South Korean Ssireum wrestlers promote the traditional sports in Laos

meanwhile a team of sedum wrestlers from
South Korea is allows to give a special demonstration at a university there the
students many of them have a strong interest in the Korean culture were
excited to learn Curry’s folk wrestling our amine son is out there in Laos
playing wrestling herself Luang Prabang the capital of the old kingdom of Laos
is today a popular tourist destination and the entire city is designated as a
UNESCO World Heritage Site a group of serum wrestlers from South
Korea have come to a local university to share the cultural value and the
excitement of their sports as of this October supernova muna versity offers a
major in the Korean language the 46 students in the program have expressed a
great curiosity about all aspects of a Korean culture and they want to learn
more so they invited the wrestlers to come and demonstrate the wrestlers
showed off some of serum’s signature moves including the highest skill
typically when you flip over your opponent then there were some demo
matches after watching the demonstration and learning the skills and rules of
cinema students were given a chance to wear the serum belt donated hapa and try
Korea’s poke wrestling for themselves they got one-on-one lessons from the
wrestlers starting from the most basic yet important step of tying the hug but
also how to grab on opponent by the belt and use the arms legs and body maneuvers
to take them down it’s my first time seeing and doing shit oh I won once and
lost once it was a fun experience and I’m really happy that I got to try shit your arsons many science singles he’ll
the Korea serum Association has been working to boost cultural exchanges with
other countries including Spain Mongolia and Russia to expand the serum global
presence Cheatham was listed last year by both
Korea’s as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage we are trying to foster
international shittim wrestlers and people in East Asian countries are a
good fit with the light class under 70 kilograms after finishing up their
demonstrations in Laos the serum wrestlers will head to Vietnam to
promote and showcase the traditional sports their immense on Arirang news
Luang Prabang

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