SIMON vs SNAKE  (Neebs Gaming Animated)

SIMON vs SNAKE (Neebs Gaming Animated)

[Simon munches™]
[Que action music]
The f**k was that?
The snake just went right by the house!
{Snake} SSSSSsssSssssss
Oh there he goes!
Whos he going after?
{Snake} *SnArFf*
Oh God, he just killed Sassy Berry
SaSsy BeRRi!
YOU Son of a b!tch!!
AHH! Ya F**k, I shoulda known better,
(Simon) I should have known better!
(Dora) Simon!
You dirty d!ck!
All right you f**k
dats right
Where you at?
(Snake) SNARL!
There you are
Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!!
I’m bringing you somewhere far away from my house, ya @$$hole
Huh? Where ya at?
I know you’re gonna…
(Dora) Simon!
(Simon) Get away from our f**king house!
(Dora) Oh my God
(Simon) Hes in our house!
(Dora) Dude, oh, sh!t!
All that work!
(Dora) All that work!
(Simon) ALLLLL THe WoRk!!!
(Simon) And hes eatin my FiRe!
(Simon) Come and eat my,
(Dora) Not today
(Snake) {Mmmm yummy Simon}
Yeah, go ahead and keep getting that house you little f**k
Go ahead
And I’ll keep..
What the hell?
(Thick44) Hey Neebs!
(Neebs) Yeah, man.
(Thick44) I just heard death.
Yeah, I think something just attacked our base
{Neebs Smile™😊]
{Wingy Dang Dang Outro Song}
(Appsro) Hey guys, this was animated by the very talented Fantishow!
Here’s a link to his channel, go give him a kiss!
And as always if you enjoy animations on the channel
Please consider supporting us on Patreon.
{Wingy Dang Dang song continues}

100 thoughts on “SIMON vs SNAKE (Neebs Gaming Animated)”

  1. The guy that did this and the seven days to die one is great! Keep rewatching them. He captures your little expressions so well.

  2. Hey guys. Me again. I know I've been commenting a lot, but, just enjoying the hell out of your stuff. I'm loving your animated shorts and it's inspiring 43 year old me to finally learn some Flash animation. I know that probably sounds outdated, but I still use Flash 5 for all my drawings (like my avatar here) even tho it is 19 years old. I started with my caraciture last night. Made 8 different mouth animations. I'll work on eyes and brows when I get home and hopefully have something by the end of the weekend. Just wanted to let you know that your stuff has lit a fire under me. Even got going with my buddies to get our podcast up and going again after 6 years. I made our logo (and a bunch of parody logos) using that same piece of ancient software. Anyway, keep it up! Always looking forward to the next thing!

  3. It’s pretty funny hearing your 10 year old son yell after his friends “I AM GONNA GET YOU DIRTY DICKS!” While having a nerd gun fight…thanks for the laughs IRL and on the inter webs!

  4. I just laugh at how the entire time you called the basilisk a snake dragon and now its the ultimate battle of man vs snek XD

  5. I watch this 3 or 4 times a day. It’s such a gem with the improv audio and how every character emotes their emotions and actions so clearly and hilariously. Good work, artist!!

  6. So I quote the neebs crew saying "get, you get!" And I cant find a clip of it to show my wife! Can anyone help me out?

  7. This video made me want even more Aberration videos so badly. And since they made one last week, hopefully this is just buildup to even more of them.

  8. Dorr trying to save Simon gets me in a good eay. Not a funny one. Like my older brother when a bear chewed my arm up.

  9. god damn it I love simon. when he gets riled up he goes totally fucking berserk. EVEN when he knows he has NO chance he Just says AWWWW FUCK IT! and charges right in. i ALSO love how this animator keeps there character models from there previous work. Like neebs being a total inbred looking mutant hick.

  10. OMG, the captions!!!! 😂😂😂 Came back to watch this one and happened to have the CC on from another video. Whoever captioned this: well done, sir! 😂😂😂

  11. My favorite part is when Simon is throwing the stones at the snake as it's in cartoonis animation then after a couple it goes full rage dragon snake mode.

  12. This moment was funny as hell in the original video and this wonderful animation made 5000x funnier. I wanna see more animated by this guy, Neebs and the crew look so silly, especially Neebs, his character is loveably ridiculous.

  13. 0:45 I love how fuckin smooth the animation is. It go’s from derpy to bad ass so well

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