Sport Administration/Sport Management – Durham College

Sport is a business.
So the program prepares students for working
behind the scenes in sport.
We’re all familiar with going to an NHL game,
or seeing a marathon being run, or seeing
a community event, and what this program does
is it prepares you for behind the scenes.
My favourite part about the program, it may
sound like I’m trying to get on all my prof’s
good side, but they are my professors.
My professors have helped me through my academic
career, and now they’re going to be helping
me through my career in the work industry.
Many students will come into the program and
on day one in the program raise their hand
indicating they have an interest in professional
Sometimes it’s simply because they don’t know
about the other areas that are involved, and
so we delve into those areas.
We focus on professional sport, and many of
our graduates do in fact work in professional
But we also focus on amateur sport, on sporting
goods, on facilities management, on sport
and event partners, and a number of different
So we prepare our students for roles in all
of those facets of the industry.
Leadership camp was probably the most resonating
thing I have, that I can always look back
It’s a physical aspect. I learned to canoe
on the spot, which was really fun, and I’ve
never been canoeing before.
Our team came in last, but it was a blast.
It was about competition but it was just all
about having fun and being in school but outside
of the school.
I’ve had many great opportunities, everywhere
from the sport conference that the college
holds for us.
We can network with people and it’s a great
It’s a business program, and so the classes
are focused on the business side of things.
But sports is done as a team, so we do a lot
of team work in the program.
There’s a lot of practical hands on experience,
so students are putting on events and preparing
their own fund raising events and having to
sell tickets and getting guest speakers and
doing a lot of the practical things they’ll
be doing in an internship.
We have a number of graduates who are out
in the industry and we maintain networks with
those graduates.
The faculty that work in the program have
worked out in industries, so we do a lot of
networking, we have a lot of contacts in the
And our goal and our job is to get our students
connected with those graduates and open up
doors for them.
I really enjoyed Durham because of the relationships
I was able to build with my professors and
with other students, and really able to feel
like you mattered and you were like really
Looking back on it now, it being a business
program was probably the most beneficial thing
for my career.
It allowed me to open me up to a lot of opportunities
in sport as well as outside of sport as well.
One of the things that we don’t prepare students
for, so that they’re aware, is a career in
broadcasting, coaching, we’re behind the scenes
looking at the business of sport in many different
facets of the industry.

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