SHARK SONG on RAFT! Survival Game w/ Baby Shawn in Danger! 1st Night Minecraft? FGTEEV Gameplay/Skit

SHARK SONG on RAFT! Survival Game w/ Baby Shawn in Danger! 1st Night Minecraft? FGTEEV Gameplay/Skit

I live on a raft, in the middle of an ocean
Not afraid of shark attacks that can happen any moment…
Gee Willikers, it’s a shark!
You’re mine, shark!
You want some of this shark bring it on ow, ow!
You’re going to buy me a new shirt. Look what you did to it
You ripped it!
Haha | So why you’ve been circling my [boss] anyway. What was that for? | Because you stole my baby?
Oh, you mean this guy, well this is gonna be my baby now
I guess you won’t be needing this baby, then | No!
What’s up The Family Teamers, it’s Danny and my son Chase
He wanted to play a game called raft
I was going to let him play by himself, but I thought of all of the dirt so wrapped in a game
What you’re stuck in ocean sharks have to like go around and around the raft?
Sharks circle you and then he would like to see something here and here
We go to play this stuff that you made older son tries to bite your raft you have to make it bigger and bigger and bigger
I want to make a raft like that, right we start off with a tiny one
Let’s check it out chase, and I are gonna see if we can survive our first day and night at sea
Yes, I’m gonna make a new world called Chase
Too bad it’s spelt ‘HCASE’ | Oh
Well what I’m so confused you have this hook, and there’s this little meter there with the food
Water, you’re in the water?!
Oh, I see a shark out there, can you try to catch it? | No, he can kill me | Wait, are you in the water?! | Ya | Get on the raft, you psyco!
Ok I see the wood over there
So stuff floats by you right, and you have to use that hook to capture it. Let’s see oh
Yeah, I got [one] I got | What’d you get it you gotta scrap nice, dinner’s served
And then gimme gimme. Oh, you got a plank you should catch a lot of them
So you have a plankton and then we can rule the world?
huh Plankton, OH I need I need it back. Oh
You are mine that what’s a batch early release. What do you do with patches?
you let a plank go by
Oh got some stuff in there, you got a barrel
You are [my] barrel. Wool. What are you doing a barrel? Oh, there’s stuff in the barrel. You got a raw beet
I’m to make a rope or you make a rope with that leaf. What do you do with the [rope]?
Trip oh really, so you’re basically going fishing for garbage. Yeah, yo own
I want your use to come on. You got any what is that?
Oh, you can pick up with your hand to two ropes one beat three planks for scraps and one Corey. I not good idea
We can kill my chard with this. Oh my gosh shocked. Oh go on the water
See if you experience coming at you, [no] come on
Lalalala Shiny Malarkey Tom tommy oh my goodness. Don’t go far from your rap man. Oh my good
Oh, he took back his coming taste. You better get on that rap
Cream oh my doing it look at the shark. Oh, honey, [alright] and get ready jab of go get wrapped around us
It’s biting you oh
Dude, got close. I’m not dying all of your heart. How do you you’re gonna eat that beat say ah?
All right good your hearts filled up no. Oh, no my feet was sick
not a good beat, but it was it was it was a bad because it didn’t feel well ah
Sorry man, my feet was so sick here you got it you caught the cold. How do we make the rat finger come on?
We need some action E
So barrels just have lots of goodies inside, basically. Let’s see what you get
Who’s you got raw potato, it looks like a baby fetus
Well since it’s just one it would be baby footage. Sorry
Trying to be grammatically correct him from getting a phone call. Oh, it’s the shark
Hello, shark. Hey, how’s it going? I just wanted to apologize for attack you earlier good
Hey, when we say goodbye
I’m just going to use the word fin instead trying to make fun of me or something yeah, Cos
You sure it’s actually I file justice
Well, how did you do I gotta go I gotta go shark all right spin
How are you doing that you made a hammer you press [B]. And you like go on D-Day them straight?
So is this right? This is like your inventory?
crafting Table, ha
Shockey Manake
Stab him well he’s so shiny. Oh, we did it. I don’t think he likes metal objects stuck inside of his body. That’s weird
oh, no, oh
We got Palm seed oh no no no no
No, no, no no no no no, we’re gonna die
Alright, so chase is thirsty so he’s up you got it. You got to get some water no crafting
Grasp it. What are you breastfeed? I’m gonna play this game. How do we make a can?
Empty team can what do we need?
All you use all the scraps get that trap yes, I got christ
I’ve heard of it. Happy getting scratched before is that scrap out there? Yeah? I think it’s cracked
It’s scrap quick, okay?
Fill it with water e, okay, wait do we need to make fight. How we make fire
Huh, you’re dead. Oh, we die. We starve to death
Dear let’s try this again. What’s up with your name is selling cocaine is isis ok [12-3]?
We are making it
Real American yet. We are making it crack the water purifier night all right now. Let me help
Oh, so this is a water purifier nice kick. Take Philip Philip your cam with salt water sweet now
What now we put it in there?
It’s cooking all night, so we don’t need fire fires automatic
Fire try to drink your water now. II I hear know
How long is that the boil?
400 try it’s right drinkable water sweet eat filling with water
Put it purifying that sweet sorry not a drink water now. How do you how do we how do we cook?
Give us crap give this wet. It’s scrap pick up the scraps oh
Nice, I got stuff at a time. You are my
Now let’s build a hammer oh
You to hammer okay? So now we have a hammer so now. Oh, so wait. We need all we need a rope. Yeah
That is very simple, so we just need rope
In place whoa, that’s a lot of rope and then what you just hammer it. How do you do it?
Let me see wait get some disappoint. Ya get some more plank
I can go right on Franken and all you missed it. You missed it
Now you missed it. Oh
Sake a kid punch them where we need spear crap the spear?
Alright, so we got weapon there. Oh, you’re missing some scraps dude
It’s done. Okay. Take [it] nice. I need some scraps
Sat there, I got a scrap Du’s got three stuff. I got straps dude
I got scrappy-Doo the brew
What’s up?
virtual Crag Waggers
Dub fire
Yeah crap this beer okay, and then we have a hammer and now now
We need more put with any more of this and dude. I’m kind of getting into the street. I feel like I’m a program I
Want to hear boo ha ha ha dude. This is exciting get that crap
Dude is Etta apple autistic be no, that’s a policy
Good thing you held it in your palm
We need to figure out how to eat potatoes. You’re getting hungry. We don’t have materials
Yeah, so much barrel get him look at Shark tank in our barrel back up shirt
Come on. Be raw potatoes inside yet. Have to get a robert 80 inside a lot of rope
The tinkers don’t be a dope you need a lot of ropes you up in a clean got it blow poke the ada potato
Oh, it was wrong to date dark out. Yeah. It’s dark in this game. Yeah, thanks gary
so here I gotta do things ah
There we go there. No, I’m not
Hahaha, no, I don’t
drink it drink at Wawa HmM, so
delicious you cooking oh coming to our
Check that shark. Are you coming?
here his
Spirit Brittany
May I call you Brittany? Oh, yes, you’ve got him
What’s this? What is this?
You can build state what dude that is so cool. What did you do sacred right place?
See, what is this?
cooking cooking spaceship
crapped it
Yeah, now we have a cooking station dude. No more raw potatoes for us right there get her off me
There’s a row seat. Where’s Petey Pete?
Mommy Mommy Robbye Rooby-Roo, Guru Guru
Cook that robbie. Oh my
God this
Is amazing let’s drink it really quick nice. Okay, and I?
know number one
Get cracking why aren’t you Jewish so bad at this game. Thank you
That’s so sweet of thing that no one’s ever said to me. Oh, thank you. You’re [welcome]. Okay pick up the cook three
Now I gotta eat the cook be
Beautiful. Oh cooking again. We need it. We can only do one cookie at a time its morning
Time do we survived our first night I fine
Is this beep done?
hey, I
Have the e to be e to be I ain’t no wrong because it could be with I can’t be
Touring know that you can’t close anymore. Oh my God. No, you can’t master cooker. You’re not deposit me. Yes, I
know you
Are not this plank and that playing that was it to first. Oh, wait wait wait more blankies. Oh
I’m sorry. I’m sorry man changes like that. It can I do a video. This is do it
I totally took it over it because I like this data so much fun. Oh my God are you dirt now?
I get 10 minutes. Okay. Go off as long as you don’t want to die
Good make it better, Kara
[Brittany] that pool
Hodgman Brittany dog hater and seriously we got to make it big stupid okay, so he doesn’t eat are our eater food
Preparation I got least important. Well, I forget the water build a better run
We can get round we can get the water. Oh we need ropes. Oh, yeah. Look at all that bro
Do you’re getting hungry? We have any food no? Oh man. We’re getting hungry. Come on. No too far you didn’t make it
Alrighty guys, so this is our first and see we hope you enjoyed this video
We are a little hungry
So I’m hoping that a barrel comes by with some raw potatoes very soon because if not we are going to you know
Steph so can we actually use 00?
a lovely stinking litter
Cyril Borrow
His car will see us. We didn’t we can’t eat scraps well, Beggars can’t be choosers
But those are metal scraps real secular is exposed to watch in Peace now peanut Brittle
Issue, I got stuck again you you’re always there for me like a state farm neighbor wait
What is that for making pillars piece if you alice Sepia and?
after a quick shave
In fact I wish I could shave that fast. There’s nothing to eat over here
system Nasty water, oh ok
not to rest
And all that like a gay boy well
You don’t wish gotta be to go so it can’t be date and don’t cuz wheels don’t work on frozen ice
Frozen water is frozen right gotta be 41 something if she could be putting on hey, you got to talk
I was talking why yeah you guys I can’t come home says

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