Stadia Connect 8.19.2019 – Game Announcements

Stadia Connect 8.19.2019 – Game Announcements

Hey everyone!
I’m Ray from the Stadia team.
I’m here today to give you a brief update
on Stadia, the new generation gaming platform
where you can buy the games you want and play
them across your favorite screens.
We’re also going to reveal more games that
you’ll be able to play on Stadia, starting
this November.
Instead of needing to buy a console to play
your games, we give you access to Google’s
powerful custom data centers.
Our servers are designed with today’s most
demanding games in mind, to ensure your games
run at the highest graphical settings and
framerate available today.
You can just fire up Stadia to play your games
on your TV, desktop, laptop, and select tablets
and smartphones.
With Stadia you get 4K gameplay without annoying
game downloads, patches, installs or expensive
gaming hardware to buy.
The days of waiting to download and update
a new game are over – just grab your controller
and you’re in.
To play Stadia, you’ll need the Stadia Founder’s
Edition which you can pre-order today for
only $129.
It comes with 3 months of Stadia Pro,
our premium subscription, for you and a friend,
a Stadia Controller and a Chromecast Ultra to
play on the biggest screen in your home.
And as an added bonus, Founders will already
have the full Destiny 2 experience in their
Stadia library, ready to play from day one.
We’ve had a fantastic response so far and
are almost sold out of Founder’s Edition
in some countries, so if you want to be one
of the very first gamers on Stadia later this
year, you’ll need to get your Founder’s
Edition quickly.
In our last Stadia Connect we showed you a
collection of launch titles coming to Stadia
from the best publishers and developers in
the world.
And we keep adding more games to the Stadia
Whether you’re looking for a mythological
storybook adventure in Gods and Monsters…
…or a chance to take back London with a
team of specialists in Watch Dogs: Legion,
Ubisoft has you covered with both games coming
to Stadia.
So let’s get to it….I’m going to pass
it off to my friend Shanna, another member
of the Stadia team, who will run you through
some more big names to add to that list…
Hi, I’m Shanna and I’m excited to share
the latest titles we’re adding to the Stadia portfolio.
My team and I have been travelling all over
the world, for years we’ve been meeting
with the best developers and publishers with
the goal of bringing more of your favorite
games to Stadia.
We’ve been to Japan, England, Germany, the
U.S., Canada and…most recently…..
Our first video is with CD Projekt Red who
are making one of the most anticipated games
of 2020…
And, it’s coming to Stadia. Let’s take a look.
If you replace your body with a machine,
are you still human?
Is it possible to maintain individualism without any human parts?
Maybe that individualism is actually what creates humanity in us.
CDPR has always been a company that puts a very big emphasis on the story
storytelling and creating very strong emotion in players.
I’m sorry
With Cyberpunk, we’re adding a whole new sort of pillar to it which is what we call open-ended gameplay.
We have non-linearity in storytelling, non-linearity in the way you explore the world,
and now we want to introduce non-linearity in gameplay.
You can play your character any way you would like to play it.
I like to complete missions in a way that I have managed to outsmart my opponents.
In no matter what game it is, I always play big butch characters that kinda plow through everything.
And all these things have an effect on
how your story plays out.
The first member, the man, the myth, Johnny Silverhand.
Good morning, Night City. The song on the radio is by rocker boy Johnny Silverhand.
Johnny Silverhand who’s a legend in Night City.
A musician but also an activist.
We were creating this character.
As we were in the process, we realized. Hey, would it be really cool if Keanu Reeves could play this character?
Keanu is…amazing!
Johnny Silverhand will be our players’ guide to the city. He’s with you throughout most of the game.
Wake up, samurai!
We have a city to burn.
This project is of a scale that we’ve never tackled before. The ambition is crazy.
Something like Stadia really allows more people to experience our stories.
Everyone gets to experience the same awesome story, quests, and locations.
It’s a very technologically demanding game.
But with Stadia, you can actually play it respectively with the power of your devices.
There are many scenes that people are gonna have very strong feelings about.
I hope that the lense of the game and the lense of the future will show them in an exaggerated way
things that are already happening in our society.
And hopefully our future is gonna be better than the grim future of Cyberpunk 2077.
Ready now?
Woah, hey, easy.
Few have gone through to the other side.
Thanks CD Projekt Red for a look at the breathtaking Cyberpunk 2077.
I can’t wait to have Cyberpunk with me on Stadia wherever I go.
In our last Connect, we revealed Destiny 2: Shadowkeep to the world.
We’re happy to have our friends at Bungie back to show you more from the next chapter of Destiny 2’s story.
Something wicked has awakened
Nightmares plague our galaxy.
Your past confronts you, Guardian.
Put an end to it.
You haven’t seen darkness.
Not yet.
A great battle approaches
A trio of adorable machines decide to follow their hearts, and form a band.
Help them chase their dreams in the upcoming 3D puzzle platformer Kine.
Today I take the first step on the road to stardom.
I’m bored. Let’s try something new!
Oh, hi.
Check. These. Moves.
There’s some real talent here…
Up next is Darksiders Genesis, a brand new take on a beloved adventure franchise.
Hack and slash action
Take on angels and demons
Go to hell and back
Wreak havoc in co-op
For our next deeper look at a new, exclusive game coming to Stadia,
the talented team at Robot Entertainment are here to introduce you to the next installment of their popular franchise
Orcs Must Die
Well, well well. Take a look at these two apprentices.
These kids are doing great!
But maybe a few tips from old Max would help.
First, that bad boy?
See, you want to move him slightly left over to the right seventeen degrees and then also…
nevermind. Just make him go BOOM.
Holy cow! That’s a…
I’m not going to math but that’s like a billion.
Is this even legal?
Whoa, whoa whoa!
Did the sorcerers teach them that?
BOOM! Goes the dynamite. Look at those suckers fly!
Okay, maybe you’re quicker learners than I thought.
Ooh, look! They’re so pretty – oh, wow, was that an arm?
That’s what I’m talking about!
Go war mages!
Alright heroes, you know what to do.
Heroes gotta hero,
and Orcs Must Die….
It looks very insurmountable.
A 500 mob army.
You can’t win.
My name is Jerome Jones, I’m the Design Director here at Robot Entertainment.
We really just want to make games that people want to play and share with their friends.
My name is Patrick Hudson. I’m the CEO of Robot Entertainment.
When you’re making an interactive experience, you know it’s going to end up in somebody’s hands
and you want them to feel something, you want to connect with that player.
That matters, that means something to us.
I always tell people that Orcs Must Die is a puzzle game.
Each level is a puzzle.
You’re a hero, you’re trying to stop a bunch of bad guys from getting into your house.
We get a lot of letters, you know.
“Would you guys make OMD3 already? Just make OMD3, give us what we want.”
So, we’re doing it.
I think from Orcs Must Die! 3, fans can expect more of everything they love and just a bigger setting.
The physics are over the top and so that just creates a really fun landscape
for orc mayhem and orc destruction.
Hey, where ya going huh?
We were invited to check out Stadia back in January of 2018.
Google handed us the controllers and allowed us to play an early version of DOOM running on Stadia.
And it was great. Right away it was a fantastic experience.
And, you know, I immediately saw it as the next transformative platform coming to the industry.
Kind of the same feeling I got when I saw the iPhone coming and what I thought that might mean for games.
We knew that we wanted to be a part of it.
We noticed the difference when we started actually playing the build on Stadia.
That’s what everyone’s going to get.
They’re not going to be subject to the power of their machine.
Everybody gets that same massive power.
That’s a big deal. That’s a big deal.
I have always wanted orc scenarios to feel like you can’t win. Always.
In the War Scenarios now, you’re going to have a 500 mob army in one single wave.
And that’s not like spread out cleverly like 50 guys here, 50 guys here, 50.
That’s 500 orcs. That’s what Stadia made possible.
You know, you get to this point, you want people to start experiencing it.
After 25 years, a classic returns. Get set for Windjammers 2.
Let’s take a look at the exciting remake of a cult-classic,
Destroy All Humans! from THQ Nordic.
Hello, friends.
Have you ever gazed up into the night sky and wondered at the possibility of life on other planets?
What marvelous beings might exist out there, hands extended in friendship,
awaiting the moment when we humans take our first tentative steps into space?
What tales will be told of that glorious day when we are first contacted by our brothers from beyond the stars?
Next our friends from Warner Brothers are going to tell you about how one of their biggest franchises
will be re-imagined on Stadia…
Hey, my name’s Erin Piepergerdes and I’m the Executive Producer for Mortal Kombat.
We’re known for our solid gameplay, our quick brutal action, and our over the top finishing moves like our fatalities.
Part of the reason that people return to us over and over is our in-depth story mode.
These are characters that people have grown up with, they know, they love,
and Mortal Kombat 11 picks up right where Mortal Kombat X left off.
You’re going to see a lot of returning fan-favorite characters as well as some new ones.
Let the new era begin.
We also got a time traveling element to the story so you’ll get to see some past versions, present versions,
and even some future versions
of these favorite characters.
It wouldn’t be a Mortal Kombat if we didn’t have fatalities
and with Mortal Kombat 11 we’ve got some of the most brutal and over the top that we’ve ever produced.
Making great fighting games starts with the combat.
It’s gotta be fluid, it’s gotta be fast, it has to be precise.
Players spend hours practicing the moves to get that timing just right.
What really convinced us to bring Mortal Kombat to Stadia was seeing the fast, fluid gameplay replicated on the platform.
With a game like ours, that’s very important to us.
We have a certain quality bar that we have to maintain and with Stadia we feel we can achieve that.
Since the beginning of development of Mortal Kombat for Stadia, Google has been with us all along the way.
They’ve been a great partner to help us make sure that we’re achieving the quality that we expect of our game
and that the players expect as well.
So one of the reasons we’re excited about the Stadia platform and being available on the cloud
is just the ease of access for our players.
It is exciting. It is legitimately cool to be able to pause the game
and then go to your phone and play it on the phone.
That’s pretty cool.
We’re very excited to bring Mortal Kombat to Stadia this November.
Thanks to Warner Brothers and NetherRealm Studios for this look inside their creative process.
We’re honored to be a new home for one of gaming’s premier franchises.
When the world only moves when you move, things get really weird, really fast.
Immerse yourself in the stylish action of Superhot.
“Unlike anything else I’ve played.” 9/10 — Polygon
“The most innovative shooter I’ve played in years.” 9.5/10 — Jimquisition
You must understand
that there is but one path
and that is…DEATH
Focus your mind
Draw your blade
Embrace death
We can’t wait for you to play GRID on Stadia.
Let’s have a look.
This next one comes from our friends at id Software
one of the fastest and most visceral shooters of the decade is headed to Stadia.
What you interfere with now is bigger than you can imagine.
They are no longer your people to save.
DOOM Eternal
Raze Hell
Join the club
Coming soon to Stadia
And beyond the ocean…
I couldn’t imagine what was there.
Anti-personnel ODM
Thunder Spears
Gatling Gun
Easy to use for all players
Control Assistance
Experience Season 3
Character Episode Mode
All units, move in with ODM and finish it!
It moved….
Stay out of our damn way, you little runt!
Come on. Get under Eren!
We’ve gotta blow a hole in them somehow!
One more blow!
Yeah. Very funny, sir.
Which goddamn piece is it?!
This is how you’re going to spend your final moments?
If we’re all gonna die anyway, what’s the point?
You all go fight the Armored Titan!
I am the true ruler of the Walls!
Story Mode
Includes Seasons 1 & 2
The vast continent of Tamriel awaits. We’re thrilled to welcome at stunning and vibrant MMO to Stadia.
Fire and fury fill the sky over Elsweyr
as ancient powers return to ravage our world.
Hear my call, heroes and adventurers,
gather your allies and stand against this evil,
rise and fight in this season of the dragon!
Discover mystic lands
Master Dark Arts
Rise up against dragons
Save Elsweyr
Let’s make some mayhem
A little mayhem keeps life interesting, and nobody does mayhem like Gearbox.
And now from our partners at Ubisoft, a new trailer for a game we know you can’t wait to play.
Vicious terror attack left hundreds dead
Mayor of London has declared a state of emergency
As you can see, London’s having a rough time of it.
What with these nasty opportunists seizing control.
That’s where you come in:
Welcome to the Resistance!
It’s up to you to build the perfect team and take the city back.
The good news is that any Londoner could become your next recruit,
and you can play as anyone.
And they’ve all got their own gameplay skills…
See this charming chappie?
That’s Viktor.
Watch it you dumb idiot!
He only takes off half the amount of damage after he’s necked a pint…
…or four.
Top man!
And her? That’s Sue.
Top-notch lawyer.
Once in your team, she can get your operatives out of jail automatically.
You don’t even need to lift a finger.
Nice one Sue!
And this is Alan,
old codger,
and veritable mad *******.
Increased damage with rifles and… wait…
may die randomly??
R.I.P. Alan…
Moving on!
Everyone is different,
so YOU have to decide what’s best for YOUR team.
But why would these fine people want to join you?
Well, everyone’s got an origin story.
I want you to help me get revenge on the gangster **** that killed my brother.
Help them with their problem and once they trust you,
they will become playable characters.
Each one of your new best friends is a unique gameplay build.
So, dust off your sorting hat and give them a class.
Then level them up and unlock new perks.
There are thousands of possibilities.
Whether you’ve got a knack for gizmos,
or you’d rather stalk people from the shadows,
building a team with diverse skills will be critical to your success.
Each new recruit will make your team stronger.
You can even customise your team members…
There, what a lovely hat!
Of course, accidents can happen.
Don’t worry, if you’re smart you could always surrender!
No shame in that. Anyone got Sue’s number?
Luckily, our city is filled with millions of people
and any single one of them could be your next recruit.
London’s calling.
Get out there and take it back.
Thanks for joining us today. As we move closer to launch in November, we’re continuing to add games to the Stadia portfolio.
We look forward to sharing more with you in the next Stadia Connect.

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