Sonic Heroes in minutes

Sonic Heroes in minutes

Knuckles: Hey, Sonic!
Tails: Check this out!
Egghead: Hahaha! Sonic,I’ve got way too many functional robots and machinery. Please come destroy them. ~ Dr. Eggman.
Sonic: Alright, let’s PARTY!
Tails: YEAH!
Knuckles: YEAH!!
Knuckles: I’m sure our plane’s gonna land fine…
Rouge: I’m in.
Let’s see.
“You Will Die.”
Rouge: Yep, there must be jewels here!
Omega: DIE, meatbag! DIE DIE DIE.
Rouge: Those aren’t jewels.
Rouge: GUYS!
Instead of fighting, why don’t we all become
friends and help me find jewels?
Shadow & Omega: Okay.
Newspaperman: Extra extra! Read all about
Sonic, A Chao and A Frog seen running in the grass!
It’s a slow news day.
Amy: Okay, Detectives… Decipher where SONIC…
Vector: Hmm, I see grass.
Espio: Uh huh.
Charmy: Yup, grass.
Vector: Hmm, where can we find grass?
Espio: I’d say…
Charmy: Everywhere!
Cream: So, they can be everywhere.
Amy: Let’s immediately go to Everywhere!
Vector: Hey! My payment!
???: Forget about those fools! I’m your client now, and I’ll…
pay you dearly!
Espio: What’s your situation, sir?
???: I’m locked in a room! I can’t escape!
I’m starving… Can barely breathe!
Vector: Can you tell us where you might be?
???: Never mind that! I need you to get
50,000 chips at the casino, collect…
25 Chao in the jungle and light 500 candles
at The Haunted Mansion first.
Chamy: While you’re locked up?
???: You need to prove your worth in saving
me first.
Vector: What?
Espio: Sounds honorable to me.
Vector: Eeh… whatever.
Let’s go, boys!
To the city!
Knuckles: Any of you guys see Eggman yet?
Amy: No escape from me this time, Sonic!
Sonic: AMY!
Amy: I’ll make you MARRY ME.
Amy: There!
Now Sonic and I are married.
Cream: Uh, no.
I think you killed him.
Amy: No no, the fall off the rooftop and screaming
“AAAAHHH” thing is a part of the marriage ceremony.
Big: I definitely think they’re dead.
Sonic: Phew.
Always works.
Espio: Strange design.
Must be dangerous to have a place of high
emotions and alcohol so high up in the air.
Gambler: YES!
I JUST WON $50,000!
Vector: What’s wrong with it?
Charmy: We’re rich!
Rouge: Who are those creeps over there?
What do you think you’re doing here?
Espio: Uh, this is a city? People live here?
Omega: They are our ENEMY! WE MUST DESTROY!
Shadow: Guys, look. There’s more people.
Charmy: They’re so cool!
Espio: We must continue our mission.
(Continuing gunshots and destruction)
Shadow: Hmm…
Rouge: What do you think you’re doing here?!
Sonic: Shadow?!
Shadow: You…
That blue hedgehog!
Sonic: Hey buddy! I’m so happy you’re still okay – That’s great!
Say, we were just on our way to Eggman.
Shadow: So are we.
Sonic: Huh…
Shadow: DIE!
Rouge: GUYS…
Instead of fighting… why don’t we all become friends and you can help
me look for more jewels!
Knuckles: Yeah, babe; I’d love to
help look for your…JEWELS!
Rouge: Never mind. Keep fighting.
(Punching and kicking, plus other sounds)
Vector: Sooooo… what’s next?
Charmy: We need Chao!
Vector: Ah.
Junior Detective Charmy…
Tell me! How should we proceed?
Charmy: Um, jump around treetops and fight
robots until we find Chao?
Vector: No, no, Charmy.
We’re detectives! We solve this with investigating.
Vector: Uh, excuse me, miss. I’m looking for some Chao.
Amy: What
Espio: We’re searching for Chao. They’re those
little blue–
Cream: THEY were the ones who kidnapped Chocola!
Vector: AAHH!
(tree gets hammered)
Vector: Ladies!
We’re just looking for pets.
Vector: Charmy!
Charmy: Uh-uh,
Look, a little girl!
Girl: Look, mommy! I think I saw a Chao
running on that hill!
Mother: That’s nice, dear…
Cream: THEY are the Chao Kidnappers!
(screaming and growling)
Vector: Just another day in the woods…
Vector: Ow!
What the heck was that?
Eggman: Attention Team Sonic! And whatever
other fools have wandered in here! Behold…
the Egg fleet!
Built by the hands of a genius, this fleet
is indestructible!
Unless you have a deathwish, you better crawl
away like the spineless worms that you are!
Amy: Huh, what did he say?
Big: Something about indestructible feet and
Team Sonic being worms.
Amy: Oh.
(Music: Egg Fleet)
Rouge: GUYS!
Why fight… when we can all be friends and help me find some jewels?
Robot: Okay.
Vector: Dr. Livingstone, I presume?
Vector: Oh.
Dr. Eggman, I presume?
Eggman: No no no, you can’t save me yet!
You haven’t found the Chao and lit the torches
Shoo shoo! Don’t come back until you completed
my missions.
Vector: Cut the GAMES, Doctor!
What’s going on?
Eggman: OK, OK. It’s.. it’s Metal Sonic!
Metal: I am Metal Sonic!
Metal: METAL Sonic.
Amy: Oh.
Metal: I have absorbed the powers of each
of you to gain Ultimate Power!
I took Sonic’s power of speed!
Metal: Tails’s power of flight!
Metal: Knuckles’s power of…Power.
Metal: Shadow’s power of more…speed?
Metal: Big’s power of…..
Metal: Uh… Cream’s power of…
Metal: What?
Cream: Hey, I’ve been carrying Big around
all day; What do you expect?
Metal: Kneel before me as you behold my powers!
(Has anyone ever noticed that Metal Sonic sounds like Davros from Doctor Who?)
*Metal Sonic becomes Metal Overlord*
Metal: Ow, ow, ow, oooooww….
Tails: Sonic!
Knuckles: This is the most powerful opponent
we ever faced!
Sonic: You’re right.
We can only defeat them if we all work together!
Okay, everyone, listen up!
Sonic: All of you guys dress up stupid to
distract Metal Sonic while I go fight him
all by myself.
Espio: WHAT?!
Shadow: No. Way.
Sonic: Time for Super Sonic!
Tails: Uh, Sonic? (screams w/ Knux)
(In a way, What I’m Made of sounds kinda cheesy…)
*Hula music*
Knuckles: Ha! Told you the plane was gonna land fine!
Rouge: Guys…
Why fight, when we can all be friends and help me find some jewels?
Metal Overlord: OK.
Rouge: Well, we’re done here.
Let’s go look for some jewels elsewhere.
Shadow: Hold up.
Shadow: What’s this…
Clones of me?
Tails: Clones of… Charmy?!
Big: Froggy?
Eggman: Ah hah hah hah… Uh, so you noticed.
Uh, yes.
I was so in…spired by your exciting adventure
that I made robotic clones of all of you,
so I can… make them perform in a… musical based
on your adventures!
With all these clones, I can start an entire
Uh, why don’t you come to the premiere at
Casino Park?
(singing) Sonic, look there’s whales
in the ocean.
Let’s punch them!
Don’t want to cause a commotion.
Sort of-*explosion*
-ning memories, too!
Sonic: Hmm, could use some work.
Eggman: Oh ho ho ho ho, this is making me
Vector: Yoink.
That’d be our fee for our services, thank
Eggman: Aww…
(Anywhom, I may as well add subtitle captions. Anyone that edits this should probably credit themselves with their YouTube Channel.)
(So, let’s start!)
Subtitle overhaul – K&K Bros

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