Stock Market Analysis – Casino Stocks! Comparing LVS, MAR, HLT, MGM, & WYNN

Stock Market Analysis – Casino Stocks! Comparing LVS, MAR, HLT, MGM, & WYNN

hello everyone and thanks for tuning in
to the Financial ambassador channel my
name is Brent and today we’re gonna be
taking a look at a company labeled LVS
Las Vegas Sands this was a company I
owned back maybe four or five years ago
I also in Wynn Resorts back in the past
as well and recently a viewer subscriber
dropped a comment saying that they
recently added LDS to their portfolio
along with Macy’s ticker symbol M and
the positions were up me being currently
looking for other investments I wanted
to take a look back at Wynn Resorts and
Las Vegas hands along with some of their
other competitors and take a look at
their financials their overall metrics
to see where they are currently and if
they are worth invest in here in the m1
finance portfolio so that is what we’re
going to be covering today if you are
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stock market dividends real estate if
you do enjoy this video final help we’ll
hit the thumbs up and if you have any
comments yourself drop them into the
comment section below I will try and
make this video as quick as possible
while covering as much of the
information that I would normally look
at here in the very quick recap of us
you know when I’m doing a 500-foot jump
deep down into these specific stocks so
I have five stocks in addition to Las
Vegas Sands that’s the primary one I
want to take a look at so I have
Marriott hotel ticker symbol ma our
Hilton Worldwide super simple h LT the
MGM resort international ticker symbol
MGM and when Resorts ticker symbol W Y
and n now when I’m looking for stocks
that have competitors with any specific
industry I go to ski in them and I go
look at the market so here I went to CNN
business took a look at Las Vegas Sands
now because I’m interested and take a
look at other companies within their
industry their competitors and then do
comparisons against them I will go to
this website scroll down slightly you’re
gonna see some information related to
their in firm you know their specific
company and as you move down here you’re
gonna see some of them
now these are what I’m going to be
comparing in Las Vegas Sands to again
Marriott Hilton MGM and Wynn Resorts so
I grab them put them all in here inside
the different times and I was kind of
reviewing them but what I want to show
you here is taking a look at their
revenue free cash flow and net income
over the past ten years and just give
you a quick summary as to why I’m
considering investing in Las Vegas Sands
and also mariya made another really good
appearance as far as you know where’s
financials and shouldn’t it but I felt
this may be a good video to kind of
cover with you guys asked you why I may
be diving here into Las Vegas Sands as a
upcoming company within the portfolio
now starting over at Wynn Resorts we’re
gonna go ahead and go from last year
back to Las Vegas Sands we’re gonna be
taking a look at revenue net income free
cash flow and we’re gonna look at it in
percentages so anything you see here on
the board divide it by ten and that’s
gonna give you your average per year for
their revenue net income or free cash
flow now up on the board we have when
resorts we have their revenue up 13.3%
on average over the past ten years or a
hundred and thirty three percent we also
have in the orange of their net income
at four point one seven thousand percent
and their free cash flow in the negative
down two hundred and sixty six percent
so we do have a red indicator here just
negative free cash flow and if you want
to look into it a little bit more you
could go and take a look at 10ks go to
their website and take a look at what
has happened you know why do they have
negative free cash flow it looks like it
was recent here in 2019 so maybe they
did a recent acquisition or they needed
a lot of cash or something out there
next we take a look at MGM Resort I’m
gonna go through here these fairly
quickly because I want to cover as much
information as I can in a short amount
of time MGM Resorts here we can see here
revenue up ninety eight percent or nine
point eight percent on average per year
now everything else here is negative we
have negative ninety percent in their
net income
some from 2013 this company really has
just been in the negative negative
negative and slightly over the past five
years they have been on up trend over
the five years but rarely but really
over the ten-year period their net
income hasn’t gone anywhere their free
cash flow is also negative two point
three twenty three percent over the past
ten years or an average they lose about
two point three percent of their free
cash flow per a year and their net
income about nine percent of their net
income goes down per year on average
just over the last ten years it doesn’t
mean that actually happens because we
can see as of 2016 they have been in an
increase there and revenue up ninety
jumping over to hilton Hilton’s actually
add some all-time highs currently but we
can see by their financials that really
a lot of investors should probably be
looking at this one as sort of a warning
over the past ten years hilton has gone
and gone negative four point one eight
percent with their revenue so they lose
an average of 0.4% of their revenue
every single year over the past ten
years giving them a negative four
percent over the past ten also in the
red we have their free cash flow down
thirty two percent and their net income
is the only positive thing here but we
can see that this thing swings year of
the year it’s very cynical and it’s
currently sitting at 69 percent for
their net income or roughly six point
nine percent over the past ten years on
average per year next Marriott this was
another good choice that I was taking a
look at if we look at this one take a
look at its financials its revenue up
7.5% on average per year seventy five
percent over the past ten we have in the
red free cash flow up three thirty six
and their net income up 1.8 mm percent
over the past ten years that’s really
good there that is a healthy looking you
know as far as financials I like to see
Radek are you know positive across the
board and then we have Las Vegas Sands
another good one here this one across
the board everything is positive here
revenue up 10.1 percent on average per
year in the orange free cash flow I’m
net income 15.6 percent on
per year and we can see with our free
cash flow is up 2.1 4000 over the past
ten years so again Marriott and Las
Vegas sands are both trading at you know
very good financials everything positive
over the past ten years now I don’t
really care to dig too much deeper into
the Hilton MGM or win because when I
took a look at these the Hilton this one
does not have a growing dividend over
the past you know X amount of years this
one’s basically cut their dividend
they’ve also had a huge gap here between
2016 they don’t have a lot of
consistency here and they haven’t had
any increases as well as over the past
just year they’re up 33 percent I
believe that this company is financially
having some issues they may have some
returns that they’re returning to their
investors because of the stocks going up
but overall their financial metrics and
a few others did not sit well with me so
I’m not going to be covering the Hilton
the other one MGM internationals this
one has one year of dividend growth over
the past ten years we can see here on
the information here they really haven’t
paid any sort of dividends until
recently starting here in 2017 and
they’ve only done one dividend increase
here which has gone slightly now as far
as MGM goes we already saw its tenure
over the past ten years has been on the
decline as far as two metrics I believe
it was net income and yeah free cash
flow so not one I am currently looking
to consider so I’m gonna go ahead and
knock that one out as well and then we
have the Wynn Resorts again the Wynn
Resorts we had negative free cash flow
not a negative in my book as far as it’s
a resort so have any negative free cash
flow some years you can see I’ll had
negative free cash flow go in a 2015 but
it quickly recovered it and we’re
showing currently negative free cash
flow but again there they are a you know
dividend increase here for one year
since 2018 if we take a look at their
the way that they raised our dividend
it’s very sporadic they have a quarterly
paying dividend but they just don’t
raise it that often we can see here
between 2015 and recently 2018 they
really haven’t gone anywhere what
anywhere with their dividend it would be
it just a lot of growth and when I took
a look at Wynn Resorts and compared it
to its starting yield and 50-day 200-day
moving average and a half percentages
and they’re gonna go ahead and remove
them we could see here that it is
trading at below 200-day moving average
oh it’s actually above 200-day moving
average below 50-day moving average
you’re getting me starting yield of 2.6
– which is fairly good over the past
year but again with its financials I
don’t believe this one has a reason to
be down trending currently and I don’t
know where it’s a little bit riskier for
me to be invest in a company like that
and it doesn’t have a whole lot of
dividend history that I would really
like to invest and kind of add to my
portfolio for any sort of reason now the
only two that I’m leaving here to kind
of compare into a better deep dive in is
Las Vegas Sands and the Marriott now
these both of these if we take a look
here at Las Vegas Sands it has six years
of growing and paying out a dividend
since 2013 if we scroll down here we’ll
see that recently they started paying
out dividends back in 2012 their 2013
was the first time they increase their
dividend and they’ve been doing steadily
steady increases for the past six years
since then I believe this is probably
their seventh year now they have a
starting yield of 5.2 percent and we
have the Marriott which has eight years
of dividend growth since 2011 if we
scroll down here towards 2011 we could
see here that they do they did do a bit
of a stock cut back in 2000 over they
had a bit of a gap but they did a stock
split which probably you know that may
have hurt them a little bit they stayed
split their stock they continued to
raise their dividend and they just had
some tough times after that recession
they did cut it for a few years and then
brought it back about half of what they
had initially done so this one it has
has some had past
has had some history of cutting its
dividend by 50% or just cutting it
completely but we’re still going to go
ahead and leave it in here for the time
being we can see its payout ratio is
fairly low at a thirty two point seven
while the other one does have an eighty
seven point five percent payout ratio
now taking a look here at these
companies and the one-year term we can
see Las Vegas hands currently trading
fairly low for the year at $59 and
twenty three cents now taking a look
here I’m just going to go ahead and
bring it at tenure this one has had a
couple times where it’s hit its
resistance at about eighty dollars is
resistance point it hit it back in 2014
and I hit it recently here going into
28t and I believe if we would take a
look at the three year those are going
to show us a little bit better here so
midpoint 2018 it hit its resistance
point of $80 before coming back down and
this could be due to trade or but it is
now down here near its support level in
the 40s
$47 I believe it’s a support it’s at $59
and twenty three cents with I starting
yield a five point one three
it already has very strong financials
following right behind it very op now
this one we’re currently looking at the
three-year this one is trading at
all-time highs if we take a look at its
tenure it has gone just huge over the
past ten years it hit its all-time highs
just recently and has kind of back down
so going into 2018 it broke out just
January 28th 29th is where you know the
stock market had originally hit all-time
highs and 2018 was a very rough month we
had trade were going on that played a
part here within the area and then
December 26 you know President Trump
came out there big ol butt kicked kicked
the market higher and this one has been
training up recently SETI and basically
near all-time highs I’m not sure how
much more sort of an incline this one
can get but you’re you know if you were
to buy into this one you’re basically
buying it all time highs are also buying
it with a certain yield of 1.25 whereas
generally if you were to bought this one
some of the lower points you may have
been able to get in around a 1.5 or Neil
there at one point six so really and I’m
not too big of a difference there just I
don’t like buying in at all-time highs
when there’s other value out there now
I’m gonna go ahead and compare these two
specific companies I’m gonna go ahead
and compare their price to book right
now we’ll take a look at one
individually so price to sales price the
book so we have Marriott with a price to
book of twenty eight point four seven
and we have Las Vegas Sands with a price
to book of eight point two so of the two
that are both in the resorts and casinos
these are both resorts it will say the
other one doesn’t say casinos but this
one’s out of eight point two whereas
this one’s out of twenty eight point
four seven we take a look at its price
of sales this is probably a better
indicator so they’re both around that
three percent are three price of sales
or below Las Vegas hands is sitting at a
three point three and Marriott is
sitting at a two point four six so both
of these are fairly in the good range of
around three or below which I will say
is good for both of these if we take a
look at their current p/e ratios the are
sitting fairly high as far as price to
earnings we can see here that the Las
Vegas Sands is at a 30 point two two but
and the Marriott is at a 26 point eighty
eight so when comparing them to like by
like industry and you know in the same
industry they are trading very similar
we can see here that recently Las Vegas
Sands has shot up from below one 14
maybe 15 to now sitting at a 30 point
two – so maybe recently Las Vegas Sands
has had some issues with their earnings
which is what caused their price to drop
so dramatically recently but that could
be a good buying opportunity because
maybe in the future I’m gonna go ahead
and pull up earnings whisper now maybe
in the future this company does make a
recovery and as they recover their
earnings that recovers their price so
I’m going to go ahead and punch in
obvious we’ll take a look at their last
earnings here on both loops go ahead and
do this correctly
yes and go ahead and just do that and
the other one was ma are okay so coming
back over here we’ll take a look at here
in just a second now looking at for PE
these just slightly lower Las Vegas ends
and the future is expected to be about a
seventeen point nine five Marriott at a
twenty two point four three so future PE
Las Vegas Sands is looking slightly
better return of invested capital both
of these are fairly around that ten
percent or more
Las Vegas Sands at eight point one seven
and Marriott is at a fifteen point eight
eight I guess it would have been a nice
comparison to have included the other
three but I am NOT going to go ahead and
bring them back in here and I believe
that’s fairly all I want to kind of
cover as far as these ones go but that
is a quick little snippet that I want to
kind of cover as far as these companies
go if we take a look at their earnings
okay it looks like Las Vegas Sands beat
earnings recently in March 2019 with
earnings of 91 cents per share revenue
of three point six billion and they had
a consensus they were expected at 85
cents they beat it at 91 cents and they
were expecting three point five they got
three point six so they actually knocked
it out here they beat earnings and so we
can see earnings growth therefore by two
point two percent for earnings and three
point nine percent for revenue revenue
growth their one point nine percent for
the quarter over quarter I believe
year-over-year growth there now the
other one I want to look here was the
Marriott looks like mariya also did
really well they passed it they beat
their earnings by two point nine but
they missed on their revenue by two
point one so those are the earnings that
I’m gonna go ahead and zoom if you guys
would like to pause take a look at their
earnings you guys can go ahead and pause
look at the earnings here they beat it
and pause and look at the earnings there
and beat it now Las Vegas Sands as far
as year-to-date
this one’s up thirteen point seven nine
it has came down here slightly after
earnings and the Marriott is at twenty
six point two six let’s see was there
any other information that I wanted to
cover with this specific one I do see
more upside potential with Las Vegas and
so if I do buy it here at fifty nine
bucks I could see as you know highs as
far as $80 before I see any sort of
resistance it could fall down into the
forty seven dollar point that would be
about what $10 difference there and did
a negative but I have nearly a $20
difference if I were to go into the
future if I were to buy Marriott right
now I don’t have a lot of upside I have
much more downside potential versus
upside especially if possible you know
volatility here in a few months and if I
do buy into Las Vegas Sands I start
getting a position started if it does go
in the negative that’s good for me I can
continue to buy into the specific
position but if it does take off that’s
great again my equity is kind of
continued with this company once I do
hit that 80 sort of resistance I can
kind of taper off and just kind of let
it sit there collect the dividend that
this one pays because it does have a
very nice starting yield and kind of
move from there so I kind of want to
make a video today kind of going over
the comments that I’ve received going
into how I’m looking at these specific
companies I’m going to be taking a look
at their earnings over on Yahoo Finance
I’m gonna go look at their 10 KS and
gather just a little bit more
information but this may be one here
that I will be adding if I have not
added it in my Monday video I wanted to
cover a video going over specifically
what I you know did like a thousand-foot
drop just kind of glancing over these
specific companies and doing a
comparison with Las Vegas Sands to five
other additional companies within the
same industry so that is it for today’s
video what do you guys think of Las
Vegas stands do you own it what do you
think of the Marriott of the two would
you be more likely to invest in Las
Vegas Sands or would you invest in
Marriott or do you have Hilton or the
other companies that were in the video
here earlier let me know your thoughts
and comments below in the comments
section if you have not yet subscribed
definitely hit that subscribe button and
below if you did enjoyed this fit
you hit the thumbs up I would HIGHLY
appreciate it and that is it
Thank You Old Forge Internet I will see
you next time have a great day

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