Star Wars – Best Picture Summary – Oscars 2018

Star Wars – Best Picture Summary – Oscars 2018

Master Skywalker, you seem troubled.
Has something happened?
Unfortunately something didn’t happen.
I have bad news, Rey…
I just received word… that we’re not nominated
for Best Picture.
Did you think we would be nominated for Best
We were critically acclaimed, Rey!!!!
Critically Acclaimed!!!!
Yes, but the…
The critics ALWAYS like what everyone likes…
I don’t think that’s true.
How are we not best picture!?
It makes no sense!
Well what about best actor?
And I gave the best performance I’ve ever
I was acting so hard I became one with the
force, Rey!!!
Oh, is that what happened there?
Best Director?
Best Actress?
What about music???
Well duh, obviously!
Hello everyone.
Did you hear about the nominations?
Yes.. and I’m furious.
I blew everyone’s mind taking out the Supreme
Leader a whole movie ahead of schedule!
But Daniel Day Lewis makes a bunch of dresses
and everyone wants to suddenly throw trophies
at his feet…
Settle down Ben.
The nominees can’t be that bad.
I heard the Shape of Water was lovely.
The one Where a human falls in love with a
sea creature?
We have that!
I love my milk sirens!!
Perhaps a little too much…
What about The Post or Three Billboards?
Brave women rising up against authority, risking
it all.
We have ALL of those things!!!!
Okay fine.
But you have to admit Commissioner Gordon
was fantastic in Darkest Hour?
Oooo, look at me.
I put on a fat suit I’m soooo impressive.
can I please have an award?!?!
You’re being so childish.
Kind of like Lady Bird…
You know…
immature, ungrateful, doesn’t want to be
called by her given name.
At least she changed.
Kylo IS my name!
Speaking of names…
Call Me By Your Name?
Awakening desires…
I tried awakening desires between you two.
Get out of here Snoke Torso!
We could be related!
You’re not gonna be related!
#ReyLo Forever
Anyways… you had to have liked Dunkirk at
Is that the one with the soldiers on the beach
while Hans Zimmer falls asleep on an organ?
Hans Zimmer is nominated for that score!
Oh my gosh!
Did everybody take death sticks?
We had soldiers and John freaking Williams!!!
It’s visually stunning.
What do you think Salt that turns RED during battle is?
Freakin Awesome!
That’s right it is!
All these nominees are a joke!
Yeah They Are!!!
You know, I did like Get Out though.
Oh yeah, actually me too.
Well it’s actually the only one I saw.
Yeah me too.
AND it was seriously scary!
Yea, you’re telling me.
It’s not FAIR!!!
We made more money than all these guys in
one weekend.
Why can’t we ever be acknowledged?!?
Master Luke!
Did you hear the wonderful news?
The Last Jedi has been nominated for FOUR
Music, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Visual
Well obviously!
Of course we are!
That happens everytime!
We have lightsabers!
I’m sorry. It’s just not the same.
Hey everyone, thanks for watching!
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  1. "THE LAST JEWDI" the culmination of the Jewish Art Form of vomiting on a canvas then trying to sell it to non-Jews with lots of fake positive reviews.

  2. Star Wars all the way to lightspeed past the Death Star strait through tattooine yeah I think best pictures goes to Star Wars.

  3. …and just like that, HISHE made the Last Jedi have far more plot development than the movie, in just a few minutes.

  4. It would have been interesting to see this happening this year, given that Adam Driver was nominated for an Oscar.. . And here he is complaining about last Jedi getting snubbed.

  5. Anyone else firmly believe The Last Jedi didn't deserve a nomination for best picture and agrees with the academy?

  6. All three marvel films (guardians of the galaxy 2, spiderman homecoming, thor ragnarok) were easily better so it didn't stand much chance I'm afraid

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