Sebastian Vettel & Charles Leclerc | Guess The Race?

Sebastian Vettel & Charles Leclerc | Guess The Race?

“Oh, you were closer!
But I gave it everything.“ “No, the second closest!” “It’s Hockenheim, Germany!
Because Spa is actually the closest.” “The highest? Well, I was going to put this one. Because I though it was the “highest”! “It doesn’t run though the casino.
It passes the casino.” “Is it? It’s not Abu Dhabi?” “Of course …!” “No, not this one.” “Monza!” “Oh, is it?” “Hang on!” “We were there last week?”
“That’s a tough question!” “We are travelling too much!” “What?”
“Austria” “Oh, this I don’t know”
“England!” “In the calendar season? …Oh, yes!” “You won? I got a face left!”

100 thoughts on “Sebastian Vettel & Charles Leclerc | Guess The Race?”

  1. 1:27 Leclerc acting like he knew but wasn't fast enough to tag it.🤣👍
    Sebastian is very passionate with this sport.

  2. I find these videos are making professional athletes to appear as kids. I like racing, skill and compitition but not this and all teams Ferrari?

  3. The one continent where Formula one gets all of its hi tech materials is the only place they dont race. interesting. This is "A" (one of) the result of colonialism. Although the driver with the deepest roots to this same continent is better than all the others😉

  4. Why is Shell doing more for the marketing and social media side of Ferrari than Ferrari itself?

  5. Vettel will bounce back in Germany. 1 year of bad luck and frustration which began last year in hockenheim after a memorizable race for Vettel, will end there at his home GP. Ferrari must be able to give him a car there that suits him.

  6. Quando la finirete a fare queste cazzate pubblicitarie?
    Una gara voglio vedervela vincere quest'anno…

  7. answer is Melbourne. Charles loses
    Charles: you were closer!
    Answer is Montreal. Charles is closer, still loses
    Gotta love that guy

  8. Come on vettel you can do it believe in your self and get yourself together we are with you the whole way

  9. I will be the happiest Ferrari fan when Vettel will go home. I’m exhausted about him. Completely useless driver.

  10. A Shell também está no Brasil Inclusive eu sou um dos clientes da marca sempre que tenho que abastecer o meu veículo procuro um dos postos da shell mais próximo de mim

  11. You just feel VET would smoke most people in F1, and even specialist journalists, in F1 quizes. LEC didn't have a prayer… 😉

  12. I watched a meme which was cationed as which of the following races Mercedes will win this season? and then it appeared a team radio of Charles saying i need more cards i gave everything

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