Soul Parenting Stories  -The Pony Ride  –  Dealing with emotion: unconditional acceptance

Soul Parenting Stories -The Pony Ride – Dealing with emotion: unconditional acceptance

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Hi everyone and very welcome to Soul Parenting Stories

Today’s story is about how certain emotions are often not allowed,
let alone appreciated

even though they need as much attention,
and perhaps maybe even more so ,
than any other emotion
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Today Mom anounced
that we are all invited at the riding school in the neighbouring village.
“Tomorrow”, she said, ” will be
a very special day.”
“We will all get the opportunity
to ride a pony.”

all my brothers and sisters
got very excited,
and what really struck me
is how differently they all reacted. Mark, my twin brother
got really angry in fact.
“We are 11”, he said,
“not todlers! “
“Ponies are for todlers’
“Why is there never an activity that I like?”

Seven year old Peter, on the other hand, was a bit fearful.

“I have many allergies”.
“I’m allergic to soy, strawberries and cats.”
“I don’t know about ponies really…
“but what if I am allergic to ponies too?”
he worried.
And Melinda, only 6,
was totally thrilled and jumping up and down
like a madman.
“Isn’t that cool!” she exclaimed.
“To sit on an animal!”
“To sit on a living thing!”
“How will that feel like?”
“Will I feel its heart beating?”
“Will it listen to me when I tell it to stop, or to go forward again?”
“This is so exciting really!”
And suddenly, it occurred to me today
that the same thing
can cause very different reactions in people.
So I wonder where those differences
in reaction come from.
This is really interesting….
and I would like to find out what it means
Another thing that caught my attention
was that mom was sympathetic with everybody
except Mark
She made it very clear to him
that she didn’t appreciate
his angry frustration.
we all witnessed that Mark only got even more angry
after her reprimand.
He got so pissed
that he deliberately kicked the kitchen door!
And now,
I have yet another thing to ponder about, being:
Why is mom okay
with us being sad, or afraid…
or worried, for example,
but not with us being angry?
That’s strange…
I really would like to know why…
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