Sport Climbing Gear Checklist || REI

Sport Climbing Gear Checklist || REI

– What’s up guys, I’m Miranda
and today I’m gonna show you everything I bring with
me when I go sport climbing. (gentle music) So obviously this is a ton of stuff, I don’t bring this with me all the time, there are some essentials
that I always have but this is the stuff that
I’d bring for a long day of cragging with a short approach when I know I’m gonna have a
lot of chill time, downtime. Let’s start with the essentials. So I have my preferred
quickdraws over here, those are the ones that I
keep for racking with first, I also have some extra quickdraws those are my less favorite of the bunch. Then I have my rope in a rope bag, this rope bag is actually a backpack, I have it like this so that I can pawn it off on somebody else but it does fit in the bottom of my bag. Then obviously I have my
helmet, that’s just for safety, and then I bring my PAS,
my personal anchor system, as well as an ATC, my
preferred belay device, my gloves, and then an
extra bail carabiner on there as well. Here I have some extra
cordelettes, some slings and a few extra carabiners and lockers. And then obviously I have my harness. And then I generally
bring two pairs of shoes, one pair is my more
comfortable slab shoes, these ones are getting
a little bit worn out, and then I also bring my sending shoes, these are my more aggressive shoes that I will pull on when I’m like ready to get something done and dialed. I also bring a guidebook
with me for the area. And then I also have my phone with me which has the Mountain
Project loaded on it, and I’ll get to that in a second. And then obviously I’ll bring my harness and my chalk bag with
some extra chalk in there. And then I bring my first-aid kit, this has the nail clippers
in it as well as nail files, some tape, things like that, and then also a SAM splint,
this is just a flexible splint which is great in case
somebody rolls an ankle or injures an elbow or something. Obviously I have my water bottle which will be totally
full of water and ready to go for a day of climbing,
this is just one liter but you could carry more water with you if you’re out for a longer trip. And then I have my warm-up kit in here, this is a kit that I’ve developed that works really well for me, this just has stretch
bands in it for warming up as well as Power Putty
for warming up my fingers, and all sorts of skin
repair and balm as well. I would highly recommend
developing your own warm-up kit, it’s just a really good idea and something that I think
climbers are not always great at. So, that’s my warm-up kit. And then we kind of get
into the non-essentials. So, I bring my down jacket with
me, this is my belay jacket, I get cold really easily so
I like to have that jacket with me as well as an
extra long-sleeved shirt. As you can see, I’m not
wearing a T-shirt right now, I have a deep hatred
for climbing in T-shirts so I always climb in a
tank top but I’ll bring an extra long-sleeved shirt in case temperatures get really cold. And then I bring my sunglasses
with a sunglass retainer, as well as hats with me, so
depending on the weather, I’ll bring my ball cap,
this is just for hiking in since I’ll be wearing the
helmet when I’m actually belaying or climbing. But then if it’s too cold for a ball cap or it’s not sunny enough to require it I will just bring my
beanie to wear instead. And then I also like to bring a bandana especially if I’m not wearing a headband like I am right now, I
obviously use this to keep hair out of my face or
use it to wipe sweat. So, yeah, I bring a clean
bandana with me as well. So lets just go through what I’m actually wearing right now, so obviously I have a lightweight wicking tank top on and then I am wearing my approach shoes, these shoes have seen better days, but these are my approach
shoes, I have a pair of wool socks on, and then my climbing leggings. I don’t like to climb in shorts, I feel about that about
the same as I feel about climbing in T-shirts, I like
to have my knees protected, so these have worked really well for me. If it’s super hot out, I will use a lighter
weight pant than these, but in general, this is what I will wear. I also have my watch
on my wrist right now, If you’ve seen any of my other videos you know that I wear
this watch all the time. But I don’t actually wear
it when I’m climbing. I also have my belay slippers
here, or my belay shoes, These are something that I pull on instead of having my approach shoes on
when I’m done with the climb. And then I carry a headlamp, it’s just part of your ten
essentials, good idea to have it. Then I’ll also bring my
extra water filtration you can also bring water
treatment tabs if you want and this sort of depends on how
long you’re going to be out. But again, part of your ten essentials, just a good idea to have it. Another thing that I really like to have when I’m out climbing are snacks, I think that snacks are the
best part of a day of climbing and I really like avocados
so I will often bring half an avocado as well
as some tortilla chips or tortillas themselves in this bowl. And then this fits really nicely in the lid of my crag bag. I also bring my cellphone
with me, my cellphone has Mountain Project loaded
on it, and then I’ll download the area where I’m climbing,
I like to keep my cellphone in airplane mode because I
use it both for referencing routes as well as as my camera, and keeping it in airplane
mode will keep the battery from draining really quickly. Getting into a few more non-essentials, I will generally keep
my coffee mug with me, that’s something I’ll leave in the car that way I can stop by a coffee shop and just bring a mug
with me on the way back or stop and have a cold
beverage, so anything like that having it inside a mug is really great. I also sometimes bring a poop kit with me which I have in this green bag here. If you don’t know what a poop kit is, it’s basically just a
trowel for digging a hole, toilet paper if that’s
what you’re going to carry, a bag to pack that out as
well as hand sanitizer. Another thing that I will carry with me, especially if I’m climbing
with an uneven group of people like three to five people,
is my Flexlite chair. Obviously this is not an essential, this is a huge luxury
item, but if I know that I’m going to be kinda sitting
around for a lot of the day, having a Flexlite chair to
hang out in is actually really great, and it’s not super
heavy and it fits really nicely on the side of my bag. I also have a dog, and my
dog is an awesome crag dog, or at least I think so,
so I have a leash here. If you are gonna bring
your dog with you climbing, obviously make sure that your dog is comfortable around people
and is not going to be barking or be distracting at
all, for other climbers. So, yeah, bringing a leash
for me is pretty essential, I’ll bring a water bowl for her as well as a bone or some toys. But yeah, if you have
a dog, bring a leash. Then the last item that I have here is something that I’ve
started carrying recently, so if I find that I’m
getting really anxious or nervous, or I’m just feeling anxious while I’m not climbing,
I like to have something to do with my hands to help calm me down. Sort of a relaxing thing
for me and so I will carry a pocket knife with me to whittle things like this spoon that I made
on my last climbing trip, so carry your pocket knife,
it’s something that’s really lightweight and easy to
carry around and then I carry a spoon gouge as
well as some sandpaper. Again, totally not an
essential and you might find that there’s something
else that you like to do to keep yourself busy while you’re waiting but for me this is just a
really good relaxation tool that fits easily in my bag, so yeah. And last but not least,
obviously all this stuff has to go somewhere, and
so it goes in my crag bag. My crag bag is 40 liters and
it fits all of this stuff pretty easily, depending
on how many people you’re climbing with you might find you can go with a smaller bag, you might need something larger, obviously if you have more gear you’ll want something bigger, but as far as sport
climbing goes, this crag bag has worked really really well for me. That’s it for everything that
I bring out sport climbing. If you have any of your own special items that you like to have with you, please leave those in the comments below, and I’ll see you guys later.

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  1. I heard Miranda doesn't use her legs when she climbs; not on account of improper technique, but because she has the traps and delts to pull herself up rock walls like a salmon ladder.

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