Seeing Eye Dogs – Lucky Puppy Lottery

Sandy, a Seeing Eye Dog, sits behind a table.
The table is set up with Lucky Puppy Lottery tickets, brochures and a collection tin.
A name tag around the dogs neck has the name “Sandy” engraved on it.
Fiona, a woman, walks past and glances in Sandy’s direction, then looks away.
Something in Sandy’s expression makes Fiona look back and slow down a bit.
Sandy stares at her.
Fiona does a bit of a double-take, goes to keep walking, then stops and looks back at Sandy.
Fiona: “What?”
Sandy, the Seeing Eye Dog, just stares straight
Fiona: “Okay…Sandy, I can see that you’re
selling Lucky Puppy lottery tickets for Seeing
Eye Dogs…”
Sandy continues staring.
Fiona: “What?
Did you think I wasn’t going to buy one?”
Sandy looks at Fiona curiously.
Fiona: “I’m absolutely going to buy one,
I’m just…”
Sandy continues staring.
Fiona: “I’m in a bit of a rush, so…”
Sandy looks to his side and another puppy
with the name tag “Ray” appears.
Fiona: “Oh come on!
Look, Sandy, and your very cute friend, Ray,
I know that when I buy a Lucky Puppy Lottery
ticket I am giving an Australian who is blind
or has low vision a life changing gift of
a Seeing Eye Dog.
I know that!”
Sandy and Ray seem to nod their heads in agreement.
Fiona looks down at the table at one of the
lottery brochures and picks it up.
Fiona: “I also know that I could win a brand
new car and twenty thousand dollars cash.”
Fiona seems instantly more interested now
that she has seen the prizes on offer.
She looks at the dogs who tilt their heads
at her.
Fiona: “But that is not why I’m buying
Ray seems to whisper in Sandy’s ear.
Fiona: “Ten?
Ok, I’m buying ten tickets because I’m
a good person!
Sandy and Ray.”
Sandy and Ray look away appearing uninterested
in what Fiona is saying.
Fiona throws her hands in the air in resignation
and pulls out her wallet from her hand bag.
She proceeds to place money down on the table
in front of Sandy and takes some lottery tickets
in return.
Sandy looks away disinterested.
Fiona: “Oh, wow Sandy.
Just… wow.”
Fiona exits screen.
Fiona is now seated behind the table next
to Sandy and Ray.
Fiona: “Sandy doesn’t need a brand new
car to drive around in, or twenty grand, but
that’s what you could win if you buy a Seeing
Eye Dog Lucky Puppy Lottery ticket today.”
Video cuts to a still image on screen with
the heading ‘Paw-chase your lucky tickets
now!’ under which appears an image of a
Seeing Eye Dog puppy and a Mitsubishi Mirage
car, the first prize in the lottery, with
the wording ‘Tickets are $2.50!’ Lastly
the Vision Australia logo links appear, Seeing
Eye Dogs Vision Australia alongside this is
the website address

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