Spalding NBA Slam Jam TEAM EDITION Basketball Hoop Review!

Spalding NBA Slam Jam TEAM EDITION Basketball Hoop Review!

the Spalding NBA slam Jam Team Edition from what I understand is the same as the other regular Standard NBa slam Jam version just with 30 and be 18 stickers included so you can put whatever you want on here. No big deal Pretty much the same as the standard version 18 by 10.5 backboard over the door bracket we have a 5-inch basketball What I like about the spalding series that they look very authentic and true to the actual NBA Style they look very nice on your door or on your wall So yeah, let’s open up Cool. There’s your ball constructions Rims backboard a Wildly all the stickers Ball looks nice and authentic feels great. I’ll blow that up in a minute Put together instructions. It’s very simple there’s three screws and bolts that put the rim to the Backboard and you put the net on very simple takes five to ten minutes There’s our rim screws and bolts. It’s very authentic a nice I like that Here’s our stickers Which I probably won’t even put on tell you the truth. I don’t follow any particular teams or anything like that I’m the kind of guy like a play sports, but I don’t really follow sports and watching other people play them It’s just not fun for me personally Yeah, that backboard looks nice though, so I’m going to put all this together Set it up Spalding NBA slam Jam Team Edition came together pretty nice look at how authentic that ball And backboard looks just a smaller version of the official one Pretty Cool. Good Rim You can dunk on it obviously don’t hang your whole body wait for this thing because it will snap it’s not meant to support An entire human body however you can dunk on it though just fine It’ll be good to go Always nice and authentic very grippy and bouncy and true feel you can play with it. Just fine Love the rim one thing. I did notice is the next keeps bouncing out of here when I dunk and Stuff eventually I may put something on the net to weight it down like a carabiner or something like that Plus when you want to store your balls you can put a carabiner on The bottom to tie everything up and stick your ball in there, and you’re good to go so I’ll probably do that it will also weigh down the Net as well, so does it come out of here? I also made bendings with a pair of pliers to tighten Just less area for them to fly out But the rim looks good Very Sharp on the door Very authentic now if you want to quite these down you can put a towel under here and it’ll stop all the racket and everything else now you can also take these out and Just mount it on the door or the wall wherever you have wood studs and things like that pretty cool little goodbye for the money great gift great office game looks very sharp plays very nicely I dig it As you know I have the golden black version as well So keep that version in mind. I think it’s a target exclusive or something like that. I’m also trying out the much larger Nba Breakaway 180 which is the giant? XL version my spalding so I’m going to try that pretty soon as well. So keep that version in mind This was very nice good gift Fits just about anywhere Plays very nicely I like the again on the rim. It’s a lot more and these skills Pro mini hoop It’s more stiff this has a lighter spring on it. I feel like I’m not going to break it as easy when I’m dunking Just go easy on it. Don’t hang your body way from A Good rim though very sharp. I love that authentic look now I didn’t put my team edition stickers or anything like that on there because I also don’t care. I just want the authentic looking Rim pretty cool

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  1. I have the same one. Very good quality and who needs to put stickers on the backboard. It looks better with out them.

  2. i have one of these in my room and it's very noisy, i still like it though. (it's probably because my door isn't plain)

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