Snooki’s BFF Reacts to the Biggest ‘Jersey Shore’ Blowout Fights | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

Snooki’s BFF Reacts to the Biggest ‘Jersey Shore’ Blowout Fights | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

– [Mike] Snookles!
– This is how she became a wrestler.
If you ask Alexa who Snooki is,
it says she’s a professional wrestler.
Do it now, guys.
(techno music)
– All of yous in this
house are (bleep) fake
and I want you all to know,
that I can’t stand any of yous
– She made an announcement.
– Okay.
– Oh lord, she’s taking her earrings off.
(indistinct talking)
(hip hop music)
Stop! Animals!
(women yelling and screaming)
They have slippers on.
Oh, they’re moving the coffee table now.
– Because it was gettin’ real serious.
– Instigators.
– Anything that happened to the table.
– Get out of here.
(indistinct yelling)
– (bleep) beasts!
– Where’s Jenny?
Oh there she is.
I was gonna say, get in there, bitch.
Her panties are out.
(bell tolls)
Oh my god!
(indistinct yelling)
– [Snooki] I’m still here.
– We know you’re still here, girl.
– Hey! Still pretty!
– Look at (gasps)
– I’m still pretty, bitch!
– You’re still pretty, bitch.
What an embarrassment,
I have to call those two my friends.
(electronic techno)
Sick side burns.
He looks like he works at the Hot Topic.
– Oh yeah! Get it in!
– We’ll be right here,
eating popcorn
while you guys get it in
– Stop, they’re hugging again.
They love each other.
– We’ll be right here,
we’ll be right here.
– They’re gonna hook up.
(Yelling in foreign language)
– How disrespectful are you?
– What’s the problem?
– Hold her back.
– If you guys (bleep) a girl,
I wouldn’t give a (bleep).
– What would that guy,
imagine the guy sitting
in the room waiting
and this animal comes
back to have sex with you?
– Stop it, she likes this person.
– Like, sorry about that, pardon.
Where were we?
– I’m gonna go home.
– Now he’s going home, that’s
exactly what I would do.
I would be terrified.
I’m not taking my (bleep) out in a house
when people are screaming.
– No, ’cause you stay with me.
– She might bite it off.
( techno music)
– [Mike] I was like, I’m
not leavin’ her right now,
I’m with this girl.
– Oh he has a lady on his lap.
(intense electronic music)
– Jenny, just, she’s like I’m about
to fight the girl that
you’re with right now.
– You might just tell the hoe
that you’ll be right back.
Or come with her.
(techno music)
– Oh my God.
– She is spittin’ mad.
– Let’s go upstairs.
– She smacks me in the back
of the head, at the club.
She got kicked out of the club
– This is very dramatic.
– That she is.
– Like I was just so mad,
– Stop, poor thing.
It’s like she got
eliminated off the bachelor
and she has to leave with no rose.
(intense music)
– Oh Lord.
– Yo how do I taste,
– This is where
the caged beasts live.
– Yo, how does my (bleep) taste, bro.
– Yo, (laugh), you got dat, mm.
– Oh God.
– [Other Housemates] Oh!
(indistinct yelling)
– Outta nowhere!
– Chill the (bleep) out.
– We all saw those hair
extensions comin’ before she did.
– Get the (bleep) off me.
– You’re gonna punch me in the face?
– (gasping) Oh!
(intense music)
– [Jenny] Goodnight.
Oh now the police came in.
What a beast, yeah Jenny
will knock you out.
She’s a tough broad.
(electronic buzzing)
– Trouble maker Vinny, that’s his name.
Wait until I (bleep) trash your name
on Staten Island when I get home.
– Angelina is very upset with me
– Oh, now he’s in trouble.
– You’re (bleep) shady.
– I’m not shady.
– You’re (bleep) shady.
– Everything’s so animated here.
– No one wants to hear you.
Okay, who is the truck driver
bringing home skanks like you?
– Truck drivers?
– You’re like a dirty grenade!
(indistinct yelling and cursing)
– You’re the dirtiest one.
– I feel bad for the
person that works here
having to press the buttons
every time they curse.
These trash mouths.
– Alright, Kim Kardashian.
– I’m gonna ask for a raise.
– You’re more like the Rob
Kardashian of Staten Island,
you ugly (bleep). (rock music)
– Shut the (bleep) up!
– Did you see Pauly’s face?
He goes, oh my God.
– Oh my God.
– Oh I hate him, I hate him.
– That was the best
– I can’t stand Vinny.
Go (bleep) yourself.
– Side bangs again.
– At this point, I just
don’t give a (bleep) anymore.
– Was she really called
herself the Kim Kardashian
of Staten Island?
– She’s not affecting me,
– Mm girl.
Why is Angelina’s hand blurred out?
Oh she was giving the finger.
(rock music) I still,
look how hot he looks,
I would jump right on
top of him and sniff him.
(electronic buzzing)
– A, watch your (bleep) tone
and B it wasn’t (bleep) me.
So if you wanna.
– Jenny’s hair
looks a lot better in this episode.
You’re a skank, get your ass beat.
(women screaming indistinctly)
– Oh I don’t like all this dramer.
– Get out of here because
you’re a naive piece,
you’re a naive (bleep) bitch,
while your man’s putting his
(bleep) in other (bleep).
– Oh, those are fightin’ words.
Look at Mike.
– (Sammy) You told me you knew something.
– My girlfriend’s is getting
– Jenny is such a good actress,
knowing she wrote that note.
Her dress looks like she
got a sexy Pocahontas outfit
from the slutty store
and she just took away like the headdress
and little tights that
came with it and wore it.
Look at Snoopy in the middle.
She’s just tryin’ to get
a pickle off the counter
and they’re in the way.
(cursing and yelling)
What was that Sam?
(women yelling)
– [Snooki] Stop! Stop! Stop!
– Ahh!!
(cursing and yelling)
– Oh my god, though she does
have the Pocahontas boots on.
Never mind.
So if you haven’t seen or
heard the iconic note before,
I’ll pretend I’m Jenny dictating to Nicole
and Nicole is sitting there,
with her little bump it typing away,
like she’s at school to
learn to be a secretary.
Quote, Sam, coma, the first
night at bed when you left,
Ron made out with two
girls and put his head
between a cocktail waitress’s breasts.
And I love how they say breasts,
’cause they’re tryna be like,
they’re trying to make the note
seem like a legal document.
None of ’em ever even said breasts before.
Also, was grinding with
multiple fat women.
When you left crying at Clutch,
which I’m assuming is a club,
Ron was holding hands and
dancing with a female,
again the phonetical terms,
and took down her number.
Multiple people in the
house know, therefore,
very fancy word,
you should know the truth period.
(intense violin music)

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  1. Sam got me mad every season, she knew something was up then the next season came she saw what was up and still stood with Ron. smh she should of been smarter

  2. When he said “ it looks like jwoww got eliminated from the bachelors” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Ok so yeah I know these fights are old but I still don’t like sammi or Angela whatever the heck her name is, they’re both fake to me and they’re both dry so yeah that’s my opinion on those two

  4. He is hilarious, everything he commented got me folded in half !!! I died when he called nicole " snoopy " instead of snooki

  5. OMG 😂 lol everyone going on about the actress comment and no one heard the bumpit comment about her poof at 5:21

  6. I give her props for trying… But if this were my town… We'd be scrapping it would have been bad.. No pulling hair sorry we would be swinging throwing down.. I love Snookie she just tiny and cute least she tried

  7. I don't see how that girl didn't get her and just beat… I'm not a violent person at all but in my small town.. We from the country we don't mess around…jenny too she wouldnt have gotten that full sentence out of her mouth in my face or Any girls from where I'm from.. I'm sure so many can relate… The fight scenes just get me lol… It would've been more like Ron and Mike if it were girls where we are from no joking!

  8. “Look at Snoopie in the middle, she’s just tryin to get a pickle off the counter” 😂😂😂

  9. He's right!! I asked Alexa who Snooki is, and it really says she's a professional wrestler 😂😂😂

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