Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

From design layouts, to ways of knowing you’re
cheating, I’m Bob from W5L and join me as
I reveal 9 secrets of the casinos they don’t
want you to know!
Dealers…don’t really make that much.
To start off this list, I want you to think
about your dream job.
More than likely, it’s a job where you can
make money, yet have fun doing the job, and
not minding coming in virtually every day
to do it, right?
At first glance, you might think that a casino
dealer, whether it be Blackjack, Poker, Roulette,
or some other game that requires a dealer,
would be fun.
After all, you’re right in the middle of the
casino action.
And though it’s not accurate, you technically
hold all the power.
But think about this before you drop everything
and go…
It’s YOU who shuffles the cards, it’s YOU
who spins the Roulette wheel, and it’s you
who reveals who wins or loses.
But…what you might not realize is that despite
all the money that’s getting thrown around…the
dealers work at minimum wage.
No joke, they’re literally the bottom of the
Now, there are some casinos that do pay a
little more for their dealers, especially
for certain high-end games, but on the whole,
they only make the minimum.
This is why dealers are told to be friendly
with the customers…so they can get tips.
That’s also a reason why the “tip your dealer”
phrase came into practice.
Because if you clean up one night and make
say $100,000?
You doubled in one night what that dealer
will make in a whole year.
So please be nice to the people dealing the
cards, they often deserve that kindness.
That being said…
Some Dealers Do Cheat and Steal
They say that casinos are where people go
to lose their money, and they’re right more
often than not.
Yet, some people try and cheat the system
to make sure they don’t, and I’ll be talking
about that later.
However, one person you wouldn’t expect to
cheat is the dealer.
After all, while they “work” for the casino,
they have no bias towards you.
You’re literally on the same level as them.
But that’s the thing, you’re on the same level,
and that means they have the same impulses
as you and your fellow gamblers.
So, they’re not above cheating with another
person to earn a score, or, if they feel they
can swipe a chip without getting caught, they’ll
do it.
Just like you when you go to a casino, it’s
all about the money.
Funnily enough, it’s because dealers have
tried to cheat and steal so much in the past
that a lot of mandatory rituals are done when
a dealer leaves the table.
They have to expose their hands and move them
around to show they didn’t take anything on
the sly as they leave.
Should a dealer be caught cheating, they’ll
be arrested.
Sometimes at the table itself to “show others”
the cost of cheating, and other times they’ll
be brought to the manager’s office, exposed,
and then arrested.
Now, this doesn’t mean you should be mean
to the dealer, or ignore the previous entry
and not tip them.
But, you should at least keep an eye out for
them, just in case.
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Security Is Tighter Than You Think
Ok, think about Ocean’s 11 and 13 (we don’t
talk about 12 here…).
Remember how deep and detailed the security
was in those casinos?
How did Reuben say it?
“They’ve got cameras, they’ve got locks, they’ve
got vaults.
They enough armed security to occupy Paris!”
Well, you might think after watching these
movies, and other casino films and shows,
that they exaggerated how tight security is.
Well…they didn’t.
There’s a reason that true casino robberies
don’t happen that often.
Not that people don’t try, but they’re quickly
put down.
More common are scams to try and cheat the
casino out of their money, which is never
smart, but the security is so well trained
that they know what to look for, even if you
For example, if a person is playing a slot
machine, and they’re loading in their coins,
but not looking at the machine itself as they
do it, they’re cheating.
How so?
Because that means they’re looking around
for security to see if they’ll get caught.
The guards use cameras all over the casinos
to read body language, to look for clues as
to how a person could be cheating, it’s very
Can they prevent everything?
No, but they’re well equipped to try.
And if you don’t believe me, think back to
the Ocean’s movies and all the things that
the crew had to do to get one over on the
casino owners.
It takes a village…
You Get Investigated When You Win Big
Picture this.
You’ve been playing the games all right and
have been doing ok.
You’ve done Poker, Blackjack, a few slots,
and you just have the urge to play Roulette.
You get this “feeling” in you to bet big,
so you do, on 13.
And it hits, and you walk away with $100,000.
You’re through the roof!
But for security, they’re looking into you
the moment you got declared the winner.
Why are they investigating you?
Because you won big!
And as I noted in the previous entry, they
want to make sure that you didn’t cheat.
Don’t worry, if you’re clean, they’re not
going to touch you.
It’s the Pit Boss’ job to ensure that big
wins are legitimate.
And given the luck of Las Vegas and other
casinos, there are a lot of legitimate winners.
It does happen.
That doesn’t mean they won’t do their job.
They’ll likely see what you do next, if you
keep playing or walk away.
They’ll track down where you were before and
whether you won well there, etc., etc.
In the end, as long as you didn’t cheat, you’ll
be fine, and you’ll have that money you won.
Never forget, while casinos want your money,
they also want you to stay in the casino,
and if they harassed every winner who won
legitimately, no one would want to go there.
They’ll check you out, then move on, that’s
their job.
Poker Doesn’t Have As Much Security Though
Security is a big topic for casinos, which
is why it has numerous spots on this list.
But I was surprised to learn that when it
comes to the various forms of Poker, security
isn’t as tight.
Because the players aren’t playing the “House”,
they’re playing each other.
Interestingly enough, casinos don’t make as
much money as you think during high-stakes
Poker games.
And that’s because all players get a set number
of chips and try and take it from each other.
To that end, the players themselves are technically
the security.
They’ll watch all the other players to ensure
that nothing untoward goes on.
There’s going to be some security, sure, because
they’ll want to protect the dealer and the
players in case something bad happens.
But in regards to looking out for cheaters?
Yeah, they really don’t feel the need to scrutinize
as much.
Casinos Chips Are Filthy
Ok, this isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but it’s
worth taking note for hygienic reasons.
Casinos are meant to be clean, yes.
After all, if it’s filthy, no one will want
to go and be there.
But with the chips, you might be surprised
how dirty they are.
After all, these are chips that are being
touched by many different people.
People bring chips to the tables, where they
are touched by the players, the dealers, others
players who take them from both after winning,
then they’re taken to the “bank” to be cashed
in, then put back on other tables to be used.
Now, yes, I suspect that they do clean the
chips eventually, but considering how long
it may be until that point?
Once you’re done playing for the night?
Might want to wash your hands.
Casinos Are Designed To Keep You Inside Them
Have you ever been to a casino?
Do you remember what it was like wandering
the floor as you tried to find something?
It can be very confusing.
What’s more, most casinos have only one entrance/exit,
and that’s exactly the point.
Once you enter a casino, they don’t want you
to leave until all your money is spent.
They go to extreme lengths at times to ensure
that you just “wander outside”.
For example, casinos don’t have clocks or
Yes, your cell has a clock, but when you’re
deep into a game, you likely won’t check your
As for the windows, if you look outside and
see it was light and now it’s dark, that’ll
signal your brain that you’ve been there for
hours, and need to leave.
But wait, that’s just the start.
The layout of the slots, tables, and more
are designed to keep you away from the doors.
The music of the slot machines, and sometimes
even background music, are meant to keep you
light and happy.
For if you’re happy, you’re not going to want
to leave.
As if audio distractions and guides weren’t
enough, visually, the casino is designed to
be a spectacle.
Bright lights, big signs, the look of the
tables and slot machines, it’s all meant to
keep you stimulated.
And, of course, that’s not talking about the
attractive women that they use to keep the
men in check.
A lot of work goes into making a casino, and
if you find yourself losing track of time
while you continue to bet on things?
You know it’s working.
There ARE Games Aren’t Stacked Against You
There are a lot of catchphrases associated
with casinos, but the most popular one is,
“The house always wins.”
This is because most casino games are actually
stacked in favor of the house.
After all, it’s their house, and they want
to make money, right?
That being said, there are games that aren’t
bent in the houses favor.
If you have a little skill, and a little luck,
you could do well.
One of them is Poker, for as I mentioned earlier,
it’s a game about putting you against other
Yes, there is a lot of luck involved in regards
to how the cards fall, but if you learn the
game, and learn how to read others, you could
Blackjack is another one that isn’t always
in the houses favor.
People will tell you it is, but like Poker,
it’s all about the cards and the ability to
judge when to stop and when to hit.
Finally, Baccarat.
While not the most popular game at casinos,
it does have some low minimum bets.
And, the way you play the game is betting
on the player or the banker.
That’s it.
So do some research, and play some free versions
of the games online, it might help you when
you play the game for real.
There ARE Games Meant To Screw You
While the casinos will never admit it, there
are games designed to truly rip off players
at their casinos.
I mentioned Poker and Blackjack in the previous
entry as games that can be good to players.
But, there are “variations” of these classic
games that casinos employ to basically rob
you blind.
Games like “Three Card Poker” or “Double Exposure
Blackjack” to name a few.
Sometimes, the house advantage can be 9% or
higher, which is insanely high in the gambling
And these are just a few of the games that
are rigged in their favor.
Slot machines can also be used to rob people
blind, because people will see big payout
possibilities, but the games themselves are
so complicated that it’s difficult to get
the right combination to win.
It’s fine to experiment, but just know that
if you go off the basic games, you might be
in trouble, financial trouble that is.
Thanks for watching!
Let us know about your experiences in the
casinos in the comments!
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