We have but one spot
remaining in our final.
It’s finally time to see
who has the shredentials
to earn a place in the
finals and take on Adam
in the epic Shred duel.
It’s Mike verus Nik.
Mike, get on up here.
(audience cheering)
I want to be musical.
That’s my main goal more than
just showing how fast I am.
I want to be tasty.
Sometimes it’s not always
the notes you’re playing,
it’s how you’re
playing those notes.
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
(audience applauding)
Alright Nik, let’s do this.
(audience applauding)
My goal is to
actually make shredding
sound like it’s not
just a bunch of notes.
When I got the backing
track I was excited
that I know I can do
something really cool for it.
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
(audience applauding)
[Blayne] There can be
only one ultimate shredder.
So let’s check in with
the judges and see
who’s moved a little
closer to that.
[Alex] Oh boy, this is the
toughest one yet, I think.
Both of you guys did great.
Yeah, Mike, no
comparison from before.
It’s a really tough call.
Both of you guy just killed it.
[Ben] Nik, definitely
the most current
and relevant thing
we’ve heard today
as far as the current
state of music.
Total A plus for that.
Great mix of ideas.
Lot’s of tech but lot’s
of feeling, which is rare.
-Thank you.
-[Ben] Great.
-Yeah, great job guys.
Mike, you really had
that unique approach
to, sort of, these
big, open chords.
And you really
know how to, like,
get a lot of expression
out that way.
And I really like that.
You work the stage better
than any other performer too.
Music, it is a performance.
It was fun to watch.
Nik, the tone was
so much stronger.
And it really felt like you
were a lot more comfortable
with this piece
than the last piece.
Amazing work.
We’ve heard from them.
Gentlemen, everybody
place your bets.
Lay ’em down.
One, two, three.
Nik Wow, thank you.
[Blayne] Only two men
remain alive, Adam and Nik.
Nik, how do we feel?
Glad they enjoyed it.
And I’m excited to shred
in the final round.
[Blayne] Ladies and gentlemen,
that has been another
friendly and bloody battle
in Shredders of Metal 2.

100 thoughts on “SHREDDERS OF METAL 2 | Episode 6: SEMI-FINAL #2”

  1. Mike :"I want it to musical" proceed to wah wah wank with no regards to drums at all. Yeah right….. Sorry but that was just horrible. Nik could have just showed up and won. Luckily he actually played rhythm and leads that fit the backing track. Some dead notes here and there and a bit dry signal but still a great array of ideas.

  2. Mike reminded me of Kirk Hammett but only he doesn’t have the money for 10 wah pedals so he just got one, good job Nik you crushed him

  3. Crown him Nik is the man. There were so many cool styles incorporated in his run. Went from sounding like Between the Buried in Me, to Primus, to god knows what. So much awesome.

  4. I think everyone really stepped up their game for both semi-final episodes which was great to see and fun to listen to. I hope you'll consider changing up to a double-elimination next year, this way if you get two really strong players against each other in the first round, things have a chance to even out later. Love the show!

  5. Way better guitar tone! Sounds like they have actually mastered what they're doing. Way to go Nik, you deserved it. Thanks Banger!

  6. The sound still not right, there some kind of a delay between the picture and the sound, it goes up and down, still you have problem with the sound production

  7. Mike shouldn't have made into the semi-finals. His first round was just as bad as this one, the guy can't play to a backing track to save his life.

  8. I genuinely don't understand how Mike has made it as far as he has in this competition. That was not fun to listen to.

  9. I knew Nik was going to win! He’s a great composer, love his style. Mike shouldn’t be there. Guy can’t feel the tempo. Most of the time I can’t understand what he is playing because of all the wankery. Congrats Nik! This season is yours!

  10. it's easy to sit back & pick everything apart…until u get up there…the bottom line is all these guys are sick players performing under pressure in front of their idols, the cameras & each other…respect to each & everyone of them!

  11. Mike needs to incorporate more space and let his guitar breathe a bit more, as Nik did, otherwise he's a solid player.

  12. Why do the guitars sound like complete shit? The playing is awesome and all, but I couldn't force myself to listen to this a second time.

  13. I want to Frankie c from season one to shred as a guest appearance. Man I liked this episode and Nik's track but with all respect, season one guys "especially Frankie boy" slay them all.

  14. I really want Banger to release a compilation of all these original pieces because they are all amazing. I could listen to these two jam all day!

  15. They both crushed it but Nik gets my vote. His piece had great recurring themes and motifs, you know…like a song. That just makes it all the more cohesive.

    The main thing I'd love to see more of with this show is hearing more analysis from the judges. They know so much and have such experience that'd it be awesome to pick their brains more.

  16. I can appreciate that both of these guys were trying to play with originality while improvising, but I cannot believe that Alex would blow sunshine up their asses after they played so sloppy while soloing, especially Mike's soloing. I was embarrassed for Mike. It is as if the judges are not allowed to be honest and critical because they don't want to be negative. Everyone's a winner. SMH.

  17. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! The only compliant, I would love to hear more critiques from the judges. Other than that the show is so much fun. Keep it up.

  18. The stuff this Nik fellow did around 6:20 and 7:20 shows how he really needs to learn how to play something slow. I forget the first guy's playing. This is a really fun series though and I hope they do a Season 3.

  19. Mike's first few seconds were alright, but then it just all went random with a wah on top of it making it even less comprehensible. Nik composed a song, a kind you could listen to on a regular basis, just add vocals and all the missing instruments.

  20. Not a big fan of Nu Metal Core Nu tech Modern Whatever Core trend. However, I did like Nik on some of his performance here. JT should be in the finals.

  21. The one thing negative I'll say about either guitarist is that I'm not going to be upset to not be hearing the tone Mike dialed in again. He seemed to be playing a lot of notes, and what I could parse was interesting, but mostly what I heard was buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  22. Nick is nasty. At first I thought they would move him along just because he has a YouTube following and stuff but he killed it. Thinking he’s going to win

  23. Love the Show ! and I really want to keep it positive But …The TONES SUCK ASS HOLY SHIT ! THIN as shit and Absolutely no sustain on ANYTHING ., my god ,and lol if this is supposed to advertise the non existent tones of the Marshall dSL … I’d never buy one … these Amps are not plug n play metal amps unless you use a good metal distortion pedal on the clean channel and use it as basically a power amp for your pedal board … which these guys obviously did not do .. please do not let this kinda of tone happen next season , rent or borrow a couple freakin axe fx or helix or fractal with killer patches dialed in already (don’t even need to advertise which one,just say it’s the house amp or some shit) with a switch board with say a lead tone with a good delay/reverb , a nice tight rhythm, and a sparkly clean with delay/reverb and maybe a wah pedal .. please consider this for next season 🤟🏼

  24. I'm torn. First guy went way too "classic shred" with a bunch of noodling and too much wah (for my taste), but the second guy had a few bits that were imo a perfect example of how "unique" doesn't always make something better.

  25. Are these guys really the best Canada has to offer? They all suck. Stevie T clearly is the best guitarist in Canada.

  26. wow both guys killin….I gotta go with nik..I wish nik had more gain….for his style it seems like would have been better…that's my tip for him!! in the finals!!!

  27. I've never paid attention to Nik's you tube channel but that was fucking killer. A few dead notes but killed it overall definitely the most relevant player in this round.

  28. So metal , you can tell they even have shittier technique to be more ‘metal’… this first guy just improvised the next Hell awaits ( just not quite as powerful or original )

  29. Nik was so tasteful, Mike was so skillful… great work by both, but I gotta go Nik, for composing an actual song that was listenable!

  30. Mike says "sometimes it's not always the notes you're playing but HOW you're playing those notes" and also that he doesn't want to just be fast, he made me think he was going for a more melodic and precise playing… then proceeds to just play fast and sloppy… it's kinda funny to see that kinds of contradictions, it can happen to veryone tho. As for the wah, man i think there's creative ways to use the wah, "I wanna rock" is a perfect example of how to use it to boost the melody… this, this was more like hidding notes aka "modern Kirk playing live".

  31. these dudes suck. Just a bunch of nonsense notes. .first dudes timing sucks.. Neither had music in the ideas. Just play fast up n down

  32. Listened with just my left headphone. I thought they were missing every note. But realized it was mixed all in the right!

  33. Is it just me or there is very little shredding going on there? I know I at least heard a lot of guitar whining.

  34. Mike: Says he wants to be musical and tasteful. Proceeds to play some of the least musical and tasteful leads imaginable.

  35. "I wanna be musical. More than just showing off how fast I am."
    Proceeds to shred like a madman

    M'kay, I guess, though sometimes I'm not sure what key he is playing in.

  36. I love the concept of the program and it the execution of it is great.

    But what’s happening with the guitar sound. The guitars fades out and sounds choppy.
    And I know they are playing way cleaner

  37. Short hair, a yellow guess t-shirt, a guitar head tattooed on each shoulder and a strange attitude. You know he's not gonna go far.

  38. First guy do the complete opposite of what he said? I got zero from that. Your awesome dude but you need to do more of what you say.

  39. Look my favorite band is Metallica and i love Kirk's Wah solos but, dial it back a bit ya know…

    Now for Nik, big fan of his channel. but never heard him play his own kinda stuff. Really like some of those awesome techniques. He plays things i hear in my head awesome jazz tonnes in there

  40. They are all fucking terrible -.-
    Get some great guitarist in the future. The judges obviously don't like any of it but are forced to pick from the shit show. Cool idea but you need better musicians to make it more entertaining

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