Sports Eye Injury Threatens Teen’s Basketball Dreams

(music) (laughter, basketball game sounds) So, Angellia is a competitive basketball
player and she was and going for a rebound and got into a scruff and
basically got a finger into the eye. The pain was excruciating. Her finger went in my eye and it just it really hurt. initially people were worried about
maybe an abrasion. But later she ultimately developed a retinal
detachment. My vision was, it was in a blur. It was very blurry. I wasn’t able to see clearly. A retinal detachment is when the light-sensitive aspect of the eye,
the retina, starts to come off. This is a serious situation because if this is not
urgently taken care of, you’re at risk for permanent vision loss. We had to actually
go to the operating room to do a surgery, which was very effective in treating her
retinal detachment. He was very open and welcoming. He was comforting as well, too. He made me feel that my injury was gonna be treated well and that I would
be able to come back from this. Angellia was very fortunate. She came in early. The retinal detachment
was successfully repaired and we were able to restore her vision so she did
not develop any irreversible vision loss. We’re very pleased and happy that it all
went well and she has her sight. As ophthalmologist we have a duty to raise
awareness among our patients about eye protection and sports where there’s a
high risk of eye injury. Basketball is a clear example where patients can
develop serious complications. I recommend parents to invest
in some safety goggles when they’re playing any sports that can
contact to the eye, especially basketball. Yeah, I do wear sports safety goggles
when I play. Because it helps me in the game. It helps me to know that I’m going
to be okay playing. I’d like to thank the the doctors and everyone who helped
through my recovery path. (music)

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