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Sorcerer City | Game the Game

(upbeat music)
– Hello and welcome to Game The Game.
I’m your host, Becca Scott, and today
we are playing Sorcerer’s City.
Let me introduce you to my lovely guests.
James Hudson, first time
– Hi.
– on the show.
– Ever, never done this before.
What do I do with my hands?
– Today.
That’s a lie, James is on every episode
and it’s great to have you back.
– I’m gunning for your job.
– You have your own show.
Starting Roll.
– I know, sorry about that.
You were there, we talked
about the politicals.
– Yeah, people loved that.
– They didn’t.
– And our other guest, Madison Smith.
You may recognize that
smile from Narcoleap.
Or, you know, other shows on TV.
– Some stuff.
– Vancouver, all the way from Vancouver.
– If you’ve been to the
Cactus Club in Vancouver
I may have served you alcohol.
– Hope you’re 21, anyway, we are playing
Sorcerer’s City, I’m
very excited about this
because I love the genre of deck building
and the genre of tile laying, and this is
a tile building deck laying game.
– It’s also a competition
and I enjoy those.
– Yeah, well, get in line because
me and James are, first of all.
James, I imagine you’ve
played this probably
hundreds of times, you’ve
demoed this game, yeah?
– So many times that I’ve also
confused all the rules
as well, so there’s that.
So you might have–
– We got that going for us.
Awesome, because you’ve played
every version of this game?
– There’s been a few.
– Always a detriment to developers
in learning their own game again.
– It’s true, it’s true.
– And I, too, am rather on the
competitive side some have said.
– Well, I cheat, and I mean, sorry.
– If you’re not cheating, you’re
not trying hard enough.
– Not trying hard enough.
– That is something that a guest
has said on the show before, her father
taught her if you’re not cheating
you’re not trying, she’s
come around though.
It’s on my podcast, Victory Points.
Check it out, Amy Vorpahl, all right.
Now that we’ve all plugged things
let’s play a game, now you at home
may not know how to play Sorcerer’s City
because it’s not out yet, you could
of course pre-order it
and I recommend you do.
You can also look at that link
in the description below and that’s gonna
take you to the how to
play so you can learn
what we’re doing here,
but we’re just gonna
jump right in to a game,
basically, we each have
our starting deck of tiles
and when the timer begins
we’re gonna do medium difficulty
so that’s two minutes on the clock.
We’re gonna flip the top tile, lay it
and continue flipping
tiles and adding them
orthogonally and then at the end of
that two minute timer,
we will score the points.
You’ll see, ready?
– No, yes I am.
– Oh my goodness, round one, year one.
Hold on, we gotta stop for a second.
There are years in this game,
what’s the lore behind that?
– We are aspiring
architect wizard sorcerers
and sorceresses and we want to grow this
and we want to win master architect.
And so this is a five year competition
to see who can do that.
– Man, what a demanding kingship.
– No kidding.
– Yeah, you know.
– Five years of pitching?
– Well, just wait until we build
these beautifuL cities and the monsters
are attracted and they
come and wreck havoc.
– I am very attractive to monsters.
– Well, wait ’til you see what
that giant does to your city.
– Let’s begin, okay, hands on the table.
Three, two, one, go.
– That’s the best tile I could have got.
– I don’t know.
– Easily top.
– I’m gonna stretch a little
bit while you guys are going.
– Zip it.
– Okay, James, I don’t even want your.
Oh my god, I’m stupid, that was stupid.
– Darn.
I’ve already screwed up.
– Finger’s still on it.
– Maybe, I don’t know, maybe I haven’t.
– Is this my tile?
– I might be doing great,
ooh, actually I’m killing it.
Sorry, I apologize for
leading you guys askew.
I’m doing awesome, and.
– Has anyone ever used the
word askew on the show?
– Never.
– It’s a first, yes, ooh, even better.
No, wait, hold on, no,
sorry, I don’t know.
(heavy breathing)
– Let it out.
– I don’t know what I’m doing.
– Everything is worse, the whole.
– You guys are doing fantastic.
– Don’t patronize me, don’t patronize me.
– I feel awesome about this.
Whenever y’all are done, just let me know.
– Never.
– Wait, how much time do I have?
– Plenty.
– Lots of time, gotcha.
– There’s plenty of time,
I’ll be entertaining you
while these two finish their cities.
– Thank you.
– I’m doing unreal.
– Hi, I’m James Hudson.
– I’m feeling worse and
then much better right away.
– This is fantastic,
but if it’s distracting
to them while they’re trying to build.
– All the better?
– I told Becca that I was going to
pretty much crush her this game.
– Except you’re not, last tile.
– That just is going there for no reason.
This can go somewhere for also no reason.
– I am incredible.
– Darn, I screwed up, not really.
I mean, I did awesome, but I also
didn’t succeed in a lot of stuff.
Let’s just go here.
– Is this turning into a therapy session?
– Oh, I did it, sorry.
– Wow, you almost didn’t
get to place that.
But the timer is out
– It was there.
– and it’s still in your hand.
That’s it.
– I get that.
But it was on the board.
– We may need to discuss friendly
rules here, Becca, ’cause you know.
– I mean I’ll give it half a second.
– If it’s, it’s gotta be on the table.
– It was there.
– Or are we saying if you’re in.
Are you in the act of placing?
– If it’s in the act of placing.
– Okay, all right.
– Timer slam, I’ll allow it because we’re
friends here, but at my
home game, cutthroat.
– That’s fine.
– How are you feeling?
– I feel great.
– First time on the show.
– First time on the show
and I’m already winning.
– Well.
– Well, let’s count the things out first.
– At right now, this is like the box
or the cat with the box, it’s both
dead and alive at the same time.
– Schrodinger.
– Thank you.
– You’re welcome.
– I didn’t know that.
– Now, I am holding the timer which
makes me first player, so I’ll
score my scores first
and then we’ll pass it.
It will be equitable, okay, this score’s
based on how many tiles, three and above
are yellow in a vertical
line, that’s one two three.
Three yellow points, which are money.
– Bling.
– Then, a group of red
in any configuration
that are touching, one, two, three.
Three influence, then all green tiles
that have a shield goal symbol on them.
One two three, take three prestige.
Then, the same thing but awarding red
and this one has four
shields attached to it,
One, two, three, four, and then
purple in a line, one, two, three, four.
Which is raw magic.
– Raw.
(breathy noises)
– And then yellow in any configuration.
One, two, three, four, five.
– Proud of that one, okay.
– Yeah, it’s a combo,
got that c-c-c-c-c-combo.
– They have inside jokes,
why did I even come.
– Don’t worry, all are welcome here.
– You were here when that started.
– I know, they don’t know that.
– All right, and that’s
me, that’s how I do.
Pretty, it’s many scores, so who can say
what’s better or what’s worse, but
Madison, is it better or worse?
– It looks terrible, awful, it’s
not my score which is much better.
– Okay, tell us about your score.
– Okay, so I’m gonna start at the top
which is nothing, except for I guess
we’ll go with this one, so I get
purples in a row, which is
one, two, three, four purples
which is raw magic, I
learned that a minute ago.
– Raw magic.
– This one up here is gonna be
as many shields that are
touching that are red
or, well, one, two, three, four, five.
Five shields for the
red, and then this one
is nothing because it’s garbage.
– It’s not impressive.
– Nope, but this one was as many shields
that are touching as well, which is
one, two, three, four, five as well
which is green, I’m gonna move that up.
This was as many yellows that
were in no configuration.
One, two, three, four, five yellows.
– Six.
– Yeah, you have six.
– Oh, that counts?
– Oh no.
– No, but go up to the top.
– One, two.
– Yep.
– Three, four, five.
– Nope, you can count, we can’t.
– Oh yeah, no, you were
good, yep, you’re correct.
– I, oh, as in I was correct.
– Sike.
– Then this, this was in a row
and it’s one, two, three yellows again
which is one, two, three, do you guys
wanna fact check my counting ’cause
last time it didn’t go so well for you.
– Pretty good.
– And then I think I have succeeded
in doing everything that
I did, which was great.
– Now, we all have the same starter tiles
but you and I scored the same amount of
overall points, which
I think is interesting.
– With a much different build.
– Yeah, so let’s see how much more
James scored because he’s played this one.
– Green, one, two, three, and then
this red one is the one, two, three, four.
– Oh my.
– This yellow, one, two, three, four.
This one, one, two,
three, four, five, six.
Red, one, two, three, four for the groups
and one, two, three raw magic.
– Okay, mister show-off.
– Okay.
– All right, so, now on to the next fah-z
as I like to call it where we’re all
going to convert our raw magic to either
influence, money, or prestige.
– And I am the Evil Twins.
– I am this lady with
the Doctor Strange magic.
– My name is Buh-stahn,
does he have a name?
– You just named it,
that’s their name now.
– I love raw magic.
– Looks like he had an idea.
– He did, several, his ideas are–
– This is the art of Justin Chan.
A wonderful, talented artist.
– Thanks, Justin Chan.
– Thank you, Justin.
– Well, now is the time where we will
convert our raw magic into one of
those three other resources, influence
will allow us to have the most influence
and gain a reward, getting the most money
is more money to spend at the market.
We’re about to do a buying
phase in just a moment.
Prestige is end game points, what
we’re all working towards, but like.
It’s early in the game, you know?
– And you have ten?
– I have nine, sorry.~~
– Nine.
– It’s right there on that desk.
– You have seven, I have five.
Feeling pretty garbage about that.
– So you could get a four
and you could overtake me.
– I cannot.
– You could.
– Well, only if you don’t do it.
– I know, that’s what I’m saying.
If I don’t do it, you
could, if I do do it, no.
– Correct.
– So now what do I do?
– It’s a strategy.
– Stratagems.
– I know what I’m doing, but I
won’t tell you until we all flip.
– The twins are ready.
– Three, two, one.
– Getting moo-lah.
– I should have done it, knew it.
One, two, three, one, two, three.
– But I wouldn’t have done it had you not.
– I know, that’s the way that works.
– Okay, so I chose money because I knew
if James and I both played influence
I wouldn’t beat him, but if
he didn’t play it, I would.
Okay, so I’m gonna–
– I also chose money because
Becca told me to do
that before we started.
– You’re welcome, one, two, three, four.
I’m at 12 monies, all
right, Mister first place.
– That’s me, that’s me.
You get both the prestige
awarded at year one.
– One, two, three, four, five, six.
– And gain one tile of any
cost from the market for free.
– I’ll take the, nope, one over, yes.
– Oh, terrible one.
– Read it, read it.
– Worst one you could
have grabbed, easily.
– This tile will allow me to spend
five of my magic to gain five in
all three of the other categories.
Before we do this portion, so if I
was to have ten, I would spend five.
Everything else would go up five
and I would still have some left over.
– But you need to have at least five.
– I need to have, well, if I only had
say, three, I could do it for three.
– Oh, you can do it for three?
– I want to have at least five.
– That is awesome, and it’s got this
cool little symbol which I assume
correlates to the phase that it affects?
– The phase of the scoring
and the influences, yes.
– I see, I see, well.
– Second place?
– Did you want to spend your money?
– Well, yes, actually, I do, I’ve got
ten buckaroos, you know what, can I have
from row three, yep, I’m gonna
engine build, all right,
I got some purple.
I need more purple, purple
on purple, raw magic time.
– So, as second place, I get to choose
which of those rewards I would like.
Either the straight up prestige
or gain one tile of any cost from
the market for free, I’m not a dummy.
I’m gonna take the most expensive tile.
– Smart.
– And then third place,
consolation prize is
you either get five money or you may
take one additional buying action
because otherwise, we just get to buy
two tiles total unless
we have some sort of
mechanic that gives us
an extra buy ability.
For example, earning 20
money has a plus one buy.
– I’m going to–
– Before, while you’re deciding
I’m gonna do my buy phase quickly
and maybe you can tell me a little more
about how awesome this tile is.
– Sure.
– So, it says for every three influence
gain one prestige, is that,
do I spend my influence?
– No, what you’ll do is if, in this case
I’m at 12, I would’ve additionally gained
two prestige for having
that much influence.
– Yeah, that seems pretty awesome.
– That is an end game situation
that you’re getting in the first round
so we gotta watch out for that.
– Yeah, I’m not worried about it.
I think it’s fine, I don’t think
you should worry either, okay.
And then I’ll go down to zero monies
and now Madison, five
money or one extra buy?
– This one’s of any color?
– That is a rainbow, which functions
as a wild, so it can double up.
Say, it’s, you need both a yellow
and a purple in the same
spot, that would be both.
– Gotcha, perfect, I’m gonna take
that guy for 12 and I’ll
take the five monies.
– Okay, so you’ve purchased
that rainbow tile, huh?
Okay, pretty good, let’s flip a new one.
All right, all right.
– Another one.
– So now I pay five dollars, discard
two tiles for free while buying.
Move a, that’s a good one.
– That will be great later on.
– Yeah, move a yellow, see ya.
Thank you, that’s mine now.
– Sweet, can you replace it?
– Oh yeah, that’s what I wanted to do.
– All right, now we’re going to
add a whole monster at
the end of year one.
He loves our city so much,
there are three dragons.
The dragon says, could you read
the dragon tile, please?
– Yeah, absolutely.
As soon as the dragon tile is placed
in the district, it permanently destroys
one city tile adjacent
to it, once the dragon
has destroyed your tile, your district
may be disconnected, the dragon
can be used to kill other monsters.
– Time to pick a dragon, ooh,
you picked the wrong one.
– No, that was the best dragon.
– Yeah, sure.
– Oh, I got the best
one, purple and yellow.
Dreams, dreams come true.
– Mine’s the cash money, mine’s like
the cash money one, it’s all money.
– All right, stack up
all your fun goodies.
Everything from last round, we’re gonna
give it a shuffle, and you know what?
House rule, I’m gonna flip this
year one card so I don’t
get confused later.
– Genius.
– ‘Cause we’re in year two, I am
passing the timer, on to you Sir Madison.
– Let’s get our money
before we set course.
– Oh my gosh, it’s not money
James, it’s the prestige.
– My level of prestige has just went down.
– Okay, well, just to be
consistent I’ll go first, Madison.
– I had fives.
– Five-sies.
– Yeah.
– That’s pretty good.
– One five-sies.
– That’s pretty good, y’all.
– What ‘cha got?
– I got nine.
– Okay.
– That’s pretty good.
– Don’t patronize us.
– No kidding.
– We weren’t going for
prestige at this point
because that’s not an early game strategy
and someone who knows what they’re doing.
– I just like the way that all of
these sound when they hit the table.
– It is a great sound, and for anyone
who got the deluxe
edition on the Kickstarter
these bad boy prestige
tokens are interlocking.
Yes, it took six months longer
on the Kickstarter, no
big deal, it’s worth it.
– Engineering’s hard, I make board games.
– Yeah.
– This was a little
outside the wheelhouse.
– Now you know though,
now it’s easy next time.
– Now we’ll never make them again.
– Now you know to stay away, got it.
All right, friends,
same timer, more tiles.
– All right, three, two, one.
Oh, I’m already killing it.
– Calm, just breathe.
Oh my god, I’m.
(angry mouth noises)
– Okay, darn, my thing played
too early so that sucks.
That’s the worst.
– Your dragon?
– No, my move a yellow, I can’t move it
because it’s already played
and there’s no yellows.
– Oh my, life is hard sometimes.
– It is terrible.
– Life, I disagree, but.
– Well, in the present context, yes.
– Oh, it’s a dragon, pew pew.
– Pew.
Just breathe, Becca, you can do it.
You can do this.
– This is terrible so far.
– Believe in the heart of the tiles.
– I’m gonna go that,
pretend you’re important.
– Darn, wait, nope, killing it.
– I’m gonna score so many points.
I’m gonna score so many points.
– That was a good one.
– Okay, how can we link
that back together?
– Oh my god, oh my god, okay.
– Do I get more points there?
Or do I get more points there?
– Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
I did it, I went with it.
– I don’t wanna fail.
– Perfect.
– I feel like this can go maybe no better?
– You all are doing great.
– I feel good.
– Okay, what did I say
about patronizing me?
– Give some pointers from
over here if you’d like.
– Okay, well, you know, tell me.
– Don’t.
– Yes, looks good.
– Don’t do that.
– I don’t care about that one.
– Dragon.
– Nope, not that one, ooh, that was close.
– What, well I hadn’t flipped
that yet so I didn’t know.
– Gone forever, wait,
how much time, oh shoot.
– Guess what, I’m just gonna burn it.
So who cares?
– Okay, that’s supposed to
go there.
– Time, two tiles unspent, young Madison.
– Yeah, I know, ’cause I
thought I had a lot more time.
– Hey, don’t worry about it.
– I know, I’m just really upset already
– Got it, would you like to, oh.
Before we, yeah, go ahead and floor.
– Go first, okay, so.
– Put that prestige back
down to zero if you would.
– That’s what I wanted to do,
– Thank you.
– If you’re not cheating,
you’re not trying.
– This guy is as many
tiles or as many shields
so one, two, three, four reds.
– Pretty good.
– Pretty great, actually.
– Actually, the word is great.
– This one is as many purples in a row.
So one, two, three, four, five.
– Are we not gonna talk about
the yellow one over there?
– That one, it’s garbage ’cause it was.
– That’s all I wanted to say.
– Well, it was connected to those.
– Some might say rude, some might say.
– I know.
– I will definitely say rude, okay.
This is the tile things again,
one, two, three, four, what?
– Nevermind.
– What now?
– No, you did it right.
– Oh, gosh, I’m so nervous,
five, nope, that’s four.
Wait, no, one, two, three, four.
– Three, four, oh yeah.
– You did it.
– This one was yellows in a row.
One, two, three, four yellows,
and the rest is garbage.
– Did you score your
rainbow, it’s up to you.
– Oh yeah.
– A group of any color,
looks like purple’s the one.
– Yeah, one, two, three, four, five, six.
– Nice.
– 11.
– Yeah, that was kind of a big deal.
– That was a big deal.
– You needed that one.
– Would have been better if I could have
played these two, but I didn’t.
– Now that Madison has scored, we
will simul-score, whoa, I am crushing it.
– You cranked out on the–
(all talk over each other)
– I have four points in everything.
– Oh, that’s, yeah, that’s interesting.
– Yeah, it’s, those tiles held back.
– It’s art and I’ve added to it.
– All right, now we’re
in the scoring phase.
I’m gonna do a little thing that says
for every influence, gain one prestige
but do I wat until I’ve
converted my raw magic?
– You do.
– So how many raw magics you got?
– I’ve got seven raw magics.
– Plus 11, if you go that route.
– So I could possibly get to 18.
– I can get all the way to 15.
– You got a lot of raw magic over there.
– Yeah, and what could you get to
and what are you currently at?
– I’m at 11 and I could get to 18.
– Gotcha, and you’re at
14 and you could get to?
– 23.
– Correct.
– So everybody has a plan.
– I have a plan.
– Oh yeah, I also have a plan.
– Three, two, one, you went for influence?
– Yeah, I don’t know why.
– Hey.
– I feel like I’m second?
– Oh, I see your strategy there.
Second place is also winning.
– ‘Cause I don’t, yeah.
‘Cause I’m not in third now.
– Yeah, okay, so I got 14 plus nine is 23.
– That’s a lot of feat, that’s a lot.
And you’re gonna convert it now.
– Yeah I am, okay, so 23 divided by three
is like 21 divided by
three which is seven.
So I will take seven prestige, I’m at 10.
– Al-uh-bal-uh buy, eek.
– Eek.
– So I’m gonna convert my
11 into that so now it’s 15.
– And you just took your money?
– I just took my money.
– And you got an extra
buy because you got.
– Zing zing zing zing zing zing.
– I forgot about that
third buy that comes.
– Yeah.
– That’s pretty important, but I
don’t think I would have surpassed.
Yeah, so I made the right decision.
– You’re in first place.
– There you go.
– Oh, pardon me, I will take nine
so I’m at 19 prestige.
– That’s a lot.
– Don’t worry about it.
– That’s a good bit.
– Buy tiles at half price rounded up.
The minimum cost of any tile is one.
So I’ve only got nine monies to work with.
Is this the tile that you
have that you love so much?
– Maybe.
– Yeah that is.
– Maybe.
– So that costs seven and that’s
what the person whose
played this a lot likes.
So I will buy one of those, so then
I have just two left but ’cause things are
half price for me, I
still have buying options.
– I feel really good about learning
how to be better by being really bad.
– This is a very competitive game.
Like, you can get better by playing more.
– Oh, for sure.
– If I don’t crush Becca playing this
I will have to wear the hat of shame.
– You know what’s hilarious though?
– You’ve got a pretty good engine.
– Is that I decided to come second
so I could pay half price, but I
have no money to buy anything with.
– Well, guess what, it’s
your turn, you’re second.
– If that doesn’t work out, you can
always take the non-victor one.
– I could just take the–
– I say don’t take that, buy the tiles
half price rounded up
because you have four to
shop with, so you can
buy one of these eights.
– That’s true.
– That’s a good point, oh actually
I’m gonna do that, that’s mine now.
– Sweet, all right, cool.
– It doesn’t want to be.
– James, you get five
money or an extra buy
but you’ve already got three
buys with all your monies.
– I’ll take five more to
help me, five more monies.
– 26 monies and three buys, uh oh.
Okay, mister moneybags,
what are you buying today?
– 26 dollar bills.
– I feel a little sick to my stomach
looking at how much money you have.
– Okay, I definitely want the 14 tile.
– The green?
– Yeah, because that says for every
two shields tiles that I have in my city
I’m gonna get a victory point as well.
So that’s 14.
– Yikes.
– That will drop me down to 12.
Can you place me, aw yes, I’ll take
the nine from the middle,
please and thank you.
No, no, not, the next one up, yeah.
And that will leave me with
– You did say purple.
– three little monies.
– I was thinking real hard
about other stuff, you know?
Like I do, philosophy.
– And you know what?
I actually don’t want
any of those other tiles
but I do wanna use one
of my last little monies.
I wanna burn that red 12 on the floor
because that’s a really good tile
and I don’t want anyone
else to get it but me.
And if I can’t have it.
– Okay, well, that’s rude.
– Gotcha.
– Rude.
– But red’s not in my portfolio currently.
– It’s not there?
Okay, so.
– Got it, noted
– This guy’s dead, see you later, right?
– Uh oh, that’s way too much purple.
– That’s a lot of purple.
– Love purple.
– Ooh, we need a new skel-lee.
– We need a skel-lee
and we need our coins.
– Monsters come out first, now skeletons.
We each get two of them, James Hudson
please dramatically read this.
– Dramatically.
(clears throat)
– I didn’t know it was supposed to–
It’s my first time at the show
– She didn’t give that cue.
– and I’ve been sabotaged.
– Sabotaged, skeletons, building phase
you must place the skeletons so that
the jagged black sides are not
connected to any other tile, you may not
place any tile adjacent to the one
of the jagged sides of the skeleton.
If you notice later that you have
mistakenly placed a tile next to a jagged
black edge, discard the
wrongly placed tile.
– I like when people read it like
I’m a child and they’re
reading me a storybook.
– I also need some prestige from that.
I’ll just get mine.
– Hit me with four coins.
– How about that, can I do that?
I’ll make change, I’ll
– Do it, I’ll allow it.
– make change, get me a ten-skee.
– One, two, three, four stack-ies.
I have 19, pay one.
– I’m sitting pretty at nine.
That’s a lot.
– So currently now, I’m at 18.
– Nine is such a better number.
– 22 is fine, it’s a good age, good age.
– Three, two, one, do it.
– Boom, yeah, there we go, damn it.
(sinister laughter)
Wait, no, we’re good, we’re good.
We’re good, we’re good, we’re good.
– Are you?
– Yeah, I feel great.
– Okay, nevermind.
– Oh, I’m doing awesome, this is unreal.
– I mean, eh, your score
will be the judge of that.
– It’s already gonna be good, let’s go
like that, maybe, let’s try it.
– There’s my skel-lee,
hello mister skel-lee, sir.
– Mister skel-lee.
– Gonna put you up here on top
far away from anything else, ’tis me plan.
– ‘Tis the plan, okay, yeah.
– I am crushing it.
– Oh, the dragon’s here,
murder that skeleton.
– Oh my God, no, I love everything.
Everything in my beautiful town.
– Infinite colors.
– Goodbye, stupid dragons.
– Murder stuff, they
burn it to the ground.
– They sure do.
– Because they’re dragons.
– Move a green.
– Because they’re dragons.
(“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg)
– I’m not gonna move anything because why?
Got my dragon.
– Dang you, skel-lee boy.
– All right, we’ll do this,
less optimal but whatev-s.
But whatev-s, this is gonna be dope.
Not happy, Bob.
– Bob the skel-lee boy?
– Yeah, that yellow.
– Bob’s the name of my
favorite skeleton, so.
– That was from Incredibles
where he’s like not happy, Bob.
– Oh yeah, you do the voice
so well, I hear it now.
– Whoa, I gotta go faster.
– Not much time left, not much time left.
– Wait, really?
– Time.
– I don’t know why I did that there.
I just, I don’t know
if I have enough time.
– The pressure.
– Do you need to go on
easy mode and we’ll–
– Yeah, I want it to be easy mode.
– James is first to score ’cause
he’s the holder of the timer.
– Okay, so I’ve got this little
green situation up here, there’s
a shield goal, one, two, and three green.
The one below it is one,
two, three, four, five.
So I’m up to eight, this red situation
is a group goal, one,
two, three, four, five.
There are, oh, this purple
situation is out of control.
– Oh my God.
– One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
– You’re a nightmare.
– One, two, three, four in a row.
One, two, three, four, and then
another one, one, two, three, four.
Five, six, seven, eight
more of those, that’s 20.
I don’t know.
– Get out.
– I don’t think I have any purple.
– And then one, two, three, four.
So that’s seven for those two.
– And you get to spend them too.
– One, two, three, four little red-skies.
– I’m jealous, okay, my turn.
Let’s start here, this
one, one, two, three, four
for red, this one, one, two,
three, four for yell-er.
This one, one, two, three, four.
Five, six, seven.
– That’s where you’re
getting all of these points from.
– For green, I didn’t even mean to.
I just placed them.
– Well, you’re slapping
that double shield beside us, like.
Extra ka-pow.
– No big deal, its’ fine.
This extra ka-pow is one, two,
three, four, five for red.
– Yeah, that’s good.
– And one, two, three,
four, five for purple.
– I’m mad about that.
– And then here, calm down,
you’ll have your turn.
One, two, three, four, five
for a group of yellers.
Brings it up to nine over there
and then this, four pur-pees in a row.
– I like all these nicknames.
– Pur-pees?
– Then, I’m gonna go ahead
and gain three influence
for every three
– Do you wanna do that after
you convert your raw magic, though?
– That’s a good call, and I can spend
five raw magic to gain.
– Yes, you need to do that now.
And I need to do it as well, so
back yourself down five,
back everything up five.
– So, I can only do it once,
you can do it multiple times?
– Just once, if you had
two of them you could.
– Okay, got it.
– Oh, snap, and you tool that
one before I could get it.
– I know, I’m gonna spend five
to gain five in everything else.
– Everything’s fine.
(soft music)
– Good thing I blocked you there.
Out of control purple combo going off.
What’s your secondary, you said
there was a first and second color.
– They’re all just secondarily good.
– Okay, okay, get out of here.
So I already used that one.
– Seriously, they are, they’re good.
– Well, this party is popping is
all I gotta say for me, I gotta remember
to use this one after we convert.
– Gotcha, I got pretty lucky, I didn’t
get all of my tiles played, but.
– Lucky.
– Turns out, I did that on purpose.
– Nice.
– Well, you can stop
anytime that you want.
That’s part of the rules.
– And that’s.
– If you’re like hey, I’ve only got
one left and I know there’s another
skel-lee in there, I’m
just gonna hold tight.
– Yeah, let’s cut that out, I chose
not to put the skull down.
– Great, great, great.
– This is the one that I’m gonna use
which is the times as many, one, two.
Three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine yellows.
– Pretty solid.
– What, that’s awesome.
– And if I would have done this
which I should have.
– It would have been
even more.
– For all of you keeping score at home
that’s what I should have done.
– Thank you for your honesty.
– I got the shield here,
that’s one, two, three reds.
I’ve got purples in a
row, one, oh nope, sorry.
I’ve got one, two, three, four greens.
– Gotcha.
– Then I’ve got purples in a row.
I got three, and the line of yellow.
One, two, three, four, five, six yellows.
– Nice.
That’s it.
– 15, and that’s it.
– Okay, so now is the time where
we choose what we would like to
convert our raw magic
into, I have 14 influence.
– I have three.
– But you have so much
more raw magic left.
– It’s true.
– I think I’m guaranteed a second place.
First or second, so.
– I’m feeling pretty good
about being in third place.
– Decisions have been made.
– And it’s gonna continue after this.
– Decisions made, decisions made.
– Three, two, one, why would you
make the decision before you got here?
– I don’t know, it just
seemed like the better choice.
– Let me go down one, two, three, four.
– One, two, three.
– I went for money, influence makes
a lot of sense with my
three to one for prestige
but I just wanna buy some
cool stuff right now.
– Cool.
– You know, maybe it’s not strategically.
Maybe it would have been
better to get one more.
– Yeah.
– Technically two more end game points
and if I lose by two, we’ll know why.
But I do have 14 divided
by three is only four.
– Mm-hmm.
– One, two, three, four, okay.
– I have 28 on the influence.
Believe that gives me first place.
– I think, yeah, I think you know.
It’s definitely.
– So I’m gonna give myself
12 victory points.
– I’m pretty close.
I’ve got three, and you said you have 28?
So we’re close.
– Oh my gosh.
– I get one buy, and my tiles
are gonna cost two less than they
are marked, their marked price.
But I only have 12 monies this time.
So please, please, please, pass me that
double purple 12 cost-er right there.
It’s only gonna get one this
turn but it’s a good one.
– Okay, I believe I’m in second place
with 14 influence, and
I have the choice of
taking 12 prestige or an additional buy.
But guess what, I don’t even care
about the additional buy, I want
that prestige, so 12 plus 16 is 28.
– Did not see you doing that in my head.
(sinister laughter)
– Okay, so now I’m buying and I have
18 to work with, think I’m just
gonna go based off the cost of
the tile itself because I feel like
somebody spent a lot of time with
a spreadsheet to decide on those values.
– Well, let me just say there was
a tile that came out that I was
really hoping you didn’t
buy, and that was the one.
Yeah, that was a good choice.
– Oh, okay, well.
That was the one, I.
– I mean, you wouldn’t have been wrong
getting another of the three influence
victory game points, but that’s
gonna work out well for you.
– What can I say, I can game, all right.
– It’s like you’ve
done this before.
– Would you like five
coins or an additional buy?
– I think I’m gonna go with five coins.
– ‘Cause you get that extra buy
by passing the 20 money marker.
– Yeah, sure, that’s what I knew.
– I knew you knew.
– One, two, three, four, five.
Gotcha, so I have 23, so I get three buys.
I’m definitely gonna take
– You do.
– this guy which looked really nice, 14.
– What’s that green do?
– This is a shield thing
as well, and it’s also
for every two shields, gain one
victory point.
– Prestige.
Did you do that?
– I forgot, and guess what, I’ve
already mixed this all
up, that’s my fault.
– But did you use your entire stack?
– So it’s every.
– Yep.
– And then I had 23, so now I have nine.
– You also get to choose from
the one that replaces it.
– Oh, that’s true, ooh.
– But that’s too good of a card.
– It’s too expensive.
– Oh, you don’t got those monies?
You don’t got enough, no monies?
– And I’m gonna do move a
shield and also a shield.
– All right.
– Very shield-y.
– Oh, I also get another buy.
And I just spent it.
– Yeah you do if you got
anything left.
– I just spent eight and I had nine.
– You had one, so no, that’s not
how shopping works.
– There’s nothing worth one.
– If you have one left, you could
burn a tile so someone else couldn’t
get it the next round if they want things.
– Oh, I have one left, it’s too late.
– Double shields.
– Yeah, I’m gonna do that,
burn that coin, see ya.
That’s what I wanted to do.
– It goes to the bottom
of that other stack.
– I chose wrong.
– There you go, and it gets replaced
so I mean, another one could pop up there
but it didn’t, but it didn’t, okay team.
What ‘cha shuffling there?
– I’m shuffling up some giants.
– Do we take our coins?
– Hold on.
– Sorry.
– In the building phase, as soon as
you draw a giant tile, you must
place the giant on top of a bought tile.
One with a cost value
on it of your choice.
If there is no such tile, then
play the giant as if
it were a normal tile.
– That’s right, so when
we have our city built
one of the tiles when the giant comes out.
Can I borrow that giant?
– Have a giant.
– If this was my setup, I mean, it’d be
really ugly if it was, but I only have
one tile that has a, that I’ve purchased
from the market, this
has to go on top of it.
– And it’s red?
– It is red.
– No, they’re different.
– Well, they’re different
but this one’s all red.
But now, it would totally jack up
whatever situation I had going there.
But that’s what giants do.
– What giants do.
– That’s what giants do.
– Stole the words.
– And just pro tip, a
dragon can kill a giant.
– Oh yeah, I should have done that before.
– You could say that the tile beneath it
becomes available again
because the giant died.
– If the dragon kills a skull or
a giant, that’s gone forever?
– Yeah, dragons don’t discard
things, they burn them.
– Yeah, it’s like.
Classic dragon stuff.
– I definitely should have
done that in the first one, did you guys?
– I didn’t have the opportunity.
– I did.
– Okay, well, quit.
– I might have, I don’t know.
– Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme
gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme.
– Yes, I don’t want that stupid red one.
I am taking 28 prestige.
– Thought I was gonna catch up
with you this time, but I got 25.
– What ‘cha got over there?
– I got four.
– Hey, guess what, next time you play
you’re gonna crush it.
– I’m gonna be much better.
I’m gonna get so much better.
– I bet you’re gonna wanna play.
– I’m just slow playing you guys.
Now it’s the time, this is where we put
money on it and I shark you guys.
– Well you have been buying a lot of
green tiles, so you’re building an engine
that’s gonna be able
to pop out some points.
– You are correct.
– I keep my eye on the comp.
– I am now the first player with the timer
and I will begin it three, two, one.
– Oh, god.
Nothing worse, that’s a good start though.
– Mm-hmm.
– Ooh, also a good start.
– Mm-hmm.
– Let’s pretend you’re important.
– Oh, skeleton, you jerk bag.
Throw him way up there, no one
will ever know.
– Two minutes is a long time.
– It is, sometimes.
– That sucks.
(“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg)
– So does it kill the
thing that it’s on top of
or underneath as well, the dragon?
– It’s gonna kill that giant, yes.
If you put it next to it yes.
– Just on top, just on top.
– But then does it take away the giant
but the other one’s still there?
– Yes, absolutely, yeah.
– That’s great.
– Isn’t it?
Welcome to the party.
– Goodbye giant.
Move a yellow.
– Give me the purps in a row.
– Don’t wanna do that.
– Got the money, what the crap.
Cuss words, so many cuss words.
Oh my god, cuss words, aw shh.
(“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg)
Yeah, it’s like that.
– Skel-lee boy, get out.
– All right, whatever, no
one cares about that James.
Ahh, the giant, no, no, no, no, no, no.
– Can I put a jagged
edge up to a jagged edge?
– Yes.
– That seems like it would make sense.
– Die, giant, get gone.
– I wish my dragon could kill two things.
(“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg)
– Yes.
– I got it, awesome.
– Oh, that was real bad, oh dear.
Oh dear, mistakes were made.
– Mistakes have been made.
– No, time’s running out.
(“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg)
– I just put that down, okay I’m gonna
move this up because
it’s closer to that one.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, I had
four tiles left, you finished?
– Uh-huh.
– Get out of here.
How many do you have left?
– I had two hot tiles left.
– So I’m the slowpoke
today, but I had a lot of
skeleton related decisions to make.
– That couldn’t be placed
beside that skeleton.
– Oh, penalty, we didn’t
say what that was, but.
– We did.
– What was it?
– Whatever was placed there
goes into your discard.
– And this giant was supposed
to be on top of something.
– It was my very first.
– Oh, that was right, you got so lucky.
– Well, as the first player, let me
just do a little scoring, I got
wow, stand back everybody, I got a little.
I saw the timer count
going at the end there.
So, this purple gets happy when all
of his friends look like other shields.
One, two, three for purple.
– That got awkward.
– Yeah, I did, green,
one, two, three for green.
– Like, a racist shield or something?
– I know it was a fucking racist shield.
Four more for green,
one, two, three, four.
– Stop that.
– Red, one, two, three.
– You got a shield situation going there.
– Yeah, no kidding.
– It’s not, they were
just all threes, you know?
– Oh, you didn’t get your
other new double shield out.
– I know, I should have gone faster.
Okay, can we get a 30
second warning next time?
– 10 seconds.
– Yellows.
I had three yellows in a row and then
three yellows in a group.
– Yeah, true.
– And the this purple friend has
three in a row, I just
pulled all my monsters.
They really slowed things down.
A purple groupie.
– Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
– Right there would have
been baller, okay, and then.
– That’s it, that’s all.
– That’s all, folks.
– I gotta play all the tiles,
I gotta go faster next time.
– Those monsters wrecking stuff.
– God, it looks like Madison over here.
– I know, I have less tiles than you do.
– All right, Madison, believe
in the heart of the cards.
– Starting at the top, two skeletons there
so they don’t matter, that didn’t
do anything because I was slow.
Okay, so I’m gonna start on this one.
That’s shields, one, two, three shields.
So three green.
– He squeezed it in there.
Good job.
– One, two, three.
– Good squeeze.
– Then I have this one which is
anything that’s connected,
so I’m gonna do green.
– You could go green
or you could go yellow.
– Oh, that’s true, one, two,
three, four, five, six yellows.
And then one, two, three,
four, five yellows.
And then that’s shields, right?
– Yeah, three.
– That’s shields.
– But it’s of the green resource.
– Oh, four, four, wait.
You get five.
– Oh, I get, yeah, I get.
I get one, two, three,
four, five greens there.
– Crushing it.
– And then for this one, I
get one, two, three, four.
– Five.
– Five with the swirly one.
– What they said.
– Yeah.
– One, two, three, four, five.
And this one I get two?
– No, you gotta have three.
– Oh, you’re correct, that’s what I meant.
– To qualify.
– You’re correct.
– Man, these should have gone here.
– You have a lot of those green
shield-y shields.
– One, two, three, four
of that one, so that’s reds.
– Yeah, that’s true.
– And then I think that’s about.
– That’s it, okay.
– I’m regretting all my choices.
I didn’t even get my five
for five five five five deal.
– I also bashed up with, I had a terrible
money round, so one, two, three, I got
three money this entire situation.
– Oh no, that’s a bad situation.
– That’s a big no, but this
purple is out of control.
– I’m so upset, you’re
gonna win the game now.
– Okay, so I’m gonna do
this with multiplication
’cause it’s gonna get sticky, we’ve got
two group goals in the same big group.
So one, two, three, four, five.
Six, seven, eight times two is sixteen.
– Uh oh.
– He’s already on more.
– One, two, three, four, five in this row.
And then I’ve got a double rower.
One, two, three, so that’s six more.
– Oh, you should have put
that in a better place.
– Eh, well that’s where it came out.
So, you do what you do, this green
is one, two, three, four, five.
Red is one, two, three,
just squeezed it in there.
This red is one, two,
three, four of groups.
One, two, three, four, and this green
is one, two, three, four, it hurts us.
It burns us, it burns us, now.
– Did you get this three,
yeah, you did, you did.
– You know what, I
should do this right now
before I forget because
that’s not gonna change.
– Should I do that as well?
– Yeah, sure, two, four,
six, eight, ten, eleven.
Round that down, I get
five victory points.
– Well shoot.
– Two, four, six, seven, so I get three.
– That’s math.
That’s math for you.
– True that, true that.
– Well, I really stunk it up this round.
– We’ll see where our influence is at
before we choose our cards, I have 12.
– I’m sitting real pretty at four.
– Hey, Becca, how many
influence do you have?
– Three.
– Guess how many magics I have?
– How many, it doesn’t look like a lot.
– It’s a zero.
– But you’ve got a lot of greens.
That’s good, prestige is good.
– Prestige is great.
– Okay, team, so it’s just you and I.
If you spend all six of
yours, you still can’t get me.
(epic music)
– Three, two, one, you
didn’t flip anything.
– Oh, that’s right, boys and girls.
– I took it anyway because it gives me
more prestige to do so, so I will spend
all six to get influence
which puts me at nine.
– I am in third.
– Yeah, you got prestige,
quit moving it, oh my God.
You’re just gonna win by a billon points.
Yeah, flip that token to 30.
– It’s 41.
– It’s unprofessional to come here
and beat me on my own show.
– I usually lose.
– That’s why I’m not winning, that’s
specifically as why I’m not
– Thank you, ’cause you’re
Canadian and you’re
polite, I appreciate that.
All right, now I’m gonna
do a little something
called for every three
influence, gain one prestige.
I’m at nine, so that’s one, two, three.
It’s not, it’s fine, it’s not like I.
– So first place, yeah?
– Yep, yeah you’re good.
– I get 18 more of those, okay, all right.
– That’s not, that’s,
whoa, I should get that.
– That’s almost 60.
– I needed one more, and
for, this is for every.
You get five prestige for every monster in
your district, but I have
two but I’ve maxed out
at 60, so I’ve lost some
potential push there.
– Got it, as you go shopping, I’m
just gonna go ahead and count my 18
’cause I don’t need that monster thing.
– Only got eight bucks anyways, so.
I’m gonna take a rainbow tile.
– Feel good about 28.
– Rainbow tiles are nice.
– And I’ll take my extra five coins.
– Cool, so you have purchased
a rainbow tile for seven.
– For seven, and that’s, I’m done.
– And you’re at nine.
– I’m gonna have a buck
left, or two bucks left.
– Two bucks, do you wanna
do anything with it?
– Nah.
– Do you wanna rotate out for me
so I can buy something better?
– I’m feeling good about where
everything’s at so it should be fine.
– I have six, oh, I can’t afford that.
Okay, I guess the best
one for six is this one.
‘Cause I trust my work, you know?
– Mm-hmm.
– I don’t wanna move things
after they’ve been placed.
It took me so much time to place them.
Okay, so I’m just buying this one simple
little tile to really junk up my deck.
I guess I could just buy nothing.
– Well, that’s not gonna junk it up
because I mean, you got a converter
that makes your red turn
into victory points.
– That’s true, that’s true, good point.
Good engine, point seen.
– I have 16, so I’m going
to take one of these.
– While you’re deciding, I’ll go ahead
and give James 60 points, no big deal.
I’ll take 28 for myself.
– Let’s take that one, and then I’ll take
this card.
– You can replace cards.
– Two tiles for free while buying.
Discard two tiles, what’s, like.
– Wait, what’d you buy?
– This one.
And then discard two
– Great, replace.
– tiles for free, what is that one?
– So, you can take anything you want.
Discard two of them when you’re buying
and they’ll just get replaced.
It’s like the same thing
as the burn except you
get two of these for free.
– I’m gonna take one of these
corners of green ’cause
I’m killing it with green.
– You are, here, have your prestige, sir.
– Thank you.
– 17?
– That is correct.
– Okay, now we’re introducing
goblins into the fray.
– Is this the last round?
– This is the last round.
– So this is the only time for me to win?
– I believe in you.
– I’m gonna win.
– James, will you read the goblins?
– Oh, sure, as soon as
you draw a goblin tile
you must discard two tiles from
your district with yellow
on them of your choice.
Then place the goblin
tile in your district.
Once the goblin has discarded these tiles
your district may be disconnected.
If there are no such tiles,
play the goblin normally.
– I do not want the goblin, may I opt out?
– So it just gets rid of yellows?
– If you have tiles in your city
when that goblin comes
out, before I place it
I have to discard two tiles of
yellow and place the goblin, but
they have to have yellow on them.
– Okay, choose a goblin.
Any goblin.
– That one.
The best goblin.
– A goblin for you.
– Yoink.
– All right, this time I’m gonna finish
and you are first to flip this timer.
– Three, two, one.
– I didn’t know what
numbers was coming next.
– Okay, I get two move
greens and a move a shield
into a green, that’s
great, I’m dong awesome.
Damn you, dragon, that
just lost one of them.
– I’m not even looking, I’m
just flipping, you know?
(“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg)
– Okay, all right, okay,
no pressure, no pressure.
You talked crap the
whole game, no pressure.
Gotta finish, oh, the dragon, oh dear.
Murder that, gone, that worked out nicely.
And there’s the goblin, geez.
– Dang it, I hate goblins.
– It just, they’re always
creeping, creeping creepers.
– Oh, he replaced himself quite nicely.
(“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg)
– Goblin, and so I just to have to
get rid of three
– Dragon?
– Two.
– Two yellows.
– Two yellers, as Becca
has so coined them.
– Two yellers?
– Goodbye goblin forever.
– And then the goblin gets played?
– Nutcracker, yep, that works, that works.
(“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg)
I don’t have any red, where’s the red.
– Me have red.
– You do indeed, you’ve thieved them all.
Everything’s fine, this is fine.
I will bask in my victory.
(“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg)
Nine, eight, seven, six, five.
– That was for no reason.
– Four, three, two, one.
(explosion mouth noise)
– I crushed it, I feel great
about myself in every way.
– So, top left, that means nothing.
But this one is how
many shields are around.
So that’s gonna be one,
two, three, four, five.
Five greens, ba-bam, this one’s
also how many shields are around.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
– Even better.
– Eleven, then moving down this way
this one is how many shields are around.
It’s gonna be one, two,
three, four greens, 15.
– Combo-ing off the charts.
– This one’s how many shields are around.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
– Nice.
– Reds, feeling pretty good.
– Yeah.
Getting all those shields.
– This one was as many colors.
I’m gonna go green, that’s one, two.
Three, four, five, six, seven greens.
– Okay, I’ve figured it out.
– This one’s purples in a
row which is one, two, three.
– Got it.
– And then twice, so that’s gonna be six.
So then this one’s reds, doesn’t
matter so one, two, three.
– It is four on the tile for a rainbow.
The rainbow counts though.
– The rainbow counts as red.
– Oh, shoot.
– It’s just the shield
that you have to pick.
– Gotcha, so it’s four reds,
one, two, three, four, 11.
And this one I already did, yeah.
I did that one, yeah I think I’m done.
– Well done, James.
– One, two, three, four, five monies.
One, two, three, four monies, oh.
This purple makes me so happy.
– Yeah, it’s pretty good.
– This multiplier’s gonna get good.
So, let’s just do the in a row ones.
There’s three of them, so one.
Two, three, four, five, six, so that’s 18.
And then groupings,
there are two groupings
so one, two, three, four, five.
Six, seven, eight, nine, so 18 more.
– 18 plus 18, 36,
– Thank you for the math, I would have
done that the slow way, one,
two, three, four of those.
– You can’t tell me to give you coins.
That’s a bad cheat job.
– They’re too far away, and at least
we won’t.
– One, two, three, four, five.
– He will lose.
You will also, but like, I’ll win.
– One, two, three, four, five of the red.
And then two for every shield, so
two, four, six, eight, 10, 11, so five.
– Oh, well I also get that, sorry.
– Oh, look, he didn’t
get that many points.
Except for the plus 30s at the bottom.
– And I’ll spend this five
on five of each of these.
One, two, three, four, five.
– Six, seven, right, nine.
– Five and one, two, three, four, five.
– Everybody’s counting, I’ve got
a giant standing on my city.
– Done counting, it’s fine.
– What are you doing there?
Your shield’s actions?
– I did my two greens
for every shield.
– Here’s what’s up with this awesome city.
– I think there was a
thing that happened here.
– My dragon ate my goblin,
but the goblin was helping.
– Whoop-see.
– I failed, I failed myself.
– You failed this city.
– We’re gonna start here
because it looks better, okay.
– No one?
– One, two, three, four, five shields
are adjacent to this red shield.
Then, this one has one,
two, three, four shields
adjacent to this green.
– You got more than that.
Over here, over there.
– Four, five, six, seven, that’s
what I said, I meant, then this one
going backwards, this
is really gonna eff me.
Okay, one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight
for this green, so that puts me at 15.
Then this purple, one,
two, three, four, five.
Six, seven, eight, I could have just
done it again, 15 plus eight
– Purple, purple.
Purple, purple.
– is five, six, seven, eight.
– That’s the green one.
– That’s greens, you get purples.
– Thank you, good thing that
I say everything out loud.
And then we’re gonna go this way.
Purple, one, two, three in a row.
You know, not great on its own
but we’re not done combo-ing off here.
– Nope.
– This purple, he loves being around
all of his shield friends, one.
Two, three, four, five,
six, seven for purple.
– That’s a lot of purples.
– That’s 11, brings it to 18, this
red, same-sies, how many was it?
– Seven.
– Seven for red, 10 and two, and then.
– Felt really good about
this round until now.
– And then the red,
this is one, two, three
in a group of red, one, two, three.
This is nothing, this is nothing.
– What was it gonna be?
– Awesome, it was gonna be awesome.
It was gonna be really
– That was gonna be so good.
– Awesome, yeah, it was gonna be a lot.
It was gonna be one, two,
three, four, five times two.
– Yeah, that was gonna be better.
– Yeah, it was gonna be much better.
– That giant be giant-y.
– And the goblins be
goblin-y, all right, so.
I have so many purple, okay, I’m gonna
spend five of them, one,
two, three, four, five
to gain five in everything else.
Five, oh my gosh, I
have no money going on.
– You do now, you get five.
– But we don’t even get a buy phase
so that was smart, I
strategically did that.
– You still get five in case you
need it for the tie breaker.
– What did I count?
– You went to three?
– And I was like I didn’t get three.
And five prestige, okay, okay, now.
It’s time for secrets to be unveiled.
– I have one purple, you guys, one.
– I have six.
– One, sad day.
– Wait, how did you, didn’t you
have your super purple, and then?
– Wait, that’s 31.
– Oh, you suck.
– Sorry about that, team.
– We’re all sorry about that.
– Did you really forget that you had that?
– Maybe, but when you pointed that out
I was like, you know, he’s kind of right.
– You were literally talking smack
about how much purple you had.
– So tell me about your strategy
of what card you’re playing right now.
– Maybe, well, actually, I mean
this is still worth 25
and you are winning it
but I’ve got 31 purple, so that
math says maybe I should go green.
– Maybe I shouldn’t have
asked you to talk it out.
– All done, ready to go.
– You were gonna play that?
– Uh, maybe, maybe not.
– Oh no, I shouldn’t have said anything.
I was like does James see
that’s a bad strategy?
– You gonna pick a card or are you
just gonna stare at me like you
wanna stab me with a prison shank?
– Okay, three, two, one, awesome.
– I was slow on the draw.
– Okay, if I lose by 13 points
which I think I’m gonna lose by
more than that.
– Plus the whatever you said
earlier that if you lost by.
– Two.
– So you’ve got a 15
point buffer right now.
– Yeah, I’m just saying,
like, it’s a tie, okay.
– Yeah, sure.
– I literally only came so I could
flip one of these to the 30 plus
and I’ve succeeded, I didn’t win, but.
– That’s a strong last round, my friend.
– Okay, so I have spent all 13.
– And you need to do your
conversion so you don’t forget.
– Yeah, 33, and then
33 divided by 3 is 11.
– Every time.
You get to flip
– 31.
– the script as well.
– Flippin’ that script.
Flip, flip, flip, flip, flip, and then
I get 25 for having the most influence.
– It’s true.
– So one plus 25 is 26.
– That’s a pretty strong last round.
– Okay, I’m not feeling horrible.
– And last round, there is no other.
There’s no buying, there’s no monsters.
It’s just, we dole out the points.
– Madison?
– I got 31, two, 32.
– Don’t short yourself.
– I can also say that it
could not matter less.
– I need 51, please.
– Oh my gosh, 50 and a
one, that’s how that works.
I have, 50, six, 56.
– It sounds so good.
Just kinda wanna.
– It does.
Wait, I wanna see if I
can get a hundred coin
’cause if I can’t even do
that then I should just go.
– Can we just have a time where we just
collect some fool-y sound
of us just clinking?
– Oh, sorry, I did a terrible job.
It’s like Scrooge McDuck.
– You have to whisper, what are you doing?
– I feel like you couldn’t
swim in these though.
– Okay, play time’s over,
serious toy time now.
Madison, you count it, you count ’em.
– Okay, this is 45, 55, so bad, 62.
– James, do you want to go first?
I think I should go first.
– I think I should go last.
– Yeah, okay, yeah yeah yeah, so I have
50, 75, 110, 120, 134, pretty crushed it.
– You add mine twice, I still came third.
(everyone laughs)
– James?
– James, okay.
– One hun-do, 125, 135, 145, 150, 154.
– That’s more than me by 20, which is
beyond the buffer, well done sir.
– Is it a buffer of 15?
– Yeah, that was some made up shenan-agree
she had going on over there.
– This is when I made
a move and I said if you beat me
by this many it’s
because I made this move.
– Well, remember when we were like
oh, yeah, he didn’t play his get
a couple more victory points, let’s see
if that affects him, it seemed to not.
– It seemed like he wasn’t
worried ever for a moment.
– I don’t think he was.
– There’s a lot of combinations
to explore in the game.
– I love this game, thank you very much
for bringing it to us, Madison?
– I enjoyed, don’t get me wrong.
I just don’t enjoy losing,
the game was great.
The losing.
– Listen, if you’re like me
you just get used to it
and then you become calm.
– Yeah, it seems like you’re
really used to losing at this game.
– Not this particular game, but I play
a lot of board games,
and I don’t usually win.
– This is impressive, I had a blast
playing with you both, Madison
thank you for coming on Game the Game.
– Thank you for having me.
– For your very first
time, and from Vancouver.
Next time you’re in town, here we are.
– I’ll be here.
– We’ll think about it.
– Oh, sorry, I’ll come
regardless of if I’m
invited and we’ll see if
they let me into the door.
– Love it.
– Heard you guys got some of
them board games in there.
– James, thanks for coming back.
– Thanks for having me.
– Thanks, you guys at home for watching
Game the Game, we’ll see
you next time, bye bye.
– Bye.
– Bye.
(upbeat music)

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  1. Ah, Hall of the Mountain King, nothing better for a bit of stress.

    And if I remember Peer Gynt correctly, there's some lines to the effect of the following.

    'Flay him, kill him, bite his bum.'


    Almost as good as the following from Wagner, Das Rhinegold from memory.

    Literal translation, piss off you ugly hair dwarf.

  2. There is a term for some board games I have used called "Collective solitaire". It's those games where you are in theory playing with other people…but mostly not. I hate collective solitaire games, and this seems to be one of them. Why exactly do people come into the same room for this?

  3. Becca won. James didn't reset his 30 point prestige marker from the previous round and was given 51 points for the last round instead of 21.
    Edit: Nevermind alot going on at the end got confused myself~

  4. Is this just a rather embellished 5-round magical Carcassonne? Not that that's a bad thing but that's definitely the feeling I'm getting.

  5. could y'all make folders of all your how to game and game the game folder? this would be great just to binge watch.

  6. Ahh, hourglass: editor's bane.
    This is a cool game, but I can't help but think playing one extra round once everyone has their monsters set would help to even out what bad luck could do. On the other hand, if someone's been lucky enough to ice their giant or skeletons, then that could give them a big advantage I suppose.. It's too late to work this out.

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