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online video I’m going to be showing you
a solo Benny’s merge glitch which you
can do in GTA online after all the
latest patches so if you guys do happen
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and with that being said let’s get
straight into it to get started with
this solo Benny’s merge glitch you’re
going to need a car that you want to
transfer the upgrades on to a different
car you can use a modded car and
transfer the upgrade such as the modded
paint job the Benny’s rims and the
Yankton license plate even if you don’t
have a modern car to transfer the
upgrades you can still do the Benny’s
merge glitch and create your own modded
cars so the requirements for this glitch
is to have an arena workshop to have a
car want to transfer the upgrades to and
also an RC Bandito now you’re going to
store the modded car or the car with the
upgrades and the car you want to
transfer the upgrades to in your arena
workshop once everything is set up
get into your modded car or get into the
car with the upgrades and press write
d-pad to enter the mod shop once you’re
inside the mod shop you want to exit
your vehicle
once you have got out of the car go on
first person and make your way over to
the RC bendito now on the top left of
your screen you should get an option to
modify the RC bendito now you want to
face your character into the blue circle
and you want to walk towards the blue
circle but you want to make sure that on
the top left you still have the option
to modify the RC Bandito when you get to
the very edge where you still have the
option to modify the RC bendito and
you’re facing the blue circle you want
to press write d-pad a and you want to
push up on the joystick
at the same time now your screen should
glitch when you do this now get in your
car and press right knee pet after that
go ahead and modify something on the car
once that is done press Start go to
online then select cruise now select any
crew and you want to go ahead and view
the members and you want to select the
player and you want to select join game
now wait for the alert screen you’ll
first get an alert screen then I’ll
disappear then wait for the second alert
screen wait a couple of seconds on that
screen then decline the alert now get in
the car you want to merge the upgrades
onto and drive it out
if everything was done correctly when
you drive out the car
the upgrade should merge onto it from
there get out of the car the car will
disappear and when you walk into your
arena workshop you should see the car
will be there
if you guys enjoyed the video while I go
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been your boy NightlyPower peace out


  1. Text Tutorial:

    1. Take Benny or modded car in arena workshop and exit the vehicle.

    2. Walk over to RC Bandito & have the right D-Pad option up.

    3. Go in 1st person view and face the blue circle in your arena garage.

    4. Walk back & forward just to find the limit of the right D-Pad option (you want it showing but move an inch and it will disappear= perfect).

    5. Now push the left analog stick forward, press A & right D-Pad all at the same time

    6. You should spin round, do a little 360 and be facing the RC with no mod menu up.

    7. Jump back in the car and change 1 item

    8. Press pause, go to crews and view members, now join a random player, then decline second alert

    9. Press Y and exit the car, then get in the car you want the mods transferred too.

    10. Drive outside & exit the car

  2. All u do is copy other YouTube's vids, right when they upload them and make it your vid. That's all ur YouTube is, is copying people😑

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