100 thoughts on “Shaq on His Kids Playing Basketball”

  1. Shaq is such a likable guy. Dude is so funny and down to earth. A top 10 player of all time. Top 3 centers ever.

  2. makes sense the younger sibling out of several siblings would actually be the best, learning from the older ones

  3. For a guy the size of the Eiffel Tower he sure is humble and take jokes like a champ. Good on you Shaq, many blessings.

  4. did here really just interrupted shaq for a commercial break ?, you don't interrupt Shaq jimmy, never do it.

  5. after hearing him say he struggles playing with his boys i immediately searched when he played jordan 1 on 1. smooth af for a big man

  6. just because ur father or mother is very very good at basketball or anything. doesnt mean ur child will be. talents are not genetically passed down.

  7. Shareef is the best because he is

    1. Tallest at 6’10
    2. Most Athletic
    3. Big Guy but Great 3 Point Shooter
    4. Very Marketable

    Shaqir will be the best because he is a crazy good shooter. I think he can become a sniper.
    He has a lot of potential. Shareef O’Neal himself said that Shaqir will be the best.

    I don’t know a lot about his youngest daughter so I can’t comment on her abilities because I don’t really know her abilities and what she can do

  8. See Javale Mcgee, Shaq for years and still is the but of Free Throws shots but do you see him crying that people were bullying him…..NO.

  9. To say i want my kids to go to school to get educated is clearly bcuz of the fact that you didnt go to school and if you still made so much money without following the way school teaches you to (slavery) then why send your kids there and rely on them.

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