SmartPhone Bitcoin Lottery setup!  Part 2  Phone setup

SmartPhone Bitcoin Lottery setup! Part 2 Phone setup

let’s set up the phones for our Bitcoin
lottery welcome back to the lazy tech guys today
lazy tech guy mitch is going to show you how to set your phone farm up to the
Bitcoin lottery that you had set up if you haven’t seen part one we will leave
a link in the top right for the part one and so let’s get right to it guys maybe
we’ll do a video later on how to turn that into a alright so as I was saying
maybe at some point I will show you how to turn this handy little Stratum proxy
into a handy little service so you don’t have to remember to start it up on each
startup or what I do is just put the batch file in my and my startup pool URL
is going to be it’s going to be our local IP actually the one we just set
that nice little stratum proxy up on we’re gonna do this one six eight dot
one and I know he’s done a video explaining to you guys the importance in
the handiness of the static IPS another excellent
reason that it is definitely worthwhile uh don’t forget you need your port which
since these will mine stratum we’re going to 3333 and see here
got this little too big here okay now you’re this handy little
keyboard out of our way here and we are mining to sha-256D BTC’s and for now
we’re just showing you guys the basics leave it on now okay and low priority
for now you guys can can finagle these settings as you want
proxy should override whatever we put in this user and make that our make our
wallet address our user I’m so we’re just gonna throw an A in there nice and
handy like I come over in the packs of the password doesn’t matter they’re
pretty much any pool you mine – it’s not gonna matter which set your miner
password to so we’ll go ahead and do that give that a try our mining on miner
thread started using sha-256d retry after 10 seconds we retry why yep okay
so stop that and I’ve bet okay
I need to type in a plus though thank you plus TCP colon forward slash forward
slash and see was that our issue start mining outlining one miner threads stratum
detected may block uh yes so granited we’re not getting much much
out of hash on there but uh see jump over to here right I’m going to go ahead
and show you guys the setup bold ASIC miner alright guys we’re gonna go ahead
and stop it here this is gonna be a short video but that way we can break
this up pretty evenly and just show you the ASIC miners next week this is the
phone part setup so the next the next almost set the Asics up if you have an
old ASIC minor works correct for this because well what else can you do with
them so anyway guys please remember to Like subscribe and comment and as always
remember that is what you make it so let’s make it a good one you

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