Shadowgun legends 0.9.0 Update New slug Sound!

Shadowgun legends 0.9.0 Update New slug Sound!

the new SMG update for shadow gun is pretty awesome let’s just go ahead and take a little look at how it sounds now awesome this new update is you know go ahead and click that subscribe button because we are going to go on an SMG emission so let’s go ahead and hop onto a mission you’re gonna like this hopefully you add me on muy and Twitter so go ahead and click those links after the video let’s launch this and show you how the SMG sounds and let’s enjoy this SMG sound and the way it looks like this game watch how did you get a headshot now there’s a different sound it’s kind of like um I’m not too sure it’s like a sword sound but it sounds so sick and a new update with this sentiment right here just like the XY house sentinels it’s so cool before only the people who are making this game could have those sentinels so that was the first thing I look for an update thank you for letting us have that we needed that I will say that the update on the the accuracy is five Florin superb and the damage that they deal now it’s a lot more than what it was before so let’s listen to how the pistol sound before the pistol sounded like you know it didn’t sound real it sounded like something that was out of a fake game but now I don’t know what they did but they have the right recording and it sounds great [Applause] it’s like thumpin the weight is thumping now it’s like hopefully you guys can see how loud that is it’s like thumpin that’s what we needed man you know that finger we needed that so there’s certain things and certain aspects about games that you kind of need in it to keep us coming back

3 thoughts on “Shadowgun legends 0.9.0 Update New slug Sound!”

  1. Love your energi and positivity! Very refreshing and awesome! I really love this update too with all the great changes. The new sounds, new AI and animations is just too cool! It really inspiring us to play more, at least for me. 🙂

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