Snowmobile Powered Sports Car Gets Custom Drivetrain

Snowmobile Powered Sports Car Gets Custom Drivetrain

I just am gonna make a sleeve to hold this bearing I need something to go around it that I can weld to for a bracket I was hoping for a piece of pipe that I could just bore out a tiny bit but no such luck so I’m gonna chop a little square off of here stick it in the lathe bore the center out and then make this bit it’ll slide in there I have a little bit of a backstop and then room for a snap ring on the inside which is what it had originally get real fancy basically I just want an excuse to use the lathe [Music] so you guys saw the square we started with here yeah and I test fit the bearing and it slipped right in there and got stuck so it’s gonna just stay in there for the moment it’s the perfect size yeah which is good but I don’t want to take the piece out like I could tap it out from the back but I’d have to take this out of the way and it wouldn’t go back in quite the same because it’s a square but now it’s time to make this square round and you can see I’ve just started that’s the highest point so I’ve taken a little bit off of there I’m just gonna keep chunking away at it you [Music] [Applause] and that’s how you make a cylindrical sleeve out of a square chunk of steel that’s how you do it only took like three hours but hey yeah and so now and you flip it around it’s gonna be perfectly in the trash perfectly Center yeah that is so cool [Music] it’s awesome now there’s a snap ring now I just have to cut in a groove for that if I can figure out how to do that and then I’ll have a sweet bearing holder like half a day later but it was fun [Music] so this afternoon we went from this to that guy yeah switch over the world’s worst snap ring pliers oh I heard a snap oh yeah yeah this little spacer and that and it’s been pretty much a whole day it’s all very important stuff now we’re a whole day closer to send there we have it an extra bearing and there’s our drivetrain yeah all right guys we’re gonna take a quick break from this build to talk about the sponsor for 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back to building [Music] got the driveshaft out of the snowmobile got the drivers grabbed sprockets pressed off of it it’s ready to go and then both with this driveline front flange from the triumph transmission so they don’t one buys it’ll be missing this I’m going to make it fit on this shaft salt lay the inside of this out a little bit I can’t go too far would be weak and then I’ll leave this down a bit they can fit together super tight once we get everything else bolted up I can just slide this to where it needs to be and then weld it in place [Music] the drivetrain is nearly complete you’ve got the chains and gears in there and well I’ll show you how it fits in the car that’s where the bearing is anyway nothing’s mounted yet of course but the clutch will sit roughly there and then got an extra bearing here go on that shaft which this chef used to be a hexagon and now it’s all round so this bearing can go anywhere on there and then we’ve got this driveshaft yoke machined it down the Flan’s whatever you call it lid on that shaft so once I get everything mounted more finalized then I’ll figure out the shaft is too long so I’ll figure out where I need to cut it and Sheen it down a little bit more but it’s uh pretty close to having a drivetrain and also I should point out these u joints are almost exactly the same size as the ones in the Odyssey which spoiler alert broke so yes these are probably going to explode so is the rear diff but at this point we’re just gonna assemble it with these parts so that we can get an idea of how its gonna drive and what the gearing’s like before we go changing any of those parts because we might want a different gear ratio differential we do want to upgrade all of that but we’re just gonna put it together with the parts we have and just see how it works now I’m working on making a mounting bracket for this whole chain case which has to be SuperDuper strong [Music] animal [Music] so here’s the beginning of this mounting bracket it’s quarter-inch thick aluminum nice and sturdy nice and lightweight and then this is just the weight base base of it that’ll bolt on there and then all weld all sorts of supports on to it to attach it to the chassis afterward I’ll add in a bracket that supports this bearing which I’ll probably tie into here on this side and then from here I’ll make a nice sturdy bracket down to the frame of the car some extra support for everything [Music] this is probably one of the hardest more technical parts of the build so far huh yeah got a lot going on a lot of moving parts they all have to be perfectly spaced from each other if it’s gonna work yeah and it’s gonna work before I took the snowmobile apart I measured the distance between the primary clutch and the secondary clutch using this and then I just said it that distance and put it on the shelf and didn’t change it so this is my measurement tool and it’s a little harder to measure in here because there’s less space around it but goes in there something like that I did some math for once and I made this little spacer that goes in between the primary clutch and the secondary clutch and so I did some math on how big the center of the secondary clutch is relative to its output shaft so this will just go in there and hold them the right distance apart while I set everything up also I have this piece here of that same aluminum track stuff we keep using everywhere which I checked and it’s very very straight clamp on to the primary clutch so that once I get the secondary where I want it here I can then measure and get this surface it’ll be exactly parallel so it won’t be this way or this way or any way other than straight perfect and then once we get that clutch situated I’ll slip this back into it and find a way to support it probably just some wires and blocks and stuff I’ll block this up and then I can use this plate that I made to make them I can make some brackets and weld them onto this plate these bolts here from the original transmission mount so those are fairly sturdy I’ll make just a plate that goes across well to their and that have also got these ones here which I’m not exactly sure what bolted there remember but that’s direct under the frame so those are good between those eight mounting holes that should be enough to support this part and then I have the bearing here of course I will make another bracket that goes down here somewhere [Music] and lots of CAD work here as you can tell by the scraps of cardboard everywhere yeah so I’ve got this little aluminum plate here I’m building this whole mount out of aluminum for you know weight reduction and rigidity purposes I’ve got this plate here mocked up out of cardboard and actually bolted on for this carrier bearing which is kind of cool and then I’ve got these two supports that are gonna go something like this [Music] looking good get this dirt here because I really hate working on things where you can’t access the bolts I made this nice little oval hole here so the socket fits in down there to get that bolt out nice this side you can just stick it down from the top because it’s left it’s not as steep an angle it was farther over but [Music] in the barring bin I found this this is an idler bearing for a timing belt and if I press this little centerpiece out it should be almost exactly the right size for the shaft and then I can weld to this outer surface for the bracket but now we have a sweet setup here we’ve got this extra long bolt which I just had laying around it’s the only bolt I had that was the right thread pitch but it’s the right length so that fits through there with all of this threads sticking out and then this bearing which I should point out the inside of this bearing just happens to be precisely the same diameter as the inside of that clutch then that whole setup just slides in there and then the bolt threads in you have the bolt all tightened down and then this bearing here the outside of is a big steel sleeve I can weld too so I can put it out here near the end and make a bracket that goes to this motor mount so let’s assume that bearing is welded there all you have to do to remove the belt or the clutch is just undo this one bolt slide the bolt out slide the sleeve out and now you could pull the belt off the back of the clutch I got this tacked on there I basically just added a little flange on to the engine mount there and I removed all the clamps that were holding everything in place and it stayed where it’s supposed to be and now when you turn that down there wow I can’t believe this is coming together this fast yes it’s surprisingly quick it’s so cool you know I mean obviously there’s a lot of work to put all the wiring back on that and connect up grounds and power and all those shenanigans but forget all that done we’ll be able to put on jack stands and spin the rear wheels [Music] it’s gonna be rowdy oh yeah I’m not that good at making a supercharger noise we’ll hear it tomorrow anyway yeah [Music]

100 thoughts on “Snowmobile Powered Sports Car Gets Custom Drivetrain”

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  4. The music and editing on this video is just great. It's very pleasant music, very relaxing. I loved all the detail on each bracket, and each part that was machined in the lathe. Now I have a good understanding of what you are doing. In big corporate funded shows, they always skip past how things are made, and don't show anything actually being machined. But in your videos I feel like I am actually learning how the part is made, from scratch, which is really impressive.

  5. Get a Miata drivetrain! It will do exactly what you are looking for, and they are cheap, 500 bucks for the diff axles and driveshaft. That’s if you can’t get someone to give you stuff for free.

    They hold good power and are lightweight and simple.

    If you go on the Miata forums and tell them you want to use a miata drivetrain you will have as much info on gearing and stuff as you would need.

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  15. Let me begin with saying that Edwin has some great fabricating skill. His ability to make these conversions takes awesome imagination and engineering skill.

    The thing that I don't understand is, why he takes such unusual challanges and makes remarkable conversions on things which are not going to serve any practical purpose. It seems to be a, "build it to destroy it" approach. Kind of, make these wacky things just for the heck of it?? I understand that its just for fun, but his talent and engineering skills seem to me, to be wasted on kind of senseless projects. His skill and imagination could be put to much more practical use. There is genius in his craftsmanship. His efforts to create someting extraordinary are fun, but are also impractical.

    He should channel his skill to create things that are useful and marketable. I know he would be very good at it. I'd like to see him stop playing in the sandbox and put his remarkable skill to practical use. Just my opinion.

  16. The clutch space doesn’t have to be perfectly spaced apart just tight enough that the belt isn’t slacking and that you aren’t pulling the belt to much

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  18. Whomever is giving the thumbs down here is just so unhappy with themselves. But the biggest haters are the biggest fans.

  19. Something else to test out before you romp on it too hard and blow the Us and diff are the primary and secondary fly weights and springs.
    Certain combinations (less spring tension on secondary for example) can get your rpm down to cruising speed quickly.
    So you can have a short torquey diff ratio and be quick off the line but still rev down and cruise at high speed.

    Cant wait to see more of this! Keep up the positive tude, you guys rock

  20. A friend of mine has already built a Yamaha 750 triple powered Miata that raced 24 Hours of LeMons. The CVT/2stroke combination makes a fun car.
    I know you have used snowmobile powertrain elsewhere. If you search Google for "snowmochop", you'll find my Polaris 550 powered rigid frame chopper.
    Good luck.

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    Question is, how fast will it be with that snowmobile gearbox? Why not just reuse the snowmobile engine and connect the old gearbox?

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