Sport vs. Standard TRX4: Traxxas TRX4 Sport 1/10 RC Trail Truck

Today we are going to take a look at the brand
new TRX4 Sport from Traxxas, this is probably the most performance driven TRX4 to date. So in this video we are going to check out
some of the changes with what makes this truck unique. We will look at some of the similarities amongst
the line and then we are going to go outside and drive it. Alright here it is, this is the TRX4 Sport. Now it is a 312 millimeter wheel based truck
its about 10th scale is uses brushed electronics of course it is electric and it is fully ready-to-run
out of the box. It comes assembled, you will need to supply
your own battery pack, battery charger and then four AA batteries for the transmitter. So first things first the TRX4 Sport uses
an entirely new body this is a fully Lexan body. There are no wheel wells attached to the body
as well as no wheel wells attached to the chassis. This body is avaliable in blue or red and
it does have some scale stickers on here. We have some door handles and then some kind
of windshield wipers, on this side we have a gas cap, there’s some bent lighter in here
and also included in the box are black fenders that we can put over the fenders here on the
body to make that pop just a little bit more. In terms of scale details this body has been
kept pretty minimalistic to just keep it lightweight. Moving into the chassis this platform looks
very familiar if you are already aware of the TRX4 line we used the same battery tray
with the battery brace here that is adjustable to accommodate different thicknesses of LiPos. We have the same body mount system, the same
side skirts. We are using the same waterproof receiver
box, our ESC upfront is the 2075x the same used on all of the other models, as well as
the motor it’s the 550 21t brushed Traxxas Motor. Our ESC is the XL5 HV ESC this is of course
compatible with 2 or 3 cell LiPo batteries. Some other similarities with the TRX4 Sport
are our aluminum threaded body shocks. We have the same 1.9 Canyon Tires we are using
the same link configuration underneath which uses steel links this is a 4 link in the rear
with a 3 link panhard setup in the front. We are using the same portal axles, front
and rears we’ve seen on all TRX4 models that is probably one of the staples that defines
this truck. Some other similarities are going to be our
driveshafts, our skid plate, our transmission housing, our bumper mounts, the front link
assembly and the front link and panhard assembly. It is all going to be the same as the other
TRX4 models. So with so much of the truck being the same,
what are the differences? Well we mentioned that the transmission housing
is the same as the original and it is but instead of there being a two-speed transmission
now it is a single speed transmission. Internally it’s just been configured differently
to be at a gearing in between the first and second gear on the original transmission and
now since it is a single speed we no longer have that extra weight of that micro servo
in the chassis, we’ve reduced some weight and made it a little bit simpler by taking
out the adjustability, another huge difference with the sport is going to be in these portal
axles. On the other TRX4 trucks internally in the
axles was a fully complete differential with internal gears it’s a very good system when
you need working differential but it adds weight. Traxxas has removed those adjustable diffs
and added a very simple lightweight locker in each of the front and rear axles. So now with those front and rear axles now
being adjustable we no longer have the weight of two more micro servos being planted on
the chassis. As a side note if you are worried about the
two speed and the locking diffs being taken away Traxxas will provide optionally a two
speed kit to turn that back into a two speed and then of course with the differentials
they will offer optionally adjustable locking and opening differentials so you can outfit
this truck to make it more like the original. Some other little changes we’ve seen on the
sport truck are gonna include little aesthetic difference like these brand new black wheels. These are new for the TRX4 and they look pretty
dang good. Some other little bling bling features are
going to include the red toe hooks and our red diff locker here as well as the rear end
we have some hooks and that red locker. Another really big change in terms of performance
for the sport are going to be the new bumpers the’ve been redesigned to allow the truck
to have a steeper approach angle when trying to climb objects or coming down off of objects. So essentially it has to do with the contact
point at the tire and then the bumper. So if we are looking at something steep like
if this is a hill we are trying to climb up we have a better approach angle because of
these updated bumpers which provide an approach angle of 58.82 degrees. One last thing before we go outside and drive
this truck because of the differentials and the transmission are no longer adjustable
and this platform no longer uses those three micro servos we now have a different transmitter. It’s a two channel TQ transmitter with only
a set button up top and a steering trim so there is no longer the cruise control function
with the sport. Alright guys there you have it, that was the
TRX4 Sport out in the wild driving around and performance is much improved, the lightweight
body really helps out when you’re side hilling the truck stayed planted much better and it
rolled over a lot less. Climbing and descending was much improved
with our new approach angles really being able to kind of hit more steeper stuff right
off the back without much restrictions and then with climbing also the truck had little
to no tendency to want to fully roll backwards unless the terrain was really steep so the
performance was much better. If you guys have any questions on this TRX4
Sport please go ahead and leave that down below and if you want more info on this model
or any of the TRX4 models we will have links down below for you as well. My name is Brett with AMain Hobbies thanks
for watching.

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