Sexism, Gambling and Tax Avoidance

Sexism, Gambling and Tax Avoidance

Last year Britain lost almost £14 billion gambling.
We’re here at the ICE conference at the London Excel,
the biggest gaming conference in the country
to find out how exactly they do it.
This week the Gambling Commission warned the
gambling industry to root out the sexism,
Warning them: women on display
half-naked is a bit out of date.
As you can see this is a very male-dominated industry,
very chauvinistic women are treated as objects,
standing next to cars and doing things
that would titillate men.
“Put some money honey in my fucking slot machine”
Are the male staff dressed like you as well?
Mmmmmm I don’t know, maybe at home?
They work for the company, so they’ve been
brought in and made to dress like that,
and the men aren’t, I find it very very strange.
It’s an industry that’s stuck in the past but what
they’re doing now is using the tools of the future,
to make their products as immersive
and as compelling as possible.
So the dealer is somewhere dealing live,
Somewhere, and it’s being projected
into the virtual reality.
The VR, Xbox controllers these have been designed
for gaming, computer games,
but they’ve been co-opted by the gambling industry.
All designed to draw people in to what is a
gambling product, but as they label gaming,
this blurring of the lines is particularly worrying when so
many children are getting addicted to gambling now.
Is this gambling or is it gaming?
This is gaming, these guys are having a
competition to win a PS4,
but as you know the combination of gaming
and gambling is kinda coming together,
people are trying to get them together really.
Online gambling takes about £4 billion a year.
One country that kept popping up again
and again was Malta.
I’m from Malta.
I’m Maltese yes.
Why Malta? It’s a tax haven.
The Gambling Commission let people who
are regulated in Malta operate in Britain.
So you’ve got lots of companies there who come over
from Malta to sell into the British Market.
That don’t pay tax here and don’t employ anyone here.
You get regulators here selling their jurisdiction.
How they do that?
They say we’re not going to bother regulating you.
Other jurisdictions, their licensees usually come
to us looking for another licence,
because we can target audiences that
the other licensees can’t.
So that’s really quite a big thing for us, Asia is massive.
By the way it’s a tax haven as well.
This race to the bottom in regulation and tax,
is a huge problem but it’s something that can
easily be solved by the government.
If they ensure that anyone who wants to operate
in Britain pays tax here and is based here.
This is a ruthless, male-dominated, chauvinistic,
multi-billion pound industry which avoids tax,
and isn’t being properly regulated.
As a country we’ve really got to get to grips with it,
before it gets much worse then it already is.

15 thoughts on “Sexism, Gambling and Tax Avoidance”

  1. More money being siphoned away from the community. And a betting shop and off licence on every corner. Ban the lot of it and wake up people – don't indulge

  2. Something will happen, people will get angry and regulation will come and hit them hard. Especially when it comes to gaming. Probably involving EA.

    The situation is very worrying.

  3. As a woman who has worked in online gaming/gambling for over 10 years I can tell you in no uncertain terms that everything you have spouted in this video is 100% wrong. I don’t know another industry who would allow me not only to work from home in Newcastle as head of marketing and still pay me London wages, but on top of that supporting me through 3 years of IVF and now my son is here allowing me to work any hours I deem necessary to get my job done. As well as my day job I run my own brands and I can tell you we all pay tax. I’m now paying 23% of the bottom line before I get my share plus another 20% after my final profit is submitted to HMRC. As for the promo teams hired by the brands at the shows. Your video shows men in tight spandex too… no one there is being exploited. As for it being old fashioned and outdated. You’re talking rubbish. Look at strong women like Beyoncé or Kylie. They all dress like this. And so do I if you catch me on a night out. Projecting your values into others is just plain wrong. If you’re not happy about it then don’t go it’s as simple as that.

  4. Funnily enough the company featuring heavily in this fictional piece hired acrobats for promotions and both the CEO and CMO are women!

  5. Hahahaha what a load of bull, you obviously don't have a clue! To start with all companies no matter where they are based have to pay tax on their gambling profits from UK players (POC Tax). Next your saying Malta are taking the jobs away from the UK. Again you don't have a clue, alot of them in Malta are people who lived in the UK and moved to Malta. So technically they are not stealing UK jobs at all. Get your facts right before talking crap.

  6. Oh and it is regulated. Any gambling brand that wants to operate and accept UK players HAS to have a UK Gambling Commission License. How about you go spread fake new elsewhere. #FakeNews #ANobody

  7. A ton of the stated facts are simply wrong. UK changed regulation so the taxes are paid in UK etc. How about sending someone in who knows any shit about the industry.

  8. Lovely video! Malta Malta Malta!
    I used to live there, it has loads of online casino websites based out of malta. They love gambling there!
    Thanks for this video!

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