Ready, set, go! Where am I? Today we will compete! The family will challenge each other
in a sports challenge inspired by the game- -Mario & Sonic
at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. We will do different types of sports outdoors,
and gaming indoors. May the best child or adult win. Let’s go! First up is running. The finish line
is the orange band over there. The kids will start by this red tower, and the parents
will start back here, by this yellow tower. First to the finish line wins. Line-up. Ready, set, go! – I won!
– Great job! We won! – In first place, Alma.
– And Harry! In second place, Joanna. Third place, Harry.
Fourth place, daddy Axel. Welcome to our little guest shed
and game room. Here we have Mario & Sonic,
there are over 30 Olympic events to play. We will start with running
to get revenge on Alma. – You think you can win over me.
– We will see. We play this game on Nintendo Switch,
when you buy it you get two Joy-Con controllers. You move them around,
and it will register in the game. You can buy extra Joy-Cons
if more people want to play. – Ready?
– Yes! – What characters do you want to be?
– I will be Princess Peach. I want to be Super Mario. – Harry?
– Ice boy. – Ice boy? Who is that?
– It’s like Sonic. Okay, then I will be Sonic. (On your marks…) (Ready…) (Go!) Come on, come on, come on! – Yay, I won!
– Great job, Joanna! I didn’t even realize that I won. 1-1, Alma. Now we will play shot put.
Here is the kids ball. Here is the mom ball – a stone,
and here is the dad ball – a heavy stone. This is how it works… Charge up to the orange line,
then make a little jump, or a pirouette… Or a dab! Or a dab, but then it might
go in the wrong direction. Then release the shot. If it lands here and rolls to here,
then which spot counts? The first spot counts.
We brought things to mark with. – Mommy!
– Yes? – I saw how yours rolled.
– It did. It landed here, kind of. – Are we ready?
– Yes, yes, yes! Let’s go! Good! Good throw. Good job, Alma! Look, you made a big hole. Alma won! – Good job, Alma.
– Again! High five. It’s time for fencing.
Alma is Sonic’s cousin Blaze, and Harry is Silver. Yay! – I won! I won, I won, I won.
– Well fought, Harry. – It’s our turn and I will be Dr. Eggman.
– I will be Luigi. (En garde!) (Allez!) – Mom, you power meter is full!
– What should I do? Press R! – I won!
– Congrats! The winners of the fencing matches are
Alma and Axel. Alma is currently in the lead with 3 points.
I have 1 point, Axel has 1 point. Let’s continue! Now we will shoot penalty kicks. Everyone will shoot once each
and everyone will be goalkeeper once each. Kids will play against kids
and adults will play against adults. Let’s go! No! He saved. No! Harry won the penalty shoot-out.
High five! Yes! Yes! YES! – Good job.
– Thank you. – Should we play vintage mode?
– What’s that? – It’s how the game looked when mom and I were kids.
– No! – What? They are a bit square.
– Look how ugly they are. – They are so funny.
– No, super ugly. The final event of the day
is swimming. – I’m Daisy.
– I’m Shadow. I’m Waluigi,
Luigi’s ugly brother. – He has a super weird mustache.
– And an ugly red nose. I’m Bowser Jr.
Let’s begin! Yes! I don’t get it. How do you do this? Where am I?
Oh, I looked at the wrong one. Come on, come on, come on!
That’s good, keep swimming. – Come on, Harry!
– Come on, come on, come on! Who won? – I won!
– Congratulations! – Did you win?
– I think so. Good job, Harry! You did so well! You won both
the penalty shoot-out and the swimming. This was a great thing to do
on a cloudy day like this. Now for the exciting results,
the winner is… Alma! – Congratulations, sweetie!
– Thank you. Good job! In second place… Harry! Good job!
Joanna and I came in joint third place. – Are you tickling us?
– Hey you! Thank you for watching this video, hit thumbs up
if you liked it. It’s quite a different video on our channel. Yes, indeed. – Take care until next time.
– Yes! Bye bye!

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  1. Hej! Har ni varit till Sundsvall/Matfors någon gång, eller har ni planer på att åka hit upp? Finns mycket fint här! Våra tre barn; Hana ("Hanna") 4år & Wilma 2år är stort fan utav er, speciellt för Hana. Noel på 6mån blir nog ett stort fan med! 🙂 kramar

  2. Afrika for afrikanere, Asia for asiatere, EUROPA FOR ALLE?

    venstrepolitikk og masseinnvandringen (som promoteres i media), transformerer Europa og erstatter det opprinnelige europeiske folket med arabere og afrikanere. MER INFO:

  3. Var i Stockholm i helgen och åkte hem idag önskade att jag hade träffat er men det gjorde jag inte men det är ok dör om ni svarar här kommer en sak

    1 vet
    2 ni
    3 vem
    4 som
    5 är
    6 bäst

    Kolla på numer 2😃😃☺️☺️

  4. Dagens fråga hur gammal är ni❤️ Ni är bäst på youtube
    Älskar er❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍🥳

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