Alright, here we go… bonzai! Ahhh!
Hello Las Vegas, what’s going on?
(I’ll) show you what’s going on. We’re at the pool relaxing…
[Laughter] Yeah.
Hey ‘Dude’s Got It’, What is that right there behind you?
That’s a shark tank.
The shark tank? Oooo and there’s a water slide going through the middle of it?
Cool, I got the shot.
Right, at the perfect time.
Is that the style now?
That’s the style, huh?
That’s how the kids do it, huh?
How do you see with all your bottles in there?
You’re used to it?
Woman: All my bottles?
Yeah! How do you even see? You’ve got more bottles than screen in there.
Here we go in the shark tank. Ahhh!
[Lively Energetic Music playing]
[Splashing sound]
Wow, fast! So fast! Let’s do it again.. and again and again!
Let’s do the water slide… again.
Hup! Hup-Hoe! Woah..
[Lively Energetic Music playing]
[Splash sound]
[Underwater sound]
[Mellow Relaxing Music playing]
Going down. [Breaths in]
[Mellow Relaxing Music playing]
[Mellow Relaxing Music playing]

77 thoughts on “SHARK POOL WATER SLIDE – Las Vegas!”

  1. nice check out wet n wild las vegas.. and the amusement park at circus circus.. if u have time.. otherwise have fun in vegas!!

  2. hm.. trying to think what else to do in vegas.. there's zip-lining since ur at the golden nugget.. you've also got fremont show at night.. im sure dudesgotit will enjoy that.. same place is for zip-lining,, the heart-attack grill, if u go to the strip. NYNY has a roller-coaster.. and if u get back to CA.. go stop by calico.. (ghost town). 🙂 thats all i can suggest.. 😛 have fun in vegas!!!

  3. the noise when you came off the slide into the water reminded me of bones breaking. thought you hurt yourself for a second! glad u ok and had good time. thanks.

  4. I know there is another shark tank water slide in the Bahamas (I have never been there, but Evan Era has; is there anybody else here who's also a fan of EvanEraTV?)

  5. Water Slider は長いのかな?早くてsharkがよく目えないね(^^;;
    poolでもgambleできるんだ〜流石Las Vegas!

  6. Never really hung around downtown and I've lived here for what 3 and a half years now? Never knew they had a shark slide. Nice.

  7. Dude you went back to Vegas!!! Amazing control. Did you roll the dice after all these years??? Would guess you been there done that. Enjoy the rest of your time on the mainland… Let me know if you make it up to the LA area. Would be cool to hit some quality food joints….I know where they are.

  8. Might start to miss the more raw stuff though. These to feel like shonan.

    These two are my personal favorites. Feesl like Japan to me. Hiratsuka / Shonan. (Oiso)
    1.) Eric does that quiet beach shot. Yeah kids get home, sun is setting. Miss that feeling. Love the cheesy music, grainy picture and ruff transitions. Things now are starting to0 look to polished, across the board, on youboobs.
    Glad that car stoped at the crossing of HWY1. Only had 1 aggressive driver there. (one year of lots of cycling.)

    2.) After work special in Hiratsuka. Busy but quiet, especially in the winter months. Actually smells like Hiratsuka in this vid.

    Okay 3.) There was some 10 course meal with a steamed out window in the background I can find in EC6-Mealtime.

    This exhaustive comment makes me look like stalker. I know.

  9. Nice video Eric I could not spot your wife in one of your Eric meal time videos can you tell me where she is it was when you were eating pudding with your wife and her friends

  10. Oh my lord scared tf out of me when he splashed in the water I wasn't expecting it I was like omg is he alright lmaooo

  11. go surfing in the shark tank maybe the shark get some dinner , if you PT hard like a Navy Seal then you get some shark 😁😁

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