Shit Girls Say When Playing Video Games

Shit Girls Say When Playing Video Games

Hi My name is Jackie and I want to talk to
you today A girls who think they like playing video games but are actually really annoying
every time you bring up video games not just cool girls like those dumb bitches, those
annoying ones that when you play you’re like, oh my god, shut up. I hope you enjoy. Major
Tom? hello? Hello Major tom? Tom… Omg, can I like be peach? I really like going to the
mall so I really think we should do coconut mall because it’s kind of like going to the
mall. There’s so many buttons on this controller, I don’t really know what joy stick does what,
for which character. Can you like show me which one I’m supposed to be using? Is this
right? I don’t think I’m doing it right. My friend she said I was a basic betch, but I’m
not that basic I’m like pretty pretty awesome. I’m pretty complex and stuff, I like know
things about stuff. I’m supposed to follow this guy but like he’s going into dangerous
territory. I have to use both triggers? Because that seems really hard, like too much to think
about. I feel like if I push the buttons like really really hard my player does better.
Is that true? I think that’s true. Sometimes like the ink goes all over my face. I just
don’t know why they are shooting me. I’m really trying to be my best and everyone is just
knocking me down. Becky! I don’t have time I’m working out right now. No I’m working
out. You caused me to miss my hula hoop! The controller vibrates! There’s like a peach
that is not peach, she has like a yellow dress on and I have a pink dress on. And I think
that she is trying to be me. She wears a crown, I mean no one can be peach. I’m the only peach
and this betch she’s got to go! Like GOT TO GO. How can we like kill her or something.
Like is there a way to do that in this game. I feel like a pilot right now. Becky What
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my question and let me know what you think of my video. Thank you so much bye. I’m just
here to win it, like win it or what is it? In it to win it? Except when those fucking
betches hit you off the course and you’re like falling to the death. Like I don’t understand
why people are so rude in this game. I was just winning and then they want to hate. Like
It’s really true what they say, haters going to hate.

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  1. I like girls when they saying sh1t ,best moment that you can only available to enjoy with her in cod , girl just too silent everyday

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