Sport and Exercise Sciences BSc (Hons)

I originally chose Birmingham because the
campus was just phenomenal. They have great facilities, the staff are great. Research
quality as well, they provide you with world-leading research so you’re always up to date with
all the knowledge. The sport as well is high quality.
I love sport and I love science and it’s just the perfect way to apply the two. Like that
is I literally the reason I chose it. I thought it’s what interests me the most. Birmingham
stood out within the league rankings as one of the top universities for the course and
I fell in love with Birmingham as a city as well there’s so much it has to offer.
Most of the teaching is done in lectures but you also have seminars which is in small groups
so you can start asking questions and contributing more.
And others actually have practical demonstrations in the lecture so, for example, in one module
recently we had live footage on the protector of the blood flow to someone’s brain as
they were doing different activities in front of us all which was quite interesting.
All of my favourite modules are based around metabolism really. So final year that was
molecular adaptations to training and sports nutrition. And that’s pretty good because
then I can apply that to my daily life because I go to the gym regularly and I actually competed
in a bodybuilding competition back in March. So I could use this knowledge and apply it
to real life I would say my favourite module so far within
this course would probably be human physiology. I find the different systems interesting and
the way that they work. So the cardiovascular system, respiratory system.
For one of your years between year two and three you can study abroad in another country.
So it will be the Americans, Europe, Asia, all over the world really, Australia. But
I chose to go to the University of Kansas. It was just a great experience really, meeting
people from all over the world, experiencing new culture and then there’s also modules
that you can study there that aren’t available in the UK.
I’m really looking forward to potentially doing a year board in-between my second and
final year. I play basketball quite heavily so I’m considering going to America and
this university stood out a lot because they have about 20 different possible universes
I can go to. You choose your final year project at the
end of your second year, So, for me, it was my third year because I did a year abroad.
It’s quite good to get in the lab, get all that experience working as part of a team.
Mine was on ventilation. It’s quite complicated my one! [laughs]
I do have a few opportunities, one of which is a scholarship with Lloyds. The University
of Birmingham have a really good programme and relationship with Lloyds and I was able
to take advantage of this and potentially have a graduate job lined up with them already.
My future plans are to become a physiotherapist, so the next step in that is to apply for Masters
courses. My top tip would be to work hard throughout
because the knowledge you get in first and second year will be beneficial in your final

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