Shane Lynch visits National Lottery funded Ignition Training

ignition we basically work with the most
marginalized sections of the communities
that they can include mental health
issues unemployment
criminal convictions basically we take
on everybody now me myself I am come
from a similar background so I have a
lot of ties here meaning I was kicked
out of school early and what gave me my
legs in life I certainly believe is
coming to a place or an environment like
this like ignition training so Ezra as
the project manager let’s call him on a
shop manager you know he just pretty
much showed me what’s going on in here
we’ll start with this theory first this
is where it’s sort of motion not the
lesser experienced guys I saw it comes
but at the same time because we like to
throw people in and get them actually
doing stuff it shows them all the
aspects of the motor traders welder it’s
not just soil I save mechanics we’ve now
guys sleeping on site
wake up I bet you still late for work
it’s kind of nice it for me to come back
to my roots almost and to to experience
where I once began I started here so
it’s good to see what a guy start here
till Shane thank you very much for
coming down
thanks Victor that show

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