Sims 4 Trivia – Hidden Depth of Movies and Video Games

Sims 4 Trivia – Hidden Depth of Movies and Video Games

Let’s look at a few Sims 4 mechanics related
to fun that are surprisingly deep given how simple they would appear to be on the surface. You won’t make great use out of this info
it’s just kind of cool to know that it’s there. First, Movies. One of the many ways to have fun, it has a
mechanic you may have noticed in that Sims may get angry if a movie commits cinema sins,
or get bored if they find the movie to be no good. On the flip side they can find a movie to
be so amazing and get a great moodlet out of it. This actually has a system behind it that
gives various moodlets based on how well-received the movie is for that Sim. The way the Sim reacts to this is actually
based on a number of factors, though there are random number at play so it’s not something
you can really game. Whether a movie was fun or not is in part
based upon a Sim’s traits. Unfortunately this only touches on base game
traits, but it’s interesting that bros and athletic Sims are more likely to enjoy an
action movie, while Sims who are childish will likely enjoy a comedy. On the flip side, Sims are also more likely
to hate a family movie like lost dog’s journey home if they have the evil trait or commitment
issues. I found it strange that foodies don’t like
horror. On top of this, you also have moods influencing
the score the Sim will give to the movie. If a Sim is sad, they are a bit less likely
to enjoy comedy. That’s something I found all too real given
my own experiences with cinematic masterpieces like Sausage Party, which I couldn’t bring
myself to like, probably because of my mood at the time. Another little thing people may not notice
is that after your Sim has viewed a movie, they can declare to another Sim that the genre
they just watched is their favorite. The option doesn’t come up until afterward. If you do this, it’ll set a hidden trait on
the Sim that gives them a further boost toward getting the good scores for the movie related
buffs. There isn’t a penalty to doing so. Can this make movies useful for someone trying
to do things quickly? I doubt it, but it’s still kind of cool it
exists. I also did some testing and was pretty shocked
to find that there is very little difference in a great, wall-mounted TV and a junky CRT
from the 90s. It is strange, as the little TV has a fun
rating of 5, while the big one has an 8. OK, so maybe the gap just isn’t noticeable
right? When you compare a computer with the wall-mounted
TV, the computer smokes it in every way in terms of fun gains despite both being an 8. Of course, interactive video games are just
going to be more fun, but it goes to show you can’t much rely upon the scores you see
in buy mode for the fun motive in particular. Another fun little fact I found while snooping
around the game’s files is that Sims have hidden skills for video games. Not just video games in general, but you will
get better at each individual game up to a point. To help you judge this, it takes a bout 16
hours of play on the computer to reach the maximum skill. Furthermore not playing will result in your
Sims gradually getting rusty for every minute away from their games. It decays pretty slowly, but after several
days without touching a game you will not perform as well and be back to the base skill
level. This is why even though you have level 8 in
the video gaming skill you won’t necessarily enter a novice tournament and win. Your Sim has next to no experience, so their
high level is nearly useless for winning the tournament. The motion gaming rig gives Sims experience
in the hidden video games a bit faster, but only about 25%. All in all I love deeper mechanics in The
Sims, and at times it’s seemed to me that Sims 4 doesn’t have enough of them. When they do things like this though, they’re
making it more of a true to life simulator and that’s appealing to me. Depth gives you more things to discover and
gives a game a longer shelf life. If I discover more around a topic like this,
I’ll do other trivia videos depending how this is received. I’ve considered doing a series of 6 videos
covering all the needs in order to help people who are new to the game. Quickie videos like this are fun to do so
thanks for watching and giving it a purpose.

26 thoughts on “Sims 4 Trivia – Hidden Depth of Movies and Video Games”

  1. Nice video, thank you. Small things, but nice to know. My sims always plays the same game, so they continue to do so in the future

  2. This was very interesting to watch and I never knew any of it. Thanks for sharing. I am going to use this information in my game.

  3. Thanks for highlighting this information, Carl. I did think Sims 4 was shallow, so it is awesome to see there are some mechanics with depth.

  4. They do something similar in Dine Out, if you tell them to talk about flavors or complain about the dish while they're eating, they describe what they taste (honey, meat, butter, basil, sugar, etc), get inspired and even gain a little skill in gourmet cooking. I found out by accident: my sim had level 5 in home cooking but hadn't started to learn gourmet yet and got a point at the table, talking about the meal. Too bad we can't declare their favorite dish, at least I haven't found out yet how to.

  5. I also believe that the hidden game skill is game specific. For example, my sim plays bic block all the time and wins the professional tournament with ease. I tried a novice tournament with sims forever and lost.

  6. I wish things like this were more explicit in-game, or at least hinted at. With movies in particular, I never know which one is what genre, so my sims end up watching the two which I know because I recognise their real-life counterparts. Would it have been so hard to put in a tooltip with the genre?

  7. I really like trivia. I didn't know about the declaration of favourite movie genre because I don't tend to have TVs in my real or Sims houses but good to know. I always make my Sims play only one type of game that fits their personality for me so I guess I kinda knew about that but I'm glad its actually legit.

  8. When I learned that the stuffed monster doll from vampires doesn’t have a Reflection in the mirror I suddenly started paying attention to all these tiny details, I love that level of craftsmanship.

  9. I just got sims 4 from the free sale and little tidbits like this are great to know because they're not at all evident in the game.

  10. A full video analyzing the simple interaction of watching movies and playing games is the hidden potential Sims 4 needs to reach in their other aspects. This proves they can do so much more.

  11. I think the easel has a hidden art trait as well. I usually have my sims to paint classic for a long time and make a lot of money. Then I change to paint from reference and they don't make a lot til I have them to paint in that category for a while.

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