San Antonio, Texas and the Voyage Home

San Antonio, Texas and the Voyage Home

– [Robert] In today’s video,
we will remember the Alamo. We’ll have a drink at Pancho
Villa’s old stomping grounds and we’ll take a stroll along San Antonio’s lively river walk. Then we will continue
the long voyage home. Wait, that’s a little too far. There, much better. ♪ I’m riding ♪ ♪ Riding with my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free ♪ ♪ In my RV yeah ♪ Well, not the greatest weather but at least it’s not raining. This is where I’m staying at here at the San Antonio KOA. Let’s head to downtown. We’ve only got a few hours here so let’s just check off the highlights. (funky music) Luckily, the KOA is very centrally located just a few miles away from downtown. Here’s public parking. I don’t think it is the cheapest at a $15 flat rate, but here we are right next to the Alamo so let’s explore. Well finally made it to San Antonio. I think the Alamo must
be somewhere back there. Yep, a short walk away and here we are. Oh yeah everybody said it would look disappointingly small, it does. Make a short line here and then we go in. Oh by the way, photography
inside not allowed. Mm mm, they watch you like hawks. They don’t let you take
any pictures inside, so but I’m assuming out
here is fine, right? Here we have some signs depicting the history of the Alamo. And back here, the grounds,
they are really nice. It is kind of a bummer
it is such a cloudy day. I wonder if these tents here are part of some kind of reenactment. (upbeat music) Well in any case, it is a nice area to walk around admiring
all these oak trees, and I must admit I am kind of lost, can’t seem to find the exit. By the way, you exit through
the museum slash gift shop. We’re out. Well we’ll continue,
we’ll continue exploring. Let’s see where the river walk is and I have a couple more
places that we can show you. For now, that’s all I could
show you of the Alamo. Here’s a monument bearing the names of those who died in the
legendary battle of the Alamo. So many tourists. This lively street is Alamo
Plaza and we get antique cars and horse-drawn carriages,
definitely a very touristy area. Ooh, and bicycles too, all
modes of transportation. This down here is an
extension of the river walk, it is called Paseo del Alamo
and there’s a beer garten. And what do we have here? Cinderella’s chariot. It has a little bit of
that old city character which is really cool,
especially this area. Check it out. You see that big horn on
the corner of that building? That’s where we’re going. That is the Buckhorn
Saloon established in 1881 and there is a museum with
a collection of animals but I’m just going to the bar. Back in the day, the original owner had the brilliant idea of accepting horns and antlers as payment when the patrons didn’t have cash and the rest is history. By the way, the beer is
way larger than I expected. This is the original cherry
wood and marble back bar and lots, I mean lots of
dead animals on the walls. That was a pretty cool bar. Let’s continue wandering
around downtown a little bit. Uh oh, they found me (laughing). This here is the Majestic Theatre. I continue wandering, admiring the different architectural styles. And there’s the river
walk but let’s explore a little more before
going to the river walk. There’s the historic San Fernando
Cathedral in the distance. Let’s go down into the river walk and this is the beginning, I guess. Not too lively around here. One of the main activities
here is, of course, taking these boats that
cruise up and down the river. Here we are, by the way, one story beneath the streets of San Antonio. In this network of
walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River,
as you will soon see, lined up with shops, bars,
restaurants, public artwork. This idea originated after
a very bad flood in 1921 and so they developed
this flood control system that involved a floodgate,
a dam, a bypass canal. By 1946, this flood control system actually proved to be very effective. The Casa Rio restaurant opened its doors and the rest, the rest is history. It has been so successful
that they keep expanding it and expanding it like on that area we saw earlier by the
Alamo with the beer garten. Of course we are here
during Mardi Gras weekend so some of the boats are
decorated as floating floats and there are some people in costume and there is a very festive
atmosphere all around. They even have masks
decorating the bridges. Unfortunately, I think
all of the Mardi Gras related activities were during
the day so we missed them. (festival music) Well of course you have to have mariachis at a place like this, right? (mariachi music) Hmm, I think I hear live music. Hmm, there’s an audience. And I think the concert just ended there. Here’s some street art for ya and some Mardi Gras floats,
this one’s floating for real. It’s all very lively and
kind of crowded actually, many of the restaurants
have a long waiting time so I’m gonna call it a night
and start heading back. Although, let me tell you, Casa
Rio sounded really tempting. This monument here is called
La Antorcha de la Amistad, Spanish for the Torch of Friendship, a gift from the Mexican government to the city of San Antonio back in 2002. The sculpture seems to
look kind of different depending from where you look at it and the sculptor says that that is how he sees the
two nations’ relationship. Sometimes it is harmonious,
sometimes it’s complicated. El presidente. Well that is the end
of our two and a half, three hours here in San Antonio, Texas. Very cool city, I do want
to return with more time and explore a lot more
beyond the river walkway and the Alamo and all that,
but for now, this is it. I don’t have to tell
you I’m very very tired, I’ve been driving most of the day so I’m going back to the
RV and see you on the road. Cool to see all the carriages
illuminated at night. Next time, we will definitely
have to go up there. That, by the way, was
the Tower of the Americas which has an observation
deck, a restaurant. Hello there. (bright techno music) Well good morning from
the San Antonio KOA, it’s kind of cold, it’s
drizzling a little bit. But you know what? After two weeks in the desert, I find this kind of weather
kinda neat, actually. There’s humidity again. Well they have a breakfast space here at the campground so
I’m gonna check that out and then dump propane and
off we go, to the east. It’s actually colder than I expected. Actually, you know what, they were not the most welcoming of folks
so I’m just gonna leave. I’m not really that
hungry yet and I can have something on the road in a couple hours, you know, take a break so off we go. People don’t realize sometimes how important customer service is. I’m getting some Texas water for the road. Yes, it feels so incredibly
cold this morning here in mid-February, it is probably in the 30s but it feels like mid-20s with the high humidity and the wind chill. But first things first, let’s pay a visit to the dump station. I’m also gonna get some propane, one of my tanks got depleted last night. (upbeat music) We’re leaving San Antonio. Well it’s gonna be a nasty drive today, it is cloudy as you see, it’s windy, but anyways, I think I
stayed there long enough to give it a thorough
review of the campground. It seemed fine, I got only
a water and electric site because it was only for one night. I dumped my gray water, I got propane. As I said, they weren’t very friendly at the cafe and I didn’t
really like it all that much and I wasn’t really that hungry so I said you know what, I’m gonna save some time and hit the road earlier, it is 8:30 in the morning
here central time. The goal is Biloxi, Mississippi, but I don’t guarantee
we’re gonna make it there. We’ll try though. Oh by the way, you know
I’m from south Florida so I’m kind of ignorant
about cold weather issues, but I just realized 40
degrees in Texas with humidity and wind is not at all like 40 degrees in Arizona with dry air and no wind. It’s incredibly cold here this morning. Well it is actually 36 degrees, no wonder it feels so cold. Yeah and now Weather Underground says 34 and it feels like 28,
no wonder (laughing). We’ve got seven mile per hour
winds coming from the west. That is actually good, tailwinds might be good once I’m on the open road. And 20% chance of precipitation today. Well there’s our 20% precipitation. Don’t you wish the odds worked
like that at the casino? – [Navigation System] In a quarter mile, merge onto I-10 East. – Yeah, well it is kinda windy out there so it does make for a stressful drive. Let’s make breakfast. Did I mention it’s cold? Much better. Well we’re gonna make some pancakes, these are delicious whole grain pancakes, and this milk that I bought
back in I think it was in Phoenix and I think all I
need is an egg and some oil. Half cup. (mellow music) we’re a little off-level here, that could be a bad
thing but we’ll manage. Not the best turn I’ve
ever done but it’s not bad. Well this one came out much better. Bon apetit, yeah? I think this is the coldest
it’s felt throughout the whole trip, the whole
month I’ve been on the road. Oh my, it’s really really nasty out there. Let’s continue. So many flags. Anyways, here we are approaching Houston. I definitely have to visit
Houston one of these days but today I’m on a mission
here, Florida or bust. I am thinking Florida by tomorrow, south Florida by the day after. Houston is the city that never ends and we have been driving through Houston for what feels like forever. Luckily, it is a Sunday at 12:30 so there’s not a whole lot
of traffic so that’s good. I know Texas is long, I’m
almost done with Texas but it is a long, large, huge state. Crossing the San Jacinto River. And there’s Buc-ee’s, that humongous gas station and convenience store. It is true, everything is bigger in Texas. – [Navigation System]
Welcome to Louisiana. – We did it, crossed the
entire state of Texas once again, a feat only comparable to crossing the whole state of Florida. To put it in perspective, crossing Texas here through I-10 has
been about 875 miles. From Pensacola by the
Florida Alabama state line to my home in south Florida is about 700, not that big a difference in
the great scheme of things. We are once again here at Breaux Bridge. If you recall, I spent
the night at this Walmart here on the way west and
I am very tempted to stay because I’m starting to get tired, but I’m determined to
continue pushing through. I’m just gonna take a break and continue. I’ll just make one Americano
for the last leg of the trip. – [Navigation System] Head
southwest toward Rees Street. – Well I took a little bit of
a break here at the Walmart. – [Navigation System]
Slow down on I-10 East near Baton Rouge that is
causing a 17 minute delay. You should reach your
destination by 8:46 p.m. – Okay, maybe by the time I get there. Anyways, here I’m at
Breaux Bridge in Louisiana and off we go, about three more hours. Oh yeah, this is the
Pilot that has a casino. Next, we’re gonna cross
the Atchafalaya Basin, which, cool fact, is the largest wetland and swamp in the United States. On the way west I crossed it at night and it is not like I’m
doing much better today but at least we can see something. And the city lights of Baton
Rouge illuminate the skies. Here at Louisiana’s capital once again I cross the Mississippi River. (relaxing music) I drive into the dark stormy night. At 9 p.m., although it might
as well be 2 a.m. I’m so tired, I arrive in Mississippi and
I go into the welcome center and there are no overnight
parking signs everywhere. So when the security guard came, I thought he was going to kick me out but he just told me to
park in this other area away from the semi
trucks and check it out, it is almost like a pull-through
site at a campground, sans hookups, anyways good night. Good morning. Well I slept here at the
Mississippi welcome center rest area in theory it
says no overnight parking but I guess they just want to deter people from camping here indefinitely
so they don’t really mind, the security guard just
told me to park by this area and leave that other area
over there for the trucks which is fine with me. Well the idea today is to
make it to the east coast of Florida, to the Atlantic Ocean and that way we would
complete our coast-to-coast road trip back and forth, so
let’s hydrate and hit the road. It is another gloomy day here
with the non-stop drizzle. Here to the right is the
INFINITY Science Center and there’s even a lunar lander exhibit right here at the rest area
which I didn’t see of course, I didn’t know it was there. Now that is because we are right next to the Stennis Space Center, NASA’s largest rocket testing facility. Too bad I’m on a mission here because it would have been great to visit. This morning, I am taking a
little bit of a scenic ride here towards Gulfport and Biloxi because I want to see the Gulf of Mexico
here in Mississippi but as you can see, the weather is not quite cooperating this morning. Will this count as driving coast to coast? Well if it doesn’t, we’ll
be in Florida soon enough. Well here we are, it’s
not the best weather but we’ve made it to the Gulf of Mexico. Not exactly perfect beach
weather by any means but here we are, made
it to the Gulf Coast. Amazing to think that just a few days ago I was in a different
ocean back in the Pacific. But now I’m here just days
away from the Atlantic. That sure looks like hurricane damage. Hurricane Nate in 2017 perhaps. Alright, let’s continue our journey, it’s kind of chilly this morning. (rock music) Check out all these mansions here and they are almost, I
mean almost oceanfront, or gulf front, waterfront
I guess in any case. There is also a famous oak
tree somewhere around here called the Friendship Oak, I wonder if there are any
RV parking restrictions. Do you see any signs for
no overnight parking? I don’t. I mean I’ll have to look
up the city ordinances but I bet you we could boondock here for the night and nobody would bother you. Yup, more research shall go into this because I would love to wake
up next to the Gulf of Mexico right here, maybe not with Minitini but if at some point we can get something a little more stealth, yep for sure. We are approaching Biloxi
and I’m going to turn around right here because I spotted
a historical landmark, I saw a brown sign on
the road and here it is, Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis’ home, y’know the former Confederate president. Not a whole lot to see from the outside so instead, I am going to
make another U-turn here and have breakfast with a view. This is going to be breakfast with a view. I’m making pancakes. The only bad thing
about this site is that, it’s not a site, I’m parked here in the middle of the
street, let me show you, is that sometimes there’s a lot of traffic coming through here on the. Yep, I’m gonna call it
pancakes by the sea. Well this is a lot of fun
but if I don’t get off this scenic route, I am never,
I mean never going to make it so we’re going to rejoin
I-10 here in Biloxi. Here to the right is the
luxurious Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, the Hard
Rock a little further down. Some of these casinos
allow overnight parking so at one point, the plan
was to overnight right here. Well, time to take the
faster route, Florida awaits. ♪ I’m riding, riding in my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ ♪ I’m riding ♪ – [Navigation System] Welcome to Alabama. – Sweet home Alabama, sweet wet Alabama. ♪ Because I’m free in my RV yeah ♪ ♪ I’m riding riding riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV yeah ♪ ♪ Riding riding riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ – [Navigation System] Welcome to Florida. – Well, we are in Florida. Only 716 miles to go. Gosh I am so tired I sound like I’m drunk. Now crossing the Escambia
Bay in Pensacola. We get stuck in traffic near Destin. The rolling hills near Tallahassee. The problem with Florida is that, for the most part, it
all looks about the same, particularly from the highway. As the day comes to an end, I am going to stop for the night at this rest area in the
Osceola National Forest, somewhere between Lake
City and Jacksonville. ♪ I’m riding ♪ Nah, not riding anymore, I’m tired. Well good morning, I want to go home now. (reflective rock music) 95 South, we are on the home stretch now and the sun even wants to peek out. I need to make one last
dump so I’m going to stop here at the Sunshine Travel
RV Resort in Vero Beach. It is $10 to use the dump station and it is one of the
cleanest ones I’ve seen. Making the final dump. (bright calypso music) Well hello good morning and greetings from Miami Beach, I thought it would be a fitting ending to our
coast-to-coast journey to end it right here at sunrise from Miami Beach on the east coast. I really hope you have enjoyed this video and check it out, pelican,
fly pelican (laughing). If you have enjoyed traveling with us, make sure you are subscribed and check out my other videos. Also, share it with your friends, spread the word and leave me a comment. Now if you really really liked it, you have a chance to show your support at As always, thank you so much for watching and see you on the road.

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