Shaunie Is Not Happy Evelyn Lozada Invited Jennifer Williams | Basketball Wives

I have something to tell you.
What? This group and secrets,
dammit. What’s the new one?
No, well that’s why
I’m telling you,
because I don’t want it
to be a secret.
You promise
not to get mad at me?
Evelyn … can’t.
So, I had a conversation
with Jennifer.
I invited her here.
Oh no, the hell you did not.
I did.
So …
I feel like you guys need
to have a conversation
without Tami there,
just you and her.
Same thing for Malaysia,
just them two.
And if you guys leave here
feeling the same way, then fine.
I’m out of it.
I don’t know where this clinging
to Jen is coming from.
I don’t know if it’s just
she’s genuinely
so loyal to Jen
and loyal to me,
that she just wants it all
to work out, or is this because
Evelyn feels like
Tami plotted this?
I don’t know.
So, this bitch is about to come
all the Amsterdam
to have a conversation
I could have had her with in LA,
that I wasn’t gonna have in LA
and still ain’t having here
in Amsterdam.
I think she really wants
to make it right.
I feel like Shaunie should
hear out Jennifer.
I’m sure Tami’s called,
had her ear,
tried to explain the (beep).
I feel like Jennifer should
have the same opportunity.
I could give a (beep)
what Jennifer wants to do.
You have really
affected my life,
even if it’s for moment,
over some bull (beep).
I don’t have anything
to talk to her about.
But if her ass wants to travel
all the way to Amsterdam
to get told,
“I don’t have (beep)
to say to you,” so be it.
You set your friend up.

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