wanted to hurt you too–
you don’t know why. But you don’t
need to know why. How do you know
all this stuff? He shot your mother,
dragged her into the car,
forced you inside too. You didn’t know what he was
gonna do to you or to her. You were scared.
You were terrified of what
this man was capable of. I’m guessing
you can sell that. You begged Bill to take you
to the hospital. “Bill,
take me to the hospital.” But he refused. And then… [engine puttering] He ran out of gas. What? -[car door dinging]
-Wait! No. No, you can’t–
you can’t do this. You don’t do this.
You cannot leave us here. Bill ditched you
and your mom in the truck,
took off into the woods. Probably trying to get
to the Canadian border. He’s got a history
of smuggling drugs from there,
so it’ll track. I don’t give a fucking shit
if it tracks!
My mom could die! -Then you should hurry.
-[Henry] Please. There’s a gas station
half a mile up the road. Stay calm.
You stick to the story
I told you. You don’t have to know
all the answers, but you do
need to sound convincing. -[Henry] But–
-I’ll find you soon. [coughing] [gasps] [moans] Okay.
Oh, shit. -Okay, okay.
-[coughing] [car tires rustling on road] Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! [panting]♪ ♪Okay. Just hold on, o– just hold on, okay?♪ ♪-[road creaking]
-Fuck. Not now. [whooshing] [can rattles] [panting] Fuck!♪ ♪[tires rustling on pavement] [tires squeak] [van doors slam] [indistinct chatter] [breathing heavily]♪ ♪[whooshing] [grunts] [grunting] [suspenseful music]♪ ♪My mom–my mom’s been shot. [panting] [dramatic music]♪ ♪[music playing softly
through radio]♪ ♪I got you two cherries. -Does it hurt?
-No. [sniffs] -I should’ve done something.
-[Cleo] Ugh,
you saw how he was. That wouldn’t have
changed a thing. How are the fries? Soggy. Mm. Sorry you didn’t
get to say good-bye. Mom, I, like,
really don’t care. -But saying good-bye
isn’t always–
-What’s best. Yeah. I got it. I want you to be happy. You know that, right? Yeah?
Okay, good. So this place is hiring.
I checked just to see. Maybe I could get a job
and wait tables until something
better comes along. I thought you said we were
gonna go somewhere warmer
this time. I know, but…
[sighs] Heat is overrated,
and our car breaking down here? I mean, maybe that was kismet. Did you ever think of that? I think that our car
is just a piece of shit. And that guy
from the bowling alley? He was nice.
Thomas? He was fine. He was kinda cute. -Mom, like, I–
-Henry, I’m not
saying that. I’m not– Look, I’m just– He has
a daughter who’s your age and I thought maybe
you two could be friends. Come on. It doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we’re together. Isn’t that what we always say? That’s what you always say. Close enough. [soft dramatic music] You’re gonna love it here,
Henry. I can feel it. [laughs softly] [machine whirring] [nurse] Relax your hand, honey,
or it’ll mess with the reading. [sighs]
This doesn’t matter. What’s that? This… this doesn’t… -Hold on.
-Fucking matter. Just hold on. Who gives a shit what
my fucking blood pressure?
Who cares? This is just
standard procedure. What do you think
this is gonna do? Help me?
You don’t know me. You don’t know
what the fuck I can do.
My mom didn’t know either. -[Henry] Where the fuck
is my mom?
-Henry. -Can we have a minute?
-[sighs] I got this. Your mom’s still in surgery. Are you okay? Why are you here? I’m sorry, Henry.
I wish I could’ve been there– I already talked
to the other cops. -I know.
-And I told them everything,
so I’m… Do you wanna sit? Look, I can’t change
what happened, but I want you to know
I’m gonna find him. I’m gonna make sure
Bill never hurts you again. But to do that,
I need to better understand
what took place– if you’re up for it. -Otherwise,
we can wait for your mom–
-No, we can do it now. Okay. Okay, I’ve been trying
to make sense of this. Your house is here. And Bill’s car with your mom
was found here. Now you told
the other officers that you were in the car
with your mom. But The Yolk is a good
three miles away
on the other side of town, so how did you make it
all the way over there? I don’t know. I don’t know.
I’m… I mean, I wasn’t in the car
with her the whole time. Okay. I didn’t know
what he was gonna do
or where he was gonna take us, so… I wanted to stay with
my mom to take care of her. But… I just jumped. I jumped out of the car
and ran into the woods. And I left her. I mean, I… I was running
for a long time, I guess. It didn’t feel like a long
time, but I guess it was. And then I saw the diner, and they said that someone else had found her
and saw the car and pulled over
and got her help. I left her for nothing. You did everything you could. Henry. This isn’t your fault. [Patty] You need to get
your shit together, Jenna, ’cause there is nothing more
important than this party. I know there is,
but whatever.
You know what I mean. Uh-huh. Anyway, Keith Harrison
got accepted early at USC. Really? Yeah, I mean, he’s a legacy,
so it’s not like he earned it. Plus, Lincoln High…
boo, but whatever. He’s throwing a killer party
to celebrate. His parents are super rich
and they have acres of land
and a hot tub. Promise me you’ll come. We never hang out anymore,
and I miss you. -[trays clatter]
-Excuse me, Jenna. Hello, Patricia. We have a science club thing. She wears a lot of perfume.
Have you seen Henry? We need to discuss
the ackerhay ituationsay. -What?
-The hacker situation. I’ve been thinking more
about what it means. “If I can find you,
they can too.” It’s very ominous. Yeah, it’s a warning, Townes. It means we need to stop
looking into this stuff, okay? -Henry could get hurt.
-Right. -We could get hurt.
-Yes. So, I re-uploaded
the teleportation video to
as many sites as I could find. How? I downloaded it
before it was removed. [boy groans] [whispering]
Why would you do that? Because we’re clearly
onto something. And the only way we’re going
to find out who “they” is is if we bait the hacker
into telling us. [softly] Now is not
the time to cower, Jenna. -We need to be brave for Henry.
-No. We needed to be guarded
and careful and not die. Okay, that teleporter guy
broke into my house, Townes. I don’t know
what would’ve happened
if I hadn’t… you know? Exactly.
It’s too late for us
to do nothing. They already know where we live. We need to defend ourselves
against whatever it is
that’s coming our way, and the only way to do that
is to gather more information. We’re not strong
enough otherwise, Henry hasn’t had time to train, and you’re very weak,
physically. So am I. Though I am stronger than you. But we’re both smart,
so the more information
we gather, the more we can
outsmart the bad guys. -I don’t know.
-[Dr. Paige] Ms. Hope? Please come with me.♪ ♪Henry. Hey. Did he hurt you? I’m fine. Okay. Do you
wanna talk about it? What are those? Oh, those are your mom’s… you know,
medical history, insurance. I mean,
I should know this stuff, but… -I can do it.
-Okay. [sniffs] She’s a bit disorganized. Maybe. [doctor] Excuse me.
Are you Cleo Cole’s family? -I’m her daughter.
-[Thomas] Yes, yes. [doctor] Her surgery went well. She’s lucky though,
all things considered. The bullet went straight
through without hitting
any major organs. She’ll be herself again
after some physical therapy. But right now, she needs time. She’s lost a lot of blood
and, well, won’t likely be alert
until tomorrow. I suggest you both go home,
get some rest. Right. Okay. Thank you.
Thanks.♪ ♪Hey, so, we can’t actually go back
to the house just yet. The police need to, you know. But I called
Townes’s parents.
They’re old friends. They’d be happy to have
you and Jenna sleep over. You head there.
I’ll stay here. I’ll call you
as soon as your mom wakes up. -No.
-Henry. I’m… I’m not going anywhere.
No. You heard
what the doctor said. -Your mom’s not
gonna be awake–
-She’s my mom. I have a right to be here.
I’m not going anywhere. No one’s saying
that you don’t. Why do you get to stay? You’re not her husband.
Why… why do you get to stay? I don’t–I don’t get to. -I’m–
-I’m the adult. You don’t even know her. You don’t know her middle name. It’s Abigail, by the way. Right, yes.
I’m sorry, I… -I should’ve–
-No, no, no. I am her family, okay? Me. Not you. You’re just a guy. You are a guy
who couldn’t fix
her fucking car, and that is the only reason why we are stuck here
in this shitty town living in your shitty house where she almost fucking died. [Jenna] Henry. [Thomas] Hey.
You all right?
Okay. Henry, Jenna’s gonna
take you to the Lindermans’. I will call you
if anything changes. Blood splatter’s consistent
with your vic’s shoulder wound. Looks like she was facing
in this direction
when she took the hit. Pop.
Poof. Perp must’ve been
in close proximity too. The bullet went
in the wall there. And the weapon? We dug a 9mm slug out,
but couldn’t retrieve
a shell casing. Not much trace evidence
in general. Really? Well, it’s possible
that the perp had
the forethought to nab it. You know, maybe he wanted
to keep a souvenir. I don’t know.
I’ve seen creepier. One guy, he collected women’s
toenail clippings in a little– Yeah, I got it.
Thanks. [pensive music]♪ ♪[birds chirping]♪ ♪Make sure to tell him
you said that.
[chuckles] [sighs] [sighs] Fisher,
how was it out there? It’s cold as whiz. We tracked Boone’s footprints
about a mile and change, then lost the trail
at a creek bed. You want one?
I’m trying to lay off the chew. Berry flavored.
Got the sugar crystals in it. No, no, but thanks.
So what about the perimeter? Boys are on it
like you asked, Sheriff. You prefer
I don’t call you that? ‘Cause for the record,
I’m in full support
of you taking over, even if it is just
an interim thing. -All right.
-I mean that. Dale got what was coming. Not the whole bullet
exploding his face thing. That’s just brutal violence. But yeah,
we could use a woman in charge. Hell, I would’ve voted
for Hillary if she wasn’t
so unlikeable. Uh-huh. I think what I mean is, we could clean things up
around here, and I got your back. Well, I appreciate that, Fisher.
I do. Hey, what can we do to…
to expedite the crime scene
cleanup in here? Responsibility falls
on the homeowner.
You know that. Yeah, but two teenage girls
live here. I don’t want them coming home
to this if we can help it. Boys left a business card
on the fridge. That’s about the best we can do
unless you wanna make
a special exception. But given how people
are looking for any excuse to cut you off at the knees,
I’d be careful. [door creaks] [door closes] [door creaks] [door closes] [Townes] We’ve gotta
get you back there. I don’t even know where I was. But you know your dad
was close by. I think so. It had to be him. Who else would have
a picture of your family? Maybe he’s drawing you
to him telepathically, like when Charles Xavier uses
Cerebro to find other mutants. Or when Lord Voldemort
possesses Harry’s mind. What about Bill Boone? Henry, what do we do about him? There’s nothing to do. -[Townes] But if he saw
you teleport–
-He didn’t. Well, we have to be sure. I am sure. -But you left.
-[Jenna] Right. You can’t know
what Bill saw. And now he’s out there
on the run. -He’s not.
-And with Clay
in the fire, we– He’s dead. Bill Boone’s dead. [Townes] How? Wh… Are you sure? Yes. But, like, on a scale of– Jesus, Jenna,
I yanked his arm off and I took it with me
to wherever the fuck I went, so yes. He had a gun pointed
at my mom’s face,
so I grabbed it. I grabbed him, and I– I don’t know why.
I didn’t mean to. But I did it.
I killed him.♪ ♪You were just
protecting your mom. You didn’t know
your body could do that.
How could you? You chose fight over flight,
or a combination of the two. Regardless,
Bill Boone is the villain here, which further reinforces
that you’re the hero,
and I’m your sidekick. And Jenna is your
sometimes friend. It was self-defense, Henry. You didn’t do anything wrong. Jenna? Were you not gonna tell us? Did something else happen? [knocking on door] Mom, I told you.
No interruptions. I know, and I’m sorry,
but you have another visitor. Jenna! Oh, my God.
I can’t believe it. Are you okay?
I’m so sorry. [panting] You too, Henry. Your poor mom. The whole school’s been
talking about it. Don’t worry.
I’m not going
to Keith’s party tonight. Okay? I told everyone
I’m staying here with you… all night, if need be. Whatever you need. Girls, Megan’s room is ready
for you whenever you need it. Mr. Linderman and I
are heading off to bed, but please, don’t hesitate
to ask if you need anything. Oh, and Townes, don’t forget
about your humidifier. These winter months are so– -Mom, Mom, Mom.
-[Mrs. Linderman] Oh. Uh, okay. Okay, good night. I’m in.
Let’s go. -Where?
-The party. I don’t think
that’s a good idea, not with what
we just talked about. Sure it is. [Townes]
But we have more work to do, which means
you should leave now. -And wear less perfume.
-What? No, Patty can drive us. -[Patty] I can?
-Yeah. No. Absolutely not.
I have a schedule
that I need to keep to. I don’t like crowds.
I don’t do well in them. There are already
one too many people in my room. Well then, you should stay here,
but I’m gonna go. [Jenna] Henry, are you sure
this is what you want? [“Free Animal” playing] [indistinct chatter]♪ ♪[man]
♪ My heart beats in patterns
to the broken sound ♪
♪ ♪♪ You’re the only one
that can calm me down ♪
Where’s the weed? You think I know?
You’re the pothead. [man]
♪ My head spins in circles
so I’m dizzy now ♪
Is that why you wanted
to come here? -[man]
♪ All of this time ♪

-[Damian grunting] God, what the hell? -Ooh, shit.
-What the hell? -[Damian] I’m sorry.
I just wanted to love on you.
-[man] What’s up, Scotty? [man]
♪ Free animal
free animal ♪
I cannot believe you’re here. Everyone’s talking about it. Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, we’re fine. Right.
It was your mom. But, like, didn’t Clay’s dad
attack you too? Do you guys have any weed? -Um, no.
-Henry. Maybe Keith does. Who’s Keith? This is his house. He got accepted early into USC. Cool. What’s that? Vodka Red Bull. Can I have it? Um, sure. [man]
♪ What you’re made of ♪
Guys, I’ll be back. [man]
♪ Won’t lie ♪
So you drink now? [man]
♪ Free animal
free animal ♪
Well, I prefer
the ganja, but… [man]
♪ To the broken sound
free ani– ♪
[indistinct chatter] Hey, we shouldn’t be here. -Henry–
-Jenna, these are your friends. Go do your own thing.
Have fun. Let loose. [sighs] Hey, I’m worried about you. You shouldn’t be. I don’t want you to get hurt. I saw the way
that you looked at me. You’re afraid of me. No, I’m not. -Who are you pretending for?
-I’m sorry, okay? I just wasn’t expecting…that. But I know Townes is right. I mean… I stabbed that guy,
and he could be dead too. He’s not. -What?
-He’s not dead. He came back. Yeah, and I helped him
dissolve Bill’s body in a vat of acid
in your dad’s barn. So don’t worry.
You’re not a murderer like me. What are you–
did that really happen, Henry– Jenna, you don’t have to say
everything that comes into
your fucking head, okay? Leave me alone. [“High” playing] [man]
♪ It feels good
to be running from the devil ♪
♪ Another breath
and I’m up another level ♪
♪ It feels good
to be up above the clouds ♪
♪ It feels good for the first
time in a long time now ♪
♪ What comes next
I see a light ♪
♪ I’m along for the ride
as I’m taking flight ♪
[boy] That’s the girl
Bill Boone shot. Thought it was her mom. [boy] Didn’t she hook up
with Clay? [girl] I heard her mom’s
on life support. [girl 2] Then why the hell
is she here? [“Something to Lose” plays] [man] Hey, uh, do you know where
I can find Keith? I’m the pizza delivery guy.
I’m just trying to get paid. People keep telling me
he’s the guy to talk to, so… [snickers] Yeah, me too. Do you know he got into USC? [man]
♪ I can’t let you ♪
♪ Leave me behind ♪Do you have any weed? [man]♪ You were first
to open your mouth ♪
Um, I don’t, no. I’m… I’m working right now,
or I would. And she’s walking away. [indistinct chatter] -[girls laugh]
-Hey. I had no idea you were coming. Yeah, Henry wanted to. I’ve been thinking
about you all day. You look surprised. Oh, no, I just… I don’t know.
It’s been a really shitty day. What can I do? You’re doing it.
[laughs softly] Can I get you a drink? Um, yeah, sure. Something fruity, right? [laughs]
Right.♪ ♪I really like you, Jenna. Oh. [stammers] I’ve been
kind of afraid to, you know, but, like, today, just the idea
of you not being okay, you know, I just wanna take care of you. And so, you should know that. That’s really sweet.
[laughs softly]♪ ♪And I… I really like you… too.♪ ♪I’ll get you that drink.♪ ♪[indistinct chatter] Keith’s mom donated
a ton of money to that school. [Keith]
Hey, hey– [coughs] Hey. [scoffs] Yeah, my mom’s a legacy,
but that’s not why I got in. -[boy] Dude, you couldn’t throw
a football if your life…
-[Henry] Keith? Yeah? Oh, my God.
I’m so excited for you. California. What an adventure. [Keith] Thanks. [soft dramatic music]♪ ♪[Keith] Hey, what was it like
to kill Bill Boone? What? You dissolved his body
in acid, right? [foreboding music] Why’d you leave your mom
like that?
Don’t you love her? Come on.
Show us your little trick. What? Show us your little trick. Come on.
Haven’t I earned a peek? -No.
-Yeah, you showed Bill Boone. I mean,
why don’t we get to see? -[Bill]You have five seconds
to show me.

-No. Five.
Show us! -[all] Four.
-Stop it. -Show me your trick.
-[all] Three. -Stop it!
-[girl] Show us! -[boy] Come on!
-Haven’t I earned a peek? -Stop it!
-Two! Stop it!
Stop it! [grunts] -[bones crunch]
-[screams] [all screaming] [overlapping shouting] [panting] [soft dramatic music] [Keith] Hey.
Hey. Hey. You okay? [“Deathco” playing
over speakers]♪ ♪[screams]♪ ♪[cup crunching] [gasps] [heavy breathing] [foreboding music]♪ ♪[panting] [buzzing] [whimpering] [electricity crackling] [“Deathco” continues
over speakers]♪ ♪[“Los Ageless” playing]♪ How can anybody have you
and lose you? ♪
♪ How can anybody have you
and lose you? ♪
[overlapping panicked chatter]♪ How can anybody have you? ♪♪ How can anybody have you
and lose you? ♪
[panicked chatter] The cops are here.♪ ♪[man]♪ Oh ♪♪ ♪[mellow string music plays] [Townes] Oh, no.
I’m decaying.
I can’t heal. [Zoe]Can you taunt them
as a man or a bear,
or anything that taunts?
-[Townes] I can try.
-[whooshing] Oh, crap.
I don’t know. Maybe Uncanny Evasion
would be better. [Zoe]It’s okay.
It’s a hard fight, Townes.
You’re doing great.
Thanks. [Zoe]What happened to you
this morning?
You weren’t online.
Yeah, I was hacked. [Zoe]What?
What do you mean?
It’s best if I don’t expand
on the details, Zoe.
It’s kind of personal. [Zoe]Okay.
Does it have to do with
that teleportation video?
[fire whooshing] How…
how do you know about that? [Zoe]You posted it, like,
a thousand times today.
Was that you or the hacker?
We can’t discuss this
any further, Zoe. I have to protect Henry. -[Zoe]Who’s Henry?
-[computer blips]♪ ♪[Zoe]Townes?[foreboding music] Hello? [computer blips]♪ ♪[doorbell rings]♪ ♪[dog barking softly]♪ ♪[both panting] I don’t hear anything.
Hey, no, no, no. -We can’t stop.
We gotta go.
-Or what? We could get caught. For underage drinking?
Fuck. There goes my fucking future. Henry, come on, get up. [sighs] You were right. [sighs] You were right
to be afraid of me. I told you.
I’m not. [softly]
I wanted to do it. I wanted to kill him. And then I did. And it felt… okay. Not in the moment.
In the moment, it was… But after… After, it felt good. [softly]
It felt like a relief. ‘Cause I did it. I stopped him. [scoffs] [laughing] [laughing] I’m sick.
[sad laugh] I’m sick, right? You’re a good person, Henry. But you need to believe it too, or it doesn’t matter. [sighs] [sniffs, grunting]♪ ♪[panting] I don’t think anyone heard us. [door creaking quietly] [sighs]♪ ♪[Jenna sniffs] [door thumps] [thunder rumbles]♪ ♪[heavy breathing] [panting]♪ ♪[exhales softly] [wooden sword clatters] [clanking] [thud] Dad? Hank. We can’t stay here.
We need to go. Wait, wait!
Why? Where are we? [Simon] We don’t have
a lot of time. Dad, just… just wait. Just… Dad, please. Dad, wait. -[grunting]
-[mud sloshing] -Come on.
-I can’t. I can’t. [soft suspenseful music] You need to find me
before he does. [grunts] Dad, please, please.
Wait. Please wait.
Just wait for me, Dad! Please! Dad, wait, please!
Just wait for me! [grunts]
Dad, I need you! Please don’t leave me, Dad! Dad, stop!
Please don’t leave me! I need you! [grunts] Dad! [heavy breathing] What the fuck?♪ ♪[muffled clattering] [muffled creaking]♪ ♪[footsteps creaking] [lamp clanging] [objects rattling] -[whooshing]
-[screams] [“Bratt” playing]♪ ♪[woman]♪ It’s okay ♪♪ That the words are gone ♪♪ ♪♪ I don’t care ♪♪ About the drugs you’re on ♪[bright tone]

100 thoughts on “S2E1 ‘Mind on Fire’ – Impulse (UNCENSORED)”

  1. last episode she said she wannaa stay in that home and she is telling that one is shitty home how ruthless selfish dog she is

  2. We SERIOUSLY need Season 3 (10 Episodes), Season 4 (10 Episodes) and Season 5 (12) A.SA.P.!! The Waitress she meets in Romania is later revealed to stop time saying to Henry "You have no idea what you started."

  3. E o prêmio de Protagonista mais chata da história vai para???? Henry! Rebelde sem causa mais idiota do q o esperado. Clima da série super pesado e monótono, muuuuuito diferente do filme q era alto astral.

  4. Me like this serial, but i bad know english, so I'm watching this film on russian. But sometimes Russian voice acting for a simply no. So Im watching serial in the original with subtitles.

  5. 阿婆擦れで、生意気で、粗野で、気の利かない小心者が物語りを掻き回す方が話は盛り上がり、取り間の展開にも楽なのだろうけれど、少しくらい頭の良い機転の効く主人公が超能力を持って世の中をスカッと解決するドラマも製作して欲しいものである。

  6. 併しだいたい米国のドラマは他人の命を軽んじる話ばかりで日常を埋め尽くしている。こんな話ばかりを毎日観せられて育つ子供がどんな価値観を持って世の中に出るのかを想うと、そりゃ銃の乱射など誰でも簡単にやっちまうんだろうね。

  7. Прикольный сериал, куча косяков конечно, но если не придираться, то пойдёт )

  8. Great show just wish it wasn’t so dark/filtered. Not sure if it is blue-ish or geen-ish but it’s only pleasantly watchable when I turn up the brightness. Jut my preference. But love the show!

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