SA 5-year-old girl’s basketball skills may lead her to WNBA dream

Game four of the Spurs first-round playoff matchup is set for Sunday and we know one Spurs fan who cannot wait a five-year old San Antonio girl looks up to Tony Parker as her inspiration now she’s dominating the court drawing crowds at a local YMCA and making defenders look pretty silly k sidewalls max Massey introduces us to Diana Pope Lev crossovers going in and out of cones with two basketballs even dribbling while catching a tennis ball meet Diana Pope up this might look mesmerizing but for Diana her dad and her trainer this is a typical afternoon practice at their local YMCA she’s amazing like I’ve never seen a father like her Antoine Johnson helps train Diana with Indian I was amazed because my son is there he plays basketball and he’s not even close to there but Johnson says dribbling is all thanks to her dad she loved busking Bowl and she loved it watch busting bowling Stadium she watched 20 games diana is a huge Spurs fan and looks to some of her favorite players is inspiration are you Parker hires like a dollar a night she is no stranger to the limelight either she’s gotten to meet some of her idols to name a few Manu Ginobili Pau Gasol Becky Hammon she was even at Tim Duncan’s jersey retirement now she’s taking these skills and crushing her competition diana is only five years old but she’s so talented that when she plays in a league she has to play with the older kids now diana is only about three feet tall but her trainer and her dad say the sky is the limit I see her going as far as her work ethic is crazy but Diana’s dad is taking it step by step my main goal is indication max mess case at 12 News

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