SOLO GTA 5 $50,000,000 MONEY GLITCH!!! (Unlimited Money) *EASY* Car Duplication Glitch (PS4 & XBOX1)

SOLO GTA 5 $50,000,000 MONEY GLITCH!!! (Unlimited Money) *EASY* Car Duplication Glitch (PS4 & XBOX1)

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you want to do for this glitch all you
have to do make sure you go ahead grab a
car like right here I got me the fully
upgradable SC and I’m finna do this
glitch by myself solo it’s an easy solo
money glitch that requires you not that
much but it requires you to do a lot of
teleportation make sure your control is
on free aim and make sure you park the
car th trying to duplicate right here at
this pole and you have the option on top
of your screen that you can answer
inside your MOC now you can use any car
like the super car you can go ahead you
know sell the original copy and keep the
duplicated version if you want to and
you can sell the beanies like retro
custom Sultan RS if you can’t afford the
the classic the SC so I recommend using
s because you will get to mill around
like a 1.6 to 2 mil at the cell range
price depending on all the upgrades and
everything you put on the SC know once
you go ahead you go inside your bunker
you take the car that you trying to
duplicate out to MOC you park it at the
pole and you got everything set up
first start go to your mouth and go
ahead and teleport somewhere next see
your apartment make sure the Eclipse
Tower Suite and you’re gonna have to
have the heist planning board inside
your apartment okay so everybody should
have that you have the Eclipse tower but
that’s why I mean by saying that you
should have the highest planning board
well at least one setup done and what I
mean by one setup done I mean like you
have one left before the final heights
actually comes up as you can see right
here I have one it’s cuz I did the setup
the first one so your cleaning board
should look just like this
now your board do like this or it’s a
different hice but you least I did one
set up good and great cuz it’s just
saying view the heist planning board you
got that option go ahead and hold the
pause button do not let go of it this
whole with the start button and you get
ready to press the right
but at exact same time when you do that
you should have the planning board and
usually have the plasma at the same time
but if you see your character in the
background then go ahead retry and do it
now the easy way for me to do it was to
press Start and press the right deeper
at the exact same time and I got it on
the first try
now once you do that make sure you’re
planing boy in the background the plasma
is up if you got that so far great we
almost done so I got to do is go to
online go to criminal enterprise starter
pack once you do that go ahead press B
or circle if you’re on ps4 and you just
wanna back out completely out of that
and what you want to do when you do that
go ahead open up your interaction menu
and go down into apartment style now
when you open up interesting me you will
see it right there
apartment style all you have to do is go
ahead press down and a down and a
continuously go fast like down a down a
down a it should be a black screen
popping up like house you can see just
black screen kept popping up until I
kept going down the a contentiously
don’t matter if the black screen still
there and I’m still pressing down a and
then stop coming so when it’s about
company all you do is press B key
pressing B and C fully out of the the
menu completely and should have no
mini-map when you have no Minnie Mouse
now you can go ahead and teleport either
that’s your arena worshop or you can go
ahead so for X or nightclub
now either one doesn’t really matter
make sure you have a free LG car inside
of it though now I’m gonna go ahead to
the arena
now like I said the teleportation all
you have to do is make sure you go ahead
go to the nearby JA that’s near your
arena or your nightclub
join your friend go ahead and set the
first alert decline a second alert at
the already started the job once you do
that it should go ahead kick you out you
should automatically teleport right next
to whatever you try and go to like the
arena or the nightclub now once you
spawn in you should not be able to run
fast you just should baby just jog
really should not be the run fast so
perfect you still got the glitch to
working still now once you walk inside
the arena or your nightclub make your
way to the free LG Carter you got inside
of it now get inside of the car and
drive it out once you drive it out you
should not be inside the car you should
be like this walking and if so good and
I got a spawn to your bunker now the job
teleport to your bunker now real quick
if you do not if the you spawn outside
your arena or your nightclub with the
car something went wrong in the glitch
make sure you got a route try this or do
this over again because you missed out a
step or you missed out a certain part in
the glitch now when she fully spawned in
right there by your bunker they doing a
friend teleportation glitch walk inside
a bunker
when you walk inside your bunker make
your way to your MOC and make sure you
go ahead and walk inside MOC we walk
inside your MOC go ahead enter inside of
it it should be no car and Sergeant MOC
like I said before go ahead go all the
way to the back of your MOC and just
walk straight out by going to the
options menu and saying exit trailer it
will give you a layer on top of your
screen or give the option to exit the
trailer now it should your car should be
at the corner right there by the pole
where you left it at get inside of it
take it to your MOC and just press the
right deep and once you press the right
deeper you should get the message saying
personal storage
vehicle full and once you get that just
go ahead and take it inside your MOC and
now you’re done with the glitch now you
have a duplicated car SC or whatever car
you try to duplicate inside MOC and
inside czarina world or inside the
nightclub but if you’re new to my
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