Skywind – Official Development Video #5

Skywind – Official Development Video #5

In the time since our last Developer Video, Skywind has undergone countless major updates and changes. We have fleshed out integral game systems, finalized regions, and created numerous custom assets and continue to make significant progress daily. This is as much of a development update as it is a call to action and we hope this video will give the community a Better idea of where we stand as a project and where you fit in as a member of the team Welcome to episode 5 of the Making of Skywind With almost all of our environmental assets complete, the landscaping team has been hard at work Polishing and evolving the various regions of Morrowind in order to make them more intriguing, dangerous, and rewarding to explore. Taking advantage of the updated engine’s capabilities has allowed us to add more detail than ever before. Utilizing things like custom weathers and effects, grasses, and higher res textures without major performance sacrifices. With many of our areas in the final phases of completion, We are now looking for the best of the best environmental artists and designers in the modding community to detail and refine the world space. A majority of Skywind’s dungeons and interiors are in the process of being tested, finalized, and improved. We are still waiting on several interior tile sets and models to be completed before we can actively work on the rest of the dungeon archetypes. Allowing us this time to refine the current experience with new encounters, Mechanics, secrets, and treasures. As the new tiles sets become available to use, we’ll be calling on the modding community to join us in designing the remaining dungeons. Even those with little or no level design experience are needed for navmeshing as dungeons are finished. Recreating Morrowind’s vast range of assets from scratch has proven to be one of the most challenging obstacles the team has faced. Our artists have set a high standard for visual quality that we strive to maintain, making it essential that we find industry-level talent to create the more advanced assets in the game. We are calling on experienced 3D artists to join the team to help finish these remaining essential tasks. Our major focus is tilesets, with only a few models remaining until we have replaced every original Morrowind mesh, bringing us closer to a public release. With most Morrowind specific environmental effects now recorded, our sound designers are focusing on new ways to help the game stand apart from Skyrim, such as custom UI sounds. We are also bringing the acoustics of our interior and exterior environments together in new ways, Meaning you are now able to hear what the weather is like from inside most interiors. For example, a rain storm outside will be audible from inside a wooden shack. We are now focusing our efforts on areas like spells, Footsteps, and material collisions. Coding the various systems and mechanics of Skywind has been a massive undertaking, but one that has seen immense progress. The team has recently finished planning a majority of perks, with many of them being actively worked on and implemented. Magic is also undergoing refinement as more complex spells Like levitation are fine-tuned and balanced. Once our level designers have finalized an area coders work to make the world Feel more alive through NPC schedules and dungeon interactivity Anyone with experience using the Creation Kit can be an immense help to the team. As many aspects of the game near completion, Testing has become even more crucial in the last few months. Every item, area, mechanic, and system in the game needs to be tested. This is a huge task for the current Quality Assurance team Which is why we are actively looking for new testers with previous experience in software development and testing. We are particularly interested in applicants familiar with issue tracking and project management platforms such as JIRA and Trello. Our talented team of artists have produced the vast majority of the remaining concepts over the last few years, With only the more advanced, high profile items like legendary armor and weapons remaining to be visualized We’re looking for exceptionally talented artists who are familiar with a world of Morrowind to produce some of these iconic Pieces and work closely alongside our 3D Department as they bring these concepts to life. Our Voice Acting department has recently streamlined their workflow to better manage the immense amount of recordings that need processing with close to 200 actors submitting lines, We are in need of recruits to implement them into the game. The file cutting process requires no previous development experience, Just an eye for detail and enough time to dedicate to it. If you’ve been looking for a way to contribute to the project, this is a simple but essential task to take on. If you are a voice actor with the right experience and equipment, There are still dozens of roles that need to be filled. We encourage you to audition and join our growing cast of characters. The focus of our animation department has been on implementing Morrowind’s diverse cast of creatures. A portion of these creatures are implemented already using mesh replacements But the ultimate goal is to use custom-built tools to replace these with high quality rigs utilizing new animations and behaviors These tools have been a major undertaking but are finally nearing completion. In the meantime Our animators have been building up a backlog of animation content that will need to be implemented. Because most of our work uses retargeted animation, We are specifically looking for animators with Maya experience who are comfortable working off of an existing animation. What started out as the simple Morrowind conversion mod has evolved to what you see today Despite the massive scope of this project, we are finally seeing the end of the road, but there is still much to be done We hope this video has given you a better idea of the work involved and how you can help contribute Only with the Elder Scrolls modding community’s combined talents can we make this happen. This is a chance for mod authors to be a part of something big So check out our volunteer page on We hope you will continue to support us as you have been for years and we are excited to share all we have accomplished.

100 thoughts on “Skywind – Official Development Video #5”

  1. Looks absolutely amazing! I played oblivion and skyrim but never morrowind. Thinking about playing it but feel like I should wait for this to drop!

  2. This project leaves me speechless, how hard does it hit performance-wise? I don't think it'll be heavy at all, is it as light as Old Skyrim?

  3. It's just sad yall couldnt get rid of skyrims core gameplay 🙁 maybe some day someone will port it to UE4 and remake morrowinds gameplay as well

    Edit: lmao why the fuck do the dwemer ruins look like those in skyrim

  4. Morrowind: N'wah Edition
    So now every time a person in skywind calls the player an outlander, they're also breaking the 4th wall

  5. Offer help guys, don't be selfish. Don't just sit on your asses and expect freebies. I personally will be donating money soon. This team is putting AAA developers and even bethesda to shame.

  6. Dicks hard, butts out for pleasuring. I’m ready to go gay for this if that’s what it takes. I hope my girl understands

  7. I am Console Player and have bought an expensive Pc just to play Skyrim with mods and what u Guys doing ist by far the most beautiful shit i ever dreamed of. Cant wait to Jump into your Amazing world

  8. This gorgeous mod might actually get me to finally buy skyrim. But it probably wont be finished any time soon, 2-3 years at least.

  9. Ahhhhh!
    I love morrowind so much, but it's going in so many different directions with so many different projects, and I want to love and appreciate them all, but it's just too much. Lol

  10. There's something I only just thought of. I apologize if it has already been asked, but how feasible would it be to port this to VR?

  11. Seriously. The only thing holding back Morrowind is the outdated engine with its mechanics and graphics. This mod will evolve Morrowind into a truly modern old – school RPG and the best (if I may say so) of the Elder Scrolls, besides Skyblivion. 😀
    I have some questions though:
    1. Will you only recreate the world, quests, npcs and dialogues (with synchro) or also old mechanics, like: Character creation (Birthsigns, Classes), Unleveled world (so you can't just walk into a ruin like in Skyrim, because all enemies level with you), handplaced loot etc.? So far I'm only sure about the old (new) spells like Levitation.
    2. I don't want to press you and I know how unnerving those questions can be and that this project is volunteerly being made, but do you think there will be a release in 2020? Or will it rather be 2021?
    3. Probably too soon to ask this, but how will the performance be? I have a Geforce GTX 970 atm, so I can play Skyrim SE on Ultra Settings and 60 FPS, but Skywind will also have lots of high res textures and meshes, as well as a more detailled and filled worldspace.

  12. I got a pretty powerful gaming pc and a copy of skyrim special edition just to play this when it comes out.
    That's right I bought skyrim a second time for your guys. Lol
    I can't wait for this thing to come out. I've been following this project for years now and I'm so excited to see that you're so close to the finish line.

  13. I whould LOVE to help the development by cutting the voices for the characters… but i fear my pc is not good enough to even play this game. XD

  14. will khajiit and argonians be altered to look like how they did in morrowind? digitigrade feet, different skin textures and face shapes, etc.

  15. This is just ridiculous. Bethesda and Todd Howard should be ashamed of themselves. Skywind is better than anything Bethesda can do.

  16. WIth Bethesda showing the amount of disrespect they're willing to flail onto their fanbase with the crap pile that is Fallout 76, this may be the game that gamers will flock to if Elder Scrolls 6 turns out to be a huge trash pile filled with live service crap and micro-transactions.

  17. I been so excited for this ever since I heard about it. My first elder scrolls was morrowind and I loved it!! I already built the best pc parts to play it in 4k. Just waiting for this to be finished and I'll finish the setup and upgrade my monitor to 4k just for this game!! Thank you for all the amazing work that the modders have put into this project!

  18. What type of armor system will skywind have? Will it have the morrowind system of underclothes, and Individual armor pieces. Or will it have the 4 part armor system of skyrim?

  19. I joined this team about a year ago and did a little implementation, I'm sad I had to quit but I'm glad to have made a scratch on such a massive project, looking good guys, and I wish ya the best!

  20. Morrowind is my all time favorite game. To see it being remade means the world to me. If you were allowed to take donations I would in a heart beat.

  21. I haven’t been following skywind too closely so I’m sure this has been answered somewhere, but is the combat going to work off of Skyrim’s system or morrowinds dice roll system?

  22. Been a huge fan of TES ever since I played Morrowind for the first time in 2004. Love you guys and the work you've been doing. Mad love and respect!
    I can hardly wait to see Morrowind all over again

  23. I can't believe that these people are making a game from scratch… well, re-making Morrowind… this is just outstanding!

  24. Are you guys sharing assets with the Beyond Skyrim team? I love seeing Morrowind get added and expanded on in Skyrim.

  25. It's a pitty so much more detail is being put into the assets than I feel like the engine is capable of even showing. Either way, shocking to see how far the team has taken a years old engine. I hope after this some of them go off and start a studio. They've proven they can work together, even across great distance, better than some studios can even in the same building. Haha

  26. I would like to ask you, if you currently need someone for concept art that resembles the original Morrowind game? I would volunteer myself to do some art pieces if you like 😀

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