Sesame Street: Basketball, “What If”

Sesame Street: Basketball, “What If”

[CHILDREN SHOUTING] GIRL: I’m going to tell
you about the greatest basketball shot ever. And it all started with
the question what if? What if I throw the ball in the
basket of a moving bicycle and the wheels of the bicycle
take it down the street? BOY: What if the bicycle hits
a giant manhole and the ball falls out? And it rolls really fast down
the sidewalk, and passes a cat, and rolls all the
way over a bridge? GIRL: And what if it rolls up a
big ramp at the skate park? Then it travels all the
way across town and lands in the water? BOY: And what if a fisherman
uses a pulley to lift it out? And a ballerina in a pink tutu
jumps on a lever, and it flies way up high in the air
and it travels over a big tall building? CHILDREN: My gosh! Wow! GIRL: Where it lands
right in the net! CHILDREN: Wow! Wow! GIRL: Is that the greatest
shot ever, or what? [CHILDREN SHOUTING]

73 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Basketball, “What If””

  1. and just like every other sesame street skits asking the same question,, "What do you think would happen?"

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  3. That shot was just 1 time , and can you make it 1,000,000 times and can you do a 3 pointer shot and a full court shot i just made a 3 pointer shot

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